Prince Harry Had a Life-Changing Conversation About Kate Middleton After Her Royal Wedding

Prince Harry Had a Life-Changing Conversation About Kate Middleton After Her Royal Wedding

Although it should have seemed like a real-life fairytale to most people, the royal wedding of William and Kate Middleton was an alarming warning call for Harry’s old girlfriend Chelsy Davy. Even supposing she and Harry weren’t alongside at the time, Chelsy was invited to the 2011 wedding as a result of she had long been a best friend of the royal family. The royal biographer and historian Robert Lacey stated that seeing Kate on the Red Carpet Day, proved to Chelsy Davy that she didn’t desire anymore to live the luxurious life of the royal family and ultimately provoked her to fall apart with William Harry for the sake of her good.

As far as Prince Harry and Kate’s wedding in 2011 is concerned, that looked like a real-life fairytale to most people. But to others, the royal wedding seemed like a huge ball of stress that was required to be prevented in their lives at all costs. Although Prince Harry was interested in Chelsy Davy and remained her boyfriend for most of the time thus spending time officially, the Prince seemed happy on his marriage with Kate. Chelsy Davy was also invited to Harry’s wedding and used to be invited after that on every occasion as she is taken as a close friend of the Royal family. But for Chelsy, seeing Kate with Harry on their wedding day was somehow disappointing and hence she prompted her to get a difficult time talking to Prince after that. 

In the Battle of Royal Brothers, royal specialist Robert Lacey wrote in “The Mirror” that shortly after the wedding, Chelsy sat with Prince for a long time to have a big talk about ending their relationship for the good of the Royal family. In 2011, after some more comings and goings, she finally realized to go and it was, sarcastically, Kate and William’s grand and splendid wedding that she did for her. Being the closest friend, she told Harry that she is unable to make sacrifices she had witnessed Kate making, specifically when it came to shaping her life around the constant notice of the press. 

The Mirrors report also revealed that Chelsy would later describe the Royal wedding to be full of crazy, scary, and uncomfortable. One more Royal writer, Angela Levin, strived to cover the reactions of Chelsy Davy on the marriage ceremony of William and Kate, in her book, “Harry: Conversations with the Prince. Her words depicted that, the best friend revealed seeing the atrociousness and splendor of the Red-letter day, persuaded Chelsy that she and the Prince had been very right in deciding for the separation. No doubt, they were having many things in common, but still, Chelsy thought that she and Harry were from different worlds and can never prove themselves to be the best couple. Then obviously, Harry got his soul mate, Meghan Markle, and Chelsy moved on.

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