Michael Evans: The Millionaire Who Vows to Die Broke

Michael Evans The Millionaire Who Vows to Die Broke

It took 16 years, but Michael Evans, multinational security company conglomerate CEO, has steadily given all of his money away to charity and people in need. When he dies, he plans to be completely broke so that his children may follow in his footsteps and realize that money isn’t everything.

Michael Evans, 46, who founded USPA Nationwide Security in 2005, amassed millions while living a life that most would consider lacking prestige. “The guy literally wears lacrosse coaching gear out to dinner” said a friend who describes Evans as a regular guy who nobody would suspect of being one of the wealthiest men in America.  As a philanthropist, he pioneered the idea of rescuing kidnap victims, human trafficking victims and women & children from domestic violence —spending most of his fortune on his Kingsman Service. Evans’ Kingsman were featured in Forbes Magazine in 2020 for, at the time of the writing, 15 years of saving women and children, all on Evans’ dime and recently with his VP, Sondae Esposito. “I could’ve easily put the money in a trust for my kids, but that would rob them of the opportunity to work hard in their adult lives, experience wins and losses and ultimately live a life that is rewarding,” said Evans.

“We’re all headed for death” explained Evans. “Some of us have been fortunate enough to really live out our time here, however brief, and one thing is for sure; the only currency that matters is how you spent your time and the impact you had on people while you were here.”

Over the last 16 years, Evans has donated millions to charities, foundations and more recently, directly to single mothers across the world. During the height of the pandemic, Evans posted paid advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, directed at single mothers who were having trouble feeding their children. He answered calls for help with Zelle payments, Uber Eats meals as well as Instacart orders for food.

His Kingsman Service is now a registered 501c3, non-profit organization, “Kingsman Philanthropic Corp.” where he intends to receive donations from other people to continue the Kingsman Service long after he has retired and left this earth.

To date, Evans has given away 5000% more money than his current net worth and he gave it away anonymously. While many famous philanthropists hire publicists to echo their donations, Evans went to great lengths to keep his giving silent. Forbes did a feature on Evans in 2020 on a tip from a woman who he helped anonymously. After his philanthropy was made public, he was inducted into the Marquis Who’s Who in America, as well as contacted by journalists who published articles about his unique venture to help women and children.

When asked what it is that drives a man to work so hard for wealth only to give it all away, he replied, “There came a time when I realized that fulfillment in life was found when my skills collided with opportunity in the form of people in need of them; that is where I find my life’s purpose.”

learn more about Kingsman Philanthropic and USPA Nationwide Security.

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