Latoya Hutchinson Marlo: Real Name Of ‘RHAO’ Marlo Hampton

latoya hutchinson marlo

Latoya Hutchinson Marlo, aka Marlo Hampton, is the Television personality best known for her 2011 cameo spots on the Atlanta-based reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta.

She also works as a fashion designer, an entrepreneur, and a businesswoman. 

In addition to her successful participation in the reality program “I Dream of Nene,” she exhibited her exceptional talent by establishing a well-known Atlanta fashion business in 2008.

Furthermore, she passionately plays an incredibly active role in the ‘Glam It Up!’ project, a highly commendable and impactful program devoted to serving and empowering youth in foster care.

The project goes above and beyond by providing a nurturing environment that fosters their dreams, aspirations, and personal growth, ensuring a brighter and more promising future for these deserving young individuals.

Latoya Hutchinson Marlo real name Marlo Hampton

It’s only fitting that the ladies spill some tea! The second-half trailer of a RHOA reunion revealed a stunning fact.

Andy Cohen spoke about Latoya Hutchinson Marlo in a section concerning the founder of Le’Archive’s actions on the program.

Marlo stated that she and Kenya are “both hurt,” that “hurt people hurt people,” and that she doesn’t know what she’ll do without her.

On the other hand, Kenya snarled at Marlo and immediately referred to her as a “sociopath” right away.

Kenya also admitted to Marlo that she is a fraud and doesn’t even go by her name.

She told Marlo, “You are a fake in every way.Even your name is not your actual name. Latoya. It’s Latoya Hutchinson. Oh, the chile!”

The fact that Kenya never lies is well known to the show’s viewers. Latoya Hutchinson is Marlo’s real name, per BlacGoss and other sources.

Why did she hide her real name?

Some celebrities frequently go by a stage name or adopt a new identity entirely, from Nicki Minaj to Jamie Foxx.

It could be more apparent why Marlo abandoned the name Latoya, even though there are several reasons why a celebrity could change their name, including difficulties with pronunciation, issues with the names of other Hollywood stars, or just a desire for a change.

Nevertheless, many RHOA followers are not shocked by the news because the 46-year-old is considered dishonest.

 However, part two of the reunion should see Marlo responding to Kenya’s allegations.

The much-awaited second part of the Season 14 reunion of The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered on Bravo, airing on Sunday, September 18, 2022, at 8 p.m. EST.

Latoya Hutchinson Marlo’s early life

On July 2, 1976, Latoya was born in Clearwater, Florida. Her parents grew up in America. Mother reared one younger brother and sister, one younger sister, and two elder sisters. 

She left her home at nine and enrolled in Florida’s foster care system. She lived with different families and in group homes throughout her youth.

Marlo attended the University of South Florida after completing her high school education in 2005 at First Coast High School.

The university awarded her a Bachelor of Arts in integrated science and social work in the late 2000s.

Soon, she was styling for many fashion firms. She joined Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2011 and starred in consecutive seasons.

Marlo Hampton’s decision to join the Bravo series as a guest and eventually as a supporting character improved her name and income. 

She opened her first fashion boutique, Red Carpet Boutique, in Atlanta’s Perimeter Mall in 2008 while studying at the University of South Florida.

Marlo adopted the name Marlo Hampton and started dating NFL player Charles Grant in the early 2010s, which helped her gain notoriety. In season four, she appeared as a guest on the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast. 

She made an estimated $25,000 to $45,000 from only one season. Marlo had additional time on the program as a guest for seasons six through nine before joining the supporting cast in season ten because of her distinctive personality, fashionable appearance, and charisma.

Latoya Hutchinson Marlo Career

Marlo Hampton rose to fame after participating in the Bravo TV series “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

As a casting team member, she starred in ‘I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding,’ a documentary on Bravo TV. 

She also manages a fashion-focused YouTube channel. She subsequently worked as a Style Ambassador during the 2016 International Fashion Week.

Additionally, she is the proprietor of Atlanta’s “Red Carpet Boutique.”

With her name, Marlo, she had Seven arrests. The $5,000 bond for Great Bodily Harm/Disturbed Battery released her. 

In 2001, she was detained once more for going against her parole. She was jailed for “possession of a firearm” a year later.

Awards and achievements

Marlo is known as a well-known television personality for her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” work despite never receiving an official honor or accolade. 

Her accomplishments included getting selected as the 2016 edition of Atlanta International Fashion Week’s Style Ambassador.

She is also a proud participant in the ‘Glam It Up!’ project, which inspires and empowers young girls in the foster care system.

Marlo Hampton Husband: Is she married? 

Marlo, known by an alias, has had several notable relationships. Despite not being married, she has been involved with a few men, most notably fellow starlet NeNe Leakes.

She has also been romantically linked to NFL player Charles Grant.

Recently, Charles Grant faced charges of multiple extortion offenses related to signing bad checks. As a result, Marlo decided to end their relationship.

Additionally, it is rumored that she has received financial support from undisclosed benefactors, although their identities remain unknown.

Marlo has a long history of legal issues in Florida. Between 1999 and 2003, she was incarcerated multiple times for various charges, including check fraud, parole violations, and violent behavior.

Latoya Hutchinson Marlo net worth

Marlo’s career earnings are estimated to have totaled $3.5 million. Hampton will have had to pay about 32% in taxes on her career income because she resides in Atlanta, Georgia. 

She will have first been allowed to deduct business expenses worth about $500,000. Her career earnings are roughly $2.04 million after taxes, after paying $960,000 in taxes.

Marlo Hampton is unmarried and has never had a kid. She probably spent $850,000 of her work income on personal expenses but also made $650,000 on investments.

As a result, Marlo Hampton’s net worth is considered $2 million, rounded up. 


Marlo is a well-known businesswoman in Atlanta who rose to prominence during the previous ten years.

After graduating from the University of South Florida with a BA, she opened a boutique and became a fashion icon.

She became famous in 2011 after appearing on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, where she is now a series regular.

The reality celebrity is also a YouTuber, business entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

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