Micahn Carter: Resigns From Church Of Highlands

micahn carter

Micahn Carter serves as the Lead Pastor of Together Church, recognised as one of the most significant multi-site congregations in Eastern Washington. 

Micahn Carter is a person who has achieved fame as a result of the charismatic contributions he has made. His success can be attributed to the long hours of labour he puts in. 

Under his direction, Together Church expanded from fifty people in the most dangerous neighbourhood in Yakima, Washington, to a group of many thousand people in several locations.  

This article covers Micahn Carter’s life, education, wife, kids, resignation from church and more!

Who is Micahn Carter?

Micahn Carter is a pastor, speaker, and author who resides in the United States. He served as the Lead Pastor of the Together Church and has travelled the country to impart his sage advice to individuals from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Micahn Carter has remained rooted in the community of Yakima, Washington, where he was born and reared, along with the rest of his family.

Pastor Micahn was born on July 25, 1979, and he wed his wife, April Carter, while they were both very young.

Micahn II, Alijah, and Dewey are the children of April and her husband, who both serve as pastors at Together Church. April also serves as a pastor there.

The Carter family is disseminating A message of faith, making it hard for people not to know who Jesus is.

Both April and Micahn have highly successful YouTube accounts, where they regularly post videos in which they discuss their personal lives and challenges as parents and provide helpful guidance and inspirational material to other parents. Micahn is noted for having an amusing and straightforward communication style.


Micahn had a difficult upbringing because his family has a history of disagreements regularly. 

However, he did not let the horrible familial circumstances change him into a wicked person because he saw it as an opportunity to build faith and develop his skills in mediating conflicts. Instead, he allowed it to be an opportunity for him to grow.

His formal education concluded at Highland College, a Biblically-based higher education establishment that equips church community members to assume leadership roles.

It should come as no surprise that he now serves as an active speaker for the enrolled pupils.

Church Work and Sermons

Together Church was a congregation that met in Yakima, Washington, and Pastor Micahn served as the senior pastor there. It was one of the most significant multi-site churches in Eastern Washington, and it was located here.

Under Carter’s direction, Together Church underwent significant growth, expanding from Yakima to several other cities and growing from a membership of fifty to several thousand individuals.

Micahn’s followers adore and respect him because his hilarious and persuasive communication style sets him apart from other leaders. 

His previous position was as Pastor at the Morning Star Baptist Church in Yakima before his employment at Together Church.

Made for the Middle: Fighting Together in a Divided World is the name of Carter’s recently published book as an author. 

In the book, he advocates for new living methods characterised by reconciliation and harmony, togetherness, and love. In addition, he offers additional advice on how to avoid arguments and choose a side in the most recent cultural controversies.

Additionally, he has worked with Elevation Church, and a selection of his sermons delivered at that location can be found online.

In addition to giving sermons in person, Pastor Carter also posts video recordings of his addresses on his YouTube channel. These addresses cover many issues, including relationships, settling problems, and having the courage to be different in your community.

Micahn Carter’s Wife and Kids

Despite what his public persona may imply, he is married. He’s been married for a time now, and his wife, April Carter, is a significant source of encouragement for him. 

They have recently returned from travelling the world together and appear to have settled back into their romance. We pray that they will find success in the future and that they will continue to show us their love. The beautiful couple have three kids Meeks, Alijah, and Dewey.

Micahn Carter Sexual Assault Allegations

According to the same story, Mary E. Jones of Washington is the defendant in the defamation lawsuit and the person saying she was the victim of a sexual assault. 

She claims that Carter sexually attacked her in April 2019 at the Together Church in Yakima, Washington. Carter was the senior pastor, and Jones worked for the church during this time.

Jones writes about church sexual harassment and rape in a blog post. Carter’s position inside the church’s organisation is terminated shortly after that.

After revealing the incident, Carter called it “inappropriate.” He said all parties agreed to everything. Jones’s lawsuit alleges sexual assault.

Marc Ayers, Jones’ attorney, asked the Jefferson County Circuit Court to dismiss the case, saying it lacked jurisdiction. 

The defence claims that the court lacks jurisdiction over Jones because he does not live in Alabama, and the incident and correspondence did not occur there.  Additionally, the reason asserts that the incident did not happen in Alabama.

Ayers stated that the side of Carter was assaulting the plaintiff with personal insults in their response rather than answering the motion to dismiss the case, which Ayers said was inappropriate. On November 14 of this year, the court is scheduled to look at the action.

Church of the Highlands

The church’s website states that anyone can attend, regardless of faith or church attendance. It wants to give people a fresh, joyful, “enjoyable connection to God.”

The church’s founding Senior Pastor, Chris Hodges, is still involved. Due to its membership in ARC, the church has expanded across Alabama since 2001. The pastor was one of the original co-founders of this organisation.

In addition, he is the founder of the organisation known as “Grow,” which is focused on educating and providing pastors with educating and establishing new churches. In addition to this, he established Highlands College and currently serves as its Chancellor.

Micahn Carter Resigns from Church of the Highlands

The Church of the Highlands was asked to help Micahn Carter’s Pastoral Overseers from Washington State restore his ministry in 2019. They were concerned that he had fallen into disgrace. 

Since then, we have been collaborating with Micahn and his family thanks to Highlands’s acceptance of our request to do so. Recently, Highlands received correspondence that raised additional charges regarding occurrences that took place in the state of Washington more than two years ago. 

After we had discussed this information with the Carters, the couple decided to step down from their roles on the staff to address these concerns on their own. The city of Highlands is no longer involved in restoring the building.

The so-called “new allegations” are made by Mary Jones, who formerly assisted Carter at the Together Church in Yakima, Washington.

She came forward with allegations of sexual abuse against her former boss on July 21 and detailed those allegations. Her most recent blog piece is currently being shared widely over the internet.

During this time, the Church of the Highlands emailed its staff asking them to “please do not feel the need to engage in the online conversation” regarding Carter’s resignation.

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