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Lisa Baur Wikipedia, Biography, Obituary, Net Worth, Age, Height

Lisa Baur has a really interesting life story that’s kind of like a book. There are lots of surprises and changes throughout her life that have led her to where she is now. She even spent some time in Hollywood! But now, Lisa is living in New Zealand and makes candles for a living.

Basically, Lisa’s life has had a lot of ups and downs. She’s gone through a lot and has learned a lot along the way. And now, she’s found peace in making candles. It’s kind of cool to see how someone’s life can change so much over time.

Who is Lisa Baur?

Lisa Baur might not be a household name, but she graced our screens with her charm and talent, leaving an indelible mark on those who’ve witnessed her performances. For fans of vintage television, she is most notably recognized for her appearance on “Charlie’s Angels”. But who is the woman behind the roles?

Early Life and Education

While much of Lisa Baur’s early life and educational background remains shrouded in mystery, it is known that she had a passion for the performing arts that would later fuel her brief yet memorable acting career.

Acting Career

Lisa Baur pursued acting during an exciting era of television that continues to hold a nostalgic place in many viewers’ hearts. She may be best known for her guest role in “Charlie’s Angels,” a crime drama series that was a cult hit in the ‘70s and ‘80s. This appearance enshrined her in the TV series’ lore and left fans wanting more from the promising actress.

Life Beyond Acting

Eager to explore life beyond the silver screen, Lisa ventured into various endeavors post-acting. Candid interviews and profiles suggest that she embraced new roles with enthusiasm and a spirit for adventure – a recurring theme in her life’s narrative.

Lisa’s Candle-Making Journey and Married Life in New Zealand

Swapping scripts for wicks, Lisa embarked on a journey into entrepreneurship. Her passion for crafting and her love for the natural beauty of New Zealand led her to start a candle-making business. This synergy of craftsmanship and serenity reflects Lisa’s zest for a peaceful, creative life balanced with nature.

Lisa Baur Net Worth

While exact figures concerning Lisa Baur’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, it’s understood that she has found success and fulfillment in her entrepreneurial ventures. The value of one’s net worth, after all, isn’t solely defined by finances but also by the richness of life experiences – something Lisa appears to have in abundance.

Lisa Baur Interesting Facts

Despite Lisa Baur keeping a low profile, those who follow her journey know she harbors fascinating aspects to her personality and life choices. Her interests and hobbies, the inspiration behind her name change, and decision to move away from the limelight contribute to the mosaic that is her interesting persona.

Social Media Accounts

Fans and biography enthusiasts eager to connect with Lisa or learn more about her current projects might find a glimpse into her life through her social media platforms, assuming she maintains an online presence.


The life of Lisa Baur is a powerful narrative on embracing change, following passions, and finding one’s joy away from the public eye. Her transition from the glamor of Hollywood to the artisan’s life in New Zealand exemplifies how multifaceted a life can be – and that there’s always room for a new chapter.

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When did Lisa Baur start her candle-making business?

While specifics regarding the launch date of Lisa’s business are not widely known, it is characteristic of her more private post-acting life.

What inspired Lisa Baur to transition from acting to entrepreneurship?

The allure of crafting, coupled with the peaceful landscape of New Zealand, likely served as Lisa Baur’s muse for this major life transition.

Why did Lisa Baur change her name from Cynthia?

Personal reasons often drive name changes, and without a direct statement from Lisa herself, one can only respect her choice while celebrating her identity, past and present.

Where does Lisa Baur currently live?

Lisa Baur has made a home in the picturesque environment of New Zealand, which seems befitting considering her newfound creative outlet in candle-making.

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