Meet Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor: Son Of Bisexual Parents

leo michael taurasi taylor

Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor has been the subject of intense media and public attention since birth. Penny Taylor and Diana Taurasi are his parents’ names. 

The Phoenix Mercury, a women’s professional basketball team, recently made an exciting addition to their coaching staff by hiring Penny as an assistant coach.

Penny brings a wealth of experience as a former professional basketball player in Australia, which gives her a unique perspective and insight into the game.

In contrast to Penny, there is Diana, who is not only a talented basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury but also a proud representative of the United States.

She was born and raised in the country, which has shaped her basketball journey and fueled her passion for the sport.

Shifting gears to a different topic, let’s delve into the story of Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor and his parents.

Michael’s parents have an identity that challenges societal norms – they identify as bisexual.

Who are Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor parents

Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor, a couple with a famously private life, embraced marital bliss.

They exchanged vows in May 2017, just a few days ahead of the WNBA’s 21st season kick-off.

Taurasi consider this day as one of their happiest and most unforgettable moments.

Perfect timing marked the celebration of their shared journey, where they supported each other unconditionally through challenging times.

While Taurasi and Taylor cherished privacy, the lack of disclosure left room for more conversation about their relationship.

It’s worth noting that Taylor had a prior marriage to Brazilian volleyball player Rodrigo Rodrigues Gil in 2005, which ended after a few years.

Leo Michael siblings

Leo Michael was their first child together. After some time had passed, they eagerly awaited the arrival of their second child, originally expected on October 6, 2021.

However, their bundle of joy made a fashionable delay.

Despite the pressure of a critical WNBA game, Taurasi powered through and participated in Game 5 of the playoffs, demonstrating her unwavering commitment.

In an emotional post-game interview, she sent a heartfelt message to Taylor following the team’s triumphant conclusion: “Hang in there, babe, I’m on my way.”

Her words served as a gentle encouragement, urging Taylor to patiently await her arrival.

Ensuring she wouldn’t miss the birth of their first daughter, which occurred at precisely 4:24 in the morning on October 9, 2021, Taurasi raced back to Phoenix from Las Vegas just in the nick of time.

Leo Michael’s family

His maternal grandparents are Mario Taurasi and Diana Taurasi, and his paternal grandparents are Michael Taylor and Penny Taylor.

Liliana Taurasi and Denna Noble, Diana Taurasi’s mothers, are his grandmothers.

His mother, Penny Taylor, was Liliana’s daughter. To this point, Jessika Taurasi has been referred to as his aunt.

What is Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor’s net worth? 

At this point in his life, he is far too young to be engaged in any professional activity.

As a consequence of this, talking about his total wealth is off-topic.

He can do himself rather well thanks to the weather parents’ wealth at the beginning of 2021; it is anticipated that Penny’s football career has contributed to a net worth of approximately $2 million.

She is currently an assistant coach for the Phoenix Mercury, receiving a significant salary. Her current employer is the Phoenix Mercury.

According to reports, Diana may be worth $1.5 million as of 2021.

Her whole riches came from professional basketball. Her employer pays her about $500,000.

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