Rachel Shoaf Married: Who is Amy Cobb?

rachel shoaf married

After the historic case that Rachel Shoaf was involved in, she has gained recognition that she is married despite serving time for her crimes.

When Rachel Shoaf and her companion Sheila Eddy were found guilty of killing Skylar Neese, Rachel Shoaf’s best friend, in 2012, Rachel Shoaf became well-known during her teenage years.

The subject was spoken about for a significant amount of time. Because Rachel is married to another prisoner while serving her sentence for the crime she committed, she has recently attracted more attention.

So keep reading this article covering Rachel Shoaf’s marriage, early life, parents, murder case and net worth!

Who is Rachel Shoaf?

One of the three best friends, Rachel Shoaf, is now a felon. She was condemned to life in jail for killing Skylar Neese, her best friend. It’s still covered even though it happened on July 5, 2012.

When Rachel Shoaf committed the act, she was still a teenager. Given her age, it was only natural for the crime to gain widespread notice in the media.

Although the precise reason isn’t guilty, the friends stated that they no longer liked the deceased person. It isn’t the guilty cause.

University High School was where students Shelia Rae Eddy, Skylar Neese, and Rachel Shoaf spent their high school years together.

Since her incarceration, Rachel has been unable to complete her schooling. Rachel Shoaf was sentenced to thirty years behind bars for her crime. Those close to her were astounded to learn that she could even consider attempting a crime of this nature.

Although she engaged in certain risky behaviours during her adolescent years, Rachel was considered to have the academic ability to have a successful future.

Rachel Shoaf Early Life

Rachel entered the world on 6 June 1996. She was born and reared in Morgantown, which is a city in the state of Virginia. She was a great child who always followed orders. She’s American.

Her father’s name is Rusty, her mother’s name is Patricia, and their last name is Shoaf. Rusty is believed to be employed at a clothes or apparel store, whereas Patricia Shoaf was most recently thought to be working in communications.

During the proceedings, concerns about the child’s parents’ ability to pay for the child’s legal representation were raised. Legal action against Rachel’s parents was initiated by Skylar Neese’s mother in the year 2014. The claim was directed at Rachel’s parents.


Rachel’s national-notoriety crime revealed her parents’ identities.

Rachel Shoaf’s parents, Patricia and Rusty, brought her into the world. Rachel is from a family that has traditionally been considered middle class. Her parents worked outside the home; her mom was a journalist, and her dad had a clothing store.

Patricia had already been divorced and remarried. Rachel eventually decided to live with her birth mother and stepfather.

Is Rachel Shoaf Married?

It is still being determined whether Rachel is married to a woman, although there have been some non-conforming discussions on Reddit, Twitter, and other social media websites.

Rachel’s “wife” is Amy Nicole Cobb, in particular social media posts. The rumour needs to be more accurate because there is no formal confirmation.

Rachel’s friendship with Sheila, which developed during the murder case, may have given her lesbian yearning some realism. This theory is supported by the fact that Rachel is now a lesbian.

Is Rachel Shoaf Married to Amy Cobb?

Amy Cobb is formerly employed as a nurse in the state of West Virginia. She was reportedly 31 in 2016, making her approximately 37 years old in 2022 if the rumours are accurate.

Given this information, her year of birth is most likely 1985. READ ALSO Shane Maguire and Nicole Curtis have the following roles: relationship, new baby, and most recent developments.

The person who was thought to be Rachel Shoaf’s wife was last seen working as a nurse practitioner with a West Virginia license while she was homeless in 2016. 

Little is known about her past, including her family, work, and educational background. 

Why was Amy detained first, and why is she serving time in jail? On March 12, 2016, Amy was apprehended and charged with credit card theft-related robbery and fraud. 

While she had Laura Asbury’s credit card, she made three purchases totalling $297.59. Amy Cobb was found accountable for the offence she acknowledged committing. 

Amy was charged with credit card fraud, hindering justice, petit theft, driving while suspended, and other offences. After serving her sentence, Amy was released on 17 June 2021.

The Inside Story of the Notorious Murder Case

On December 31, 2012, Rachel, Sheila, and Skylar, three of the teenagers who were good friends with one another, broke into their homes, and only two of the three of them returned.

Both Rachel and Sheila initially denied having committed the crime. They fabricated a story in which they said they had dropped Skylar close to her residence on the evening in question.

More than a month later, Rachel eventually admitted that she and Sheila had stabbed Skylar to death and buried her body in the forests of Pennsylvania. This revelation came as suspicions about the girls got stronger.

Rachel’s response to the issue of why she and her sister committed the murder was, “We just didn’t like her.”

The confession made little sense because the three had been inseparable, and the crime investigation went a different route.

Skylar tweeted before the murder case, “Just know I know,” which hinted that there was more to the tale than what was being told.

What happened to her?

After some time, the police found Skylar’s diary, proving that Skylar had seen Rachel and Sheila engaging in personal behaviour.

The females may have killed Skylar to cover up their romantic involvement, and this realisation may have spurred them to act.

Sheila received a life sentence, and Rachel received a thirty-year sentence, despite no motive for the crime being determined.

The verdict against the convicted killers was reached because their parents did not provide sufficient supervision. She is now 27 years old.

The sentence for Rachel included time in the same West Virginia jail as her best friend, Sheila.

She was initially housed at the Northern Regional Juvenile Detention Center in West Virginia before being transferred to the maximum-security institution.

Net Worth

Rachel is among the most wealthy victims to come from the United States. Rachel Shoaf has a net worth of $5 Million, as determined by our investigation and Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

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