Martha Mae Salitan: Wife Of Erik Salitan

martha mae salitan

Martha Mae Salitan, an American television personality, gained fame for her appearance on the documentary television series “Life Below Zero.”

Both Martha and her husband made it into the pilot episode of the National Geographic Channel series. She is a private person who dislikes talking about herself or her life.

Erik Salitan, Martha Mae’s 38-year-old husband, is a hunter, social media influencer, and former television personality best known as a survival expert on the Discovery Channel show “Life Below Zero.” 

The couple has been together for some time and is content to keep a low profile from the public eye and the press.

Martha Mae Salitan Career

Martha’s parents taught her about hunting, trapping, and fishing when she was young. Thus she has incredible survival skills for someone born and raised in Alaska, USA. 

That’s something she and Erik, her spouse, shared in common. Her first appearance was in the documentary series Life Below Zero. And she reportedly graduated from both high school and college.

The series focused on how residents in Alaska’s outlying regions must fend for themselves using whatever means available. 

The show has won three awards for its cinematography. Best Cinematography for a Reality Programme and Best Image Editing for an Unstructured Reality Programme. 

Martha, her husband, and the rest of the cast quit the show. They have made their home in Wiseman, Alaska. which is 67 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

On May 19, 2013, Martha Mae Salitan made her professional TV debut on the documentary series Life Before Zero. 

Her husband, Erik Salitan, also made an appearance. Sixty-seven miles north of the Arctic Circle, the pair has set up house in Wiseman, Alaska. 

The series also premiered on National Geographic. The show is based on true stories that take place in Alaska. 

It tells the true story of those who brave sub-zero conditions. to make a living in Alaska’s more remote regions.

BBC Worldwide also produced the documentary film. The show also highlighted the common challenges faced by the inhabitants, such as finding food and making do with few resources. 

The rest of the cast includes Jessie Holmes, Andy Bassich,  Glenn Villeneuve, Agnes Hailstone, Chip Hailstone, and Sue Aikens.

Martha and her companion Erika were introduced in 2013, but unfortunately, they were dismissed from the show the next year.

Fans have used their success in the series to assign value to their standard of living. The show is still airing after 12 complete seasons.

Martha Mae Salitan got married to Erik Salitan

Martha recently tied the knot and is now a mother. In Alaska, Martha first laid eyes on her future husband, Erik Salitan. However, they eventually tied the knot. 

The happy pair have not yet revealed their wedding date. The Saltans’ brother, Lucas, was born in 2010. They’ve been together through thick and thin, and they’re still holding on.

Who is Martha Mae Salitan’s husband Erik Salitan?

Before appearing on a reality show, he was a relatively obscure figure. From 2013 to 2016, he was a regular on “Life Below Zero” on National Geographic. This story about the former TV star reveals everything, including his life after the show.

On February 9, 1984, in the United States, Erik Salitan was born in Upstate New York. He turned 38 on his birthday. 

He was raised in Upstate New York, a remote section of the lower 48 states that borders Quebec. 

During his formative years, Erik spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors and relied on hunting and fishing as popular methods of subsistence.

He was working in a factory or joining the military to make ends meet. 

Erik departed the area immediately following the completion of his twelfth-grade year to pursue his interests. In high school, Erik attended Finger Lakes Community College. 

He has worked as a reality TV star, a pilot, a hunter, and the owner of a business. 

Erik is the son of Caucasian parents and a naturalized U.S. citizen. Erik, a 5’9″ Aquarius with dark brown eyes, is a striking specimen. 

Weight & Height

Martha Mae Salitan is 5’6″ tall and 176 pounds weight.

What is the ”Life Below Zero” show?

The documentary series Life Below Zero, formatted as Life Below Zero° on the title card, depicts the lives of subsistence hunters in rural Alaska over a year. 

This show is a National Geographic Original Series created by BBC Studios. As of March 18, 2023, there are 230 episodes listed on IMDB.

The show follows locals in Alaska’s outlying regions, making a living off the land, engaging in side businesses, and facing the numerous perils of nomadic life in a harsh climate.

Sue Aikens is a 60-year-old (born on July 1, 1963) Alaskan lady living alone in a Kavik River camp. 

The camp is 197 miles north of the Arctic Circle, next to the Kavik River. Her life’s guiding principle is “If it hurts, don’t think about it.”

On the Kobuk River in Noorvik, Alaska, 19 raise seven kids. Before relocating to Alaska, Chip made his home in Kalispell, Montana. 

Agnes is the sole cast member who has been present since the show’s inception and has the longest tenure in Alaska; she is an Inupiaq native hailing from Noorvik.

She possesses knowledge of the land that has been passed down through her family for thousands of years. 

Although Agnes is the main focus in the Hailstones’ scenes, the rest of her family is also prominently featured.

Former Burlington, Vermont resident Glenn Villeneuve relocated to Anchorage, Alaska, in 1999. 

He relocated to Chandalar, Alaska, on his own, about 200 miles from Fairbanks and 65 miles from the Arctic Circle. His family eventually joins him.

Jessie Holmes is a fisherman, hunter, and dogsled racer who resides in Brushkana, Alaska, with his 40 sledge dogs. 

The musher Andy Bassich and his 25 huskies call the Yukon River near Eagle, Alaska, home. He and his wife, Kate Bassich, relocated to Alaska from the nation’s capital. In 2016, Andy and Kate decided to separate. 

Andy’s girlfriend, Denise, has recently moved in with him at a farm in Wiseman.

Alaska. Erik and Martha Mae Salitan, an experienced couple who love exploring the wilderness, share the farm with us. They are also local residents. Wiseman is located 67 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

Alaskan Athabaskan Ricko DeWilde relocates to the forsaken homestead of his ancestors in Huslia. He plans to start instructing his young children on how to survive on a meagre income.

Net worth

”Life Below Zero,” on which she appeared, is largely responsible for her financial success. She owns both the Blanchard Family Funeral Home and Birch Hill Cemetery.

Her husband’s estimated net worth is $400,000, and while the facts of her income are murky, it appears feasible.

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