Who Is Laura Putty Stroud?

Who Is Laura Putty Stroud story

Reba McEntire counts Laura Putty Stroud, who works in real estate and is a friend of hers, in her circle of close confidantes. 

After his marriage to Narvel Blackstock ended in divorce, Reba began a relationship with Laura Putty Stroud. The entrepreneur and real estate agent Laura Putty Stroud’s full name is Laura Putty Stroud. 

She rose to prominence due to her romantic involvement with Narvel Blackstock, a well-known television producer responsible for producing the film “Blake Shelton’s Not So Family Christmas.”

She is also well-recognized for being Reba McEntire’s closest friend. Repa McEntire has been a singer, composer, and actress since 1975. They were also Blackstock’s former partner in the past. 

Let’s look at some of the more fascinating information regarding Stroud.  

Early Life

In California, United States of America (USA), Laura Putty Stroud was born on January 1st, 1982. Laura Stroud will be 41 years old in 2023. 

Her parents brought up Stroud in California, where she was born. We could not inform you about Laura’s early life or her family since she has opted to withhold it.  

As a result, people are still determining who Laura’s parents are. If she has siblings is still a mystery. Laura Putty Stroud is an American citizen of White ethnicity. Her sign is the Capricorn. 

Who Is Laura Putty Stroud


She was up in Norman, Oklahoma, and studied communications at the University of Oklahoma. On the other hand, it is uncertain where she attended high school.


He has managed Reba McEntyre in addition to movies including Malibu Country, Giving’s Secret, and Not So Family Novellas. The organization was established and named Narvel and Reba, Starstruck Entertainment.

After years of labour, they parted ways. Present-day performers like Linda Davis, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson are under his direction.

Laura Putty Stroud’s Ex-husband, Narvel Blackstock

Stroud had previously been wed to the producer Narvel Blackstock. The pair married in an opulent private ceremony near Lake Tahoe.

The couple were hitched after Reba McEntire, Narvel’s first wife, gave him the boot after 26 years of marriage.

As a result of their marriage, Reba and Narvel welcomed their son Shelby into the world in 1990. 

Blackstock took over Reba’s position as her superior after their marriage, and the two also co-founded Starstruck Entertainment. However, the two broke apart due to their insurmountable disagreements.

On the other hand, Stroud prefers to keep her personal life quiet; thus, little is known about her spouse. It is, therefore, unknown if she is currently dating, wed, or a parent. 

Her marital status is currently the subject of additional study, which will be updated as soon as it is finished.

Are Narvel Blackstock and Laura Stroud still together?

Laura Putty Stroud is not a married lady; she is now involved in a romantic relationship. However, in the past, she had a relationship with Narvel Blackstock. 

Early in January 2016, the two of them started dating one another. Their romance began after Blackstock finalised his divorce from his ex-wife, Reba McEntire, in 2015. Laura and Blackstock met shortly after the split. Apr 15, 2020

Are Reba and Laura Putty Stroud still close friends?

After Narval wed Reba, the companion of his ex-best wife, the two friends’ friendship became unstable. Laura and Reba were good friends, and Reba’s timeline included photographs of Laura.

At Katy Perry’s show, they could be seen wearing various bright wigs. Laura also joined Reba at her son Shelby Blackstock’s auto racing competitions.

The two friends enjoy their real lives due to the failure, although they are not rivals. However, their friendship is no longer what it once was. Both avoided discussing their current situation, so information is still being analyzed.

Laura Putty Stroud Divorce 

In the past, Laura Putty was engaged to Narvel Blackstone, the husband of her best friend, Reba McEntire. 

They started in 2016 following Narvel Blackstone’s divorce from his wife, Reba McEntire. Later, Laura and Narvel’s disagreements could not be maintained and caused a disturbance.

Is Laura Putty Stroud in a Relationship Now?

As of 2023, Laura Putty Stroud is single and making the most of her status.

Previously, Laura was wed to Narvel Blackstock. On Lake Tahloe, the couple exchanged vows in a lovely little ceremony.

After getting married, Reba McEntire’s husband took on the role of her manager, and the two of them established Starstruck Entertainment. Their son, Shelby Blackstock, was born in 1990.

It was highly unexpected when the couple announced their separation in 2015.

Their admirers, who looked up to the pair as role models, were shocked to learn of their divorce.

Narvel Blackstock and Reba McEntire got divorced after 26 years of marriage.

River Rose and Remington Alexander are Narvel Blackstock’s grandchildren.

Laura Putty Stroud Body Measurements 

In 2023, Laura Putty Stroud will be 41 years old. She is five feet seven inches tall. She carries around 58 kilos. 

The measurements of her physique are 34-24-35 inches. Her bra size is 32 B. She wears a dress size of 3 US and has 7-inch shoes. She has stunning hazel eyes and blonde hair.

Laura Putty Stroud Social Media

Laura Stroud is a highly private person who dislikes discussing her life with others and hides facts about it. 

Until now, she has not been active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. She enjoys keeping a low profile and avoiding the public’s and the press’s attention. 

Laura Putty Stroud’s Net Worth

The estimated value of Laura Putty Stroud’s assets is $300,000.  She earns an excellent salary as a French King Fine Properties real estate agent. 

Therefore, She will receive $37,853, the typical yearly wage for a realtor in Nashville, Tennessee.

Blackstock and Laura both have a $50 million net worth. He produced numerous lucrative hit-made-for-TV films and television programs, including Forever Love, Malibu Country, and Is There Life Out There? His directing work most certainly brought in a sizable sum of money, which may have assisted him in paying off his debts.

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