Nicco Annan Wife: Career, Rumored Boyfriend, & Net Worth

nicco annan wife

An American actor named Nicco Annan is society’s most well-known and admired person. Let’s find out about Nicco Annan Wife in this article.

He has been in various films and is noted for his performances. You may have been aware of her entire voyage. After appearing in the American television series P-Valley, he gained further notoriety.

Millions of people have admired his acting talents. Why is he so well-known and going viral online, and why is he the focus of news stories? This article covers Nicco Annan’s wife, career, age, body measurements, etc. So let’s get going.

Nicco Annan Early Life

On May 7, 1989, Nicco Annan was born. Detroit, Michigan, is the city of his birth. He is currently 34 years old and is of African-American descent.

Nicco is of American descent and a Taurus by birth. His mother is Sandra Nicco Annan.

Nicco said his mother played a significant role in his upbringing and that he is fortunate to have a mother like her. He cherishes his parents and frequently posts pictures of them on Instagram. Nicco also has a sister by the name of Kellee Stewart.

Nicco received his schooling at Purchase College, a State University of New York branch. Other than that, his educational background has yet to be discovered.


Nicco Annan is a film industry newcomer primarily interested in non-TV series ideas. He displayed his talent in several well-known television shows, including Half Sisters, All About the Afterglow, and This is Us. Nicco began his career as a choreographer on the television program This is Us.

He had the opportunity to perform on a This is Us episode later in the year. Dan Fogelman created the American romantic family drama series This is Us.

The third season of This is Us included Nicco in a second appearance as Mr Davis. Nicco then represented Uncle Clifford in P-Valley in the early 2020s. Early in 2020, the American drama television program P-Valley premiered.

The Mississippi Delta strip clubs, where several dancers perform, are shown in the television series P-Valley. Katori Hall also created the series. As a black gay man, Nicco said he was pleased to play Uncle Clifford in the P-Valley series.

Nicco’s career in the theatre and television industry included acting as a director, dancer, choreographer, and actor in TV shows and movies. Nicco has acted in several films, including All About the Afterglow, Demons, Little Cousin, August Ninth, Next Stop, and many more.

Along with those roles, Nicco also made guest appearances in the TV series P-Valley, Smosh, Half Sisters, Shameless, and This is Us and Snowfall.

Additionally, Nicco participated as a theatrical director in the commercial dance training program Motivating Excellence. Nicco worked as a dancer and choreographer before becoming well-known in the acting world.

Is He Married?

Now that we’ve discussed his family, we know from our sources that he has strong ties to his familial and extended family. 

On Mother’s Day, he shared a photo with the words, “My anchor, my cheerleader, my chaster, my everything.” He routinely shares pictures of his loved ones on Instagram.

His mother, Sandra Nicco-Annan, is well known, although it remains unknown who his biological father is. 

He also has a close relationship with his grandparents; he shared a photo of his grandaunt on Instagram in 2013 to demonstrate this. He also has a brother. The majority of his family members’ photos are on his Instagram profiles.

Who is Nicco Annan Wife?

Nicci Annan does not appear to be married now; no information about his previous marital status is available. Nicco Annan is gay, so he used to be drawn to other men exclusively. That is another interesting fact about him.

Nicco, who is gay, was thrilled to play Uncle Clifford, who is also gay. He thought it would be an excellent opportunity to portray black LGBTQ people’s daily life.

And he did an excellent job with it. Nicco is the kind of person who has no problem discussing his sexual orientation with other people.

Is Nicco Annan Gay?

The 33-year-old gay actor Nicco Annan from the United States does not keep his sexual orientation a secret.

It has been established that Uncle Clifford is romantically linked with Lil Murda in the program setting (played by J. Alphonse Nicholson), even if his present relationship status is unknown.

J. Alphonse and Nafeesha Nicholson are married and have a child, but they are not romantically linked. The mother of J. Alphonse Nicholson’s child is Nafees Nicholson. Nicco, an actor out gay and who works in the media, has already spoken about the relevance of his job on P-Valley.

In an Essence interview, he said, “It’s very seldom that I get the opportunity to tell such a rich, lush story that means something and that I feel speaks to my community and can uplift us.” “It’s scarce that I get the opportunity to tell such a rich, lush story that means something that speaks to my community and can uplift us,” he added. “Additionally, I identify as a Black gay man.”

He told Vanity Fair, “Being a dark-skinned man, and a man who is gay, I wanted to embrace all of the qualities people say will hold you back.” He told Xtra Magazine that Uncle Clifford educated Black LGBTQ folks.

Nicco Annan Rumoured Boyfriend

It has been speculated that he is romantically involved with Alphonso Nicholson, the actor who portrayed the role of Lil’ Murda in the Pleasant Valley series.

Lil Murda is the person that Uncle Clifford is romantically interested in. As a direct consequence, rumours are developing that Alphonso is dating Nico in the real world.

However, this is still just a rumour, and Nicco and Nicholson are the only ones who can end this rumour.

Height & Weight

According to the source, he will be 33 in 2023, and birthday celebrations have already been held on May 7. 

He is around 85 kilos in weight and 6 feet and 2 inches tall when we consider his entire body measurement, which also includes his height. 

Nicco Annan Social Media

On social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter, he is relatively active. On Instagram, Nicco has over 661K followers, while on Twitter, he has over 54.6K. Nicco also has a TikTok account with over 1.1M likes and 435K followers.

Net Worth

Nicco Aran’s net worth is projected at $2 million as of 2023. He is a well-known actor who performs on stage and in the studio and earns a respectable livelihood.

Nico’s net worth increased by more than a factor of two after his P-Valley appearance. So Nicco Annan’s wife is not known and is not married.

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