Larsa Pippen Future: Larsa Pippen Relationship With Future

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The relationship between Larsa Pippen and Future has been a big question recently. Stay with us and find out more regarding this topic.

Something that happened 30 years ago may have lost Scottie Pippen, his wife, and he may now regret it.

According to mythology, Chicago Bulls great Scottie Pippen did not sign an autograph for a fan who asked. Later Rapper Future was revealed to be the young man.

After being rejected by his childhood idol, NBA legend Scottie Pippen, Future supposedly sought revenge by having sex with Pippen’s wife, Larsa.

Rapper ASAP Rocky recently had an interview detailing what happened when Future met Scottie.

The American singer/songwriter engaged to a singer/actress—a year after his divorce. 

Scottie and Larsa are no longer together but raising their children together as co-parents.

The connection between us was one worthy of respect. It wasn’t like a romantic relationship at all; we were just friends who happened to need each other. 

And that’s pretty much it,” Pippen concluded. noting that her reputation. as a horrible person is being attacked for no reason other than to provide entertainment.”

I think people make more of it than it is. People find it easier to discuss how she cheated on him, how she did this, or how she did that.

Larsa appears to be happy as well. She stated they talked for seven hours straight on their first date. I was wrong about my expectations of him.

He was a lot more passionate and unconventional than I had anticipated. … “I just expected him to come out and give me like, some lyrics and be like, ‘two damn bitches at the same damn time,’ I don’t know,” Pippen added, laughing. 

After that, she said, “We related in the most fundamental, organic level. I had no use for him, and he had no use for me. It didn’t go the way you’d expect.”

What happened between Larsa Pippen & Future?

Future is a rapper and vocalist from the United States. He is well-known for his prodigious production and mumble-influenced vocal range. His passion for women is fundamental to understanding who he is. 

The fact that the rapper has spawned thousands of offspring across the country demonstrates his legitimacy. 

But it was Scottie Pippen’s wife, Larsa Pippen, who he got into the most trouble with. Even though they didn’t have any children together, the fact that he slept with her while she was still married added some drama.

When Larsa Pippen mysteriously began dating Future. It made headlines everywhere. After Scottie Pippen filed for divorce from Larsa without much fanfare in 2016, speculation quickly grew that the two were having an affair. After 20 fruitful years of marriage, the couple decided to divorce.

Larsa Pippen & Future hookup together

It’s likely that the American rapper’s sexual relationship with Larsa, who was still married to Scottie, was not without justification. 

The two made random public appearances together for quite some time. There were numerous indicators that they were seeing each other. 

Despite his marriage, Future is no stranger to hooking up with other women. However, for Larsa, it was all about getting even.

A rapper N.O.R.E. recalled a chat with Future on a recent episode of Drink Champs. According to Future, he was insulted when N.B.A. legend Scottie Pippen refused to sign an autograph for him. 

That’s why he made love to Scottie’s wife. “There’s this one story about Future that keeps coming to mind: he met Scottie Pippen, but Pippen refused to sign a photo for him, so Future banged his bitch.

Larsa Pippen speaks up about her relationship with Future

It’s possible that Future’s decision to hook up with Larsa Pippen was the pettiest move in history.

Larsa’s revelation of her relationship with Future after her divorce from Scottie in 2021 gave rise to the immortal rap phrase, “I just fucked your bitch in some Gucci flip flops.”

On a recent episode of Drink Champs, rapper N.O.R.E. claims Future told him how Scottie Pippen refused an autograph. Hence, Future retaliated by sleeping with Larsa.

In January 2020, Moneybagg Yo released his new album titled “Time Served,” which featured a new verse from Future on the song “Federal Fed.” 

The song’s smart wordplay made it seem like Future was making fun of NBA player Scottie Pippen for cheating on his ex-wife Larsa Pippen. 

In one of his songs, Future raps, “I did it by mistake, it wasn’t on purpose, and I ended up f***** your wife.” A lyric from the song goes something like, “She was picking up on me like a motorcycle/I had to clean her head like a wet wipe!”

Larsa said that while he was useful. she did not see herself spending the rest of her life with him. She added that there is a time and a place for everything, but it’s never permanent. 

This was unexpected. Larsa added that Future “wanted to ride the wave” at the time to gain attention. She claimed to be on the hunt for love, but her LA flings were only interested in using her to boost their profiles.

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