Need A Service At Your Doorstep? Look No Further Than MySquard

Need A Service At Your Doorstep Look No Further Than MySquard

If there’s anything people have learned from a two-year global pandemic, it’s that online retail has become a necessity in everybody’s lives.

With giants like Amazon having a significant hold on the market, some people are hoping for a much more sustainable alternative.

Amazon and its counterparts are merely product-based, focusing more on material objects than essential services.

This is where MySquard comes in.

MySquard – Ensuring Only Top Quality Services

MySquard is an app that strives to unite service providers with consumers through its on-demand platform.

Founded by Matutu Nyabange, the platform’s primary goal is to encourage the notion of consumer-provider partnerships, linking them within a single virtual space.

Having been in development since 2020, MySquard’s developers noticed that the coronavirus pandemic had caused a surge in demand for at-home services beyond having groceries delivered.

As people had no choice but to remain confined to their homes, there was an increasing need for easy-to-access essential services.

Consumers did not have an online space where they could request specific services such as medical assistance providers or quick home repair services.

There are already apps offering at-home services, however certain providers only work with certain apps. For consumers, it becomes a hassle to download different apps for specific providers.

The great thing about MySquard is that consumers can order any service through a single convenient platform.

MySquard’s newly-launched smartphone app serves as the perfect solution to this problem.

Available in multiple locations, the platform has been highly beneficial for service providers who have been struggling to attract consumers in the digital retail landscape.

MySquard ensures to prioritize the trust between service providers and users, ensuring that the transfer of services remains cohesive in a single virtual ecosystem.

As per its own website, the company has a focused end goal: To ensure only top-quality services are efficiently delivered to consumers.

The reliance on smart partnerships with individual and company-based providers creates a supply chain containing a multitude of services nobody expected could be obtained from the comfort of one’s own home.

Using The App

Considering there is a significant gap in the market for on-demand services, MySquard’s easy-to-use app is quickly pushing the platform towards being a frontrunner in the provider industry.

The app asks customers to specify their requirements to ensure they are paired with the perfect business, matching their needs as accurately as possible.

The app utilizes the most advanced GPS technology to make it more efficient for independent contractors to deliver the promised service.

The development team is currently focused on including even more opportunities for independent providers and new entrepreneurs and improving consumer convenience even more.

How Has This Helped Service Providers?

The dependency on e-commerce has led to the formation of more independent businesses, as it is not just consumers who find the process of online transactions convenient.

New businesses that opt to operate online require a space to advertise and sell their products, which is why many have been attracted to MySquard’s state-of-the-art database.

Those who provide specialist services have a platform that links them with consumers who require that exact service.

MySquard assists new business owners to find their footing in these increasingly competitive markets and grow even further.

Available across the globe, Nyabange and his MySquard team have undoubtedly created the platform people need in these uncertain times.

The more entrepreneurs or larger companies join the app; the more services are available to generate enough supply to match the increasing demands of specialist services.

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