Remi Warren Wife Story: What Happened To Her? 

remi warren wife

The topic of Remi Warren wife became popular after he rescued her. Remi Warren is a popular Dutch TV host, social media influencer, Hunter, tour guide, author, video game protagonist, and globetrotter. 

He hails from New Zealand. And he’s quite the catch. At age 22, he opened Montana Outwest Outfitters as its sole entrepreneur.

Remi Warren sets out on an exciting new journey with his wife’s full backing as he left the show after ten seasons. The savvy hunter is no longer associated with the MeatEater brand. His social media presence remains strong, and there’s a good possibility he’ll get another TV gig. 

With the caption “Teamwork makes the dream work,” Remi celebrated his fourth wedding anniversary in early April 2023. 

During one of their travels with his wife, Danielle Warren, he snapped a photo of them giving each other a fist bump. Let’s get to know about Remi Warren’s wife and their relationship. 

When did Remi and Danielle get married?

In April 2018, Remi and Danielle tied the knot in New Zealand before their closest friends and family. Near a lake in a stark, hilly backdrop stood the stone church the couple had chosen. 

In his online announcement, Remi compared his bride to the lovely setting in which they were married. Warren accompanied the wedding pictures, saying, “Her soul matches the landscape — open, wild, and beautiful.” 

He explained, “Over the years, this lake has been the gateway to some of my most memorable travel experiences. It is an ideal place to go on a brand-new journey. With only immediate family and a few close friends present, we exchanged our vows here in this intimate setting.

Remi admitted he was nervous and star-struck. After experiencing God and woman love, Remi stated, “I have always said that there are only two things in this world that will make a real man cry, God and a woman.” 

After praising their connection, he concluded, “My wife is as beautiful inside as she is outward.” Her steadfast integrity, infectious smile, and endless curiosity make me want to spend my life with her.

Remi says his first year of marriage was his most thrilling. 

Danielle was an inspiring and unselfish partner: “One who constantly inspires me to go further, who runs around barefoot, is up to climb any mountain, is incredibly humble, and constantly puts the needs of others before her own.” 

She is a badass in every aspect, and I’m grateful for her many blessings.

Danielle and Remi’s first Child, Lucy Warren 

While on a hunting vacation in Montana, Remi and Danielle learned they were expecting a child. In his Instagram post, Warren said that Danielle had prepared meticulously for a natural birth. 

To achieve her goals, “She put in the time preparing and did what she set her mind to,” Remi wrote. “Her resilience has me in awe. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Wren Lucy Warren was born to them at the end of June 2021. Remi and his wife, Danielle, have been “blessed” by their daughter. 

Remi provided an appropriate hunting analogy: “To put it in hunter terms, the feeling I get when I look at my daughter is like constantly walking up on a 200-inch buck!”

How did Remi rescue Danielle after spending three days in the Nevada desert?

Remi discussed Danielle’s disappearance and subsequent rescue in the Nevada backcountry during an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience. Although he felt the story should have been kept private owing to its sensitivity, Remi disclosed it.  

He remarked on a positive outcome from what could have been the worst outdoor experience ever. Danielle disappeared for three days during a gap in her relationship with Remi. 

After hearing the news, he, his brother, and a good friend headed down to Nevada to lend a hand to the search and rescue operation.

Remi said, “She had been away for — this would be her third day. Black Hawk helicopters were dispatched to the area but came up empty. For the sake of search and rescue, they utilized canines. Everything.”

Locals had mentioned seeing a car with Mexican license plates in the vicinity when Danielle went missing, leading the rescue squad to suspect kidnapping. 

He claimed he would go mad if he thought Danielle was dead or kidnapped. He elaborated, “They genuinely felt that she was gone, like stolen, since they had put in a search effort. 

That’s probably a load of crock in your head. I would have preferred an evening search, but they were conducting one in the middle of the day.

Remi kept looking and eventually found what appeared to be unusual deer footprints. When they sat on a bench, he yelled for Danielle and barely heard a response. 

When asked where she was, he answered, “I turned on my light, and she’s 300 feet below me.” 

Danielle’s bewilderment and memory loss were brought on by her extreme dehydration. She had gone hiking to sweat out an illness but had dehydrated herself too much, preventing her from returning. 

Eventually, “we got up to paramedics and then obviously to the hospital and like a pretty extensive rehydration process,” Warren recalled. Remi quipped that the rescue might be useful in light of their frequent fights. “Remember when I stopped that bullet?” Remi laughed.

How old is Danielle Warren? The Age Gap Between Them Danielle Warren, Remi

The age difference between Remis and Danielle Warren is, at most, five years.

If we were to judge Danielle’s current age solely by her appearance, she is around 30. In contrast, Remi is 36 years old; he was born in Nevada in 1985.

They also recently had their first kid together. In July of 2021, Danielle gave birth to their first child, a girl named Wren Lucy Warren. Shortly after his daughter’s offer, the father took to social media to express his appreciation and excitement for the next chapter of his life.

Danielle and her husband are incredibly blessed to have such a beautiful child, but they have decided to keep her life private out of love. Therefore, we know very little about the child’s upbringing and surroundings.

Wren is also fortunate to have such fantastic, skilled parents to serve as role models. Meanwhile, we send our best wishes to the Warrens and pray that their joy increases with time.

Why did Remi Warren quit MeatEater?

Warren, Remi, has departed Meateater. Because he didn’t fit within their mould, he and MeatEater would break up.

Warren has spent his entire life outdoors and loves teaching others about hunting. When not guiding or filming, Steve is a field editor for Western Hunter Magazine, co-hosts Solo Hunter TV, and hosts the Cutting the Distance podcasts.

Despite Steven’s extensive knowledge of spot-and-stalk javelina hunting, Warren taught Steven how to use a predator call to lure the peccaries at full speed.

Remi Warren’s Net Worth

Remi Warren will have a net worth of $2 million. Nevada is the place of his 1985 birth. His actual birthday and the month he was born remain a mystery.

He is in his late thirties (36 or 37). Since he was a young boy, Warren has travelled to the highlands to study wildlife. He said he had constantly challenged himself to grow and that much of his education had come from making mistakes.

After finishing high school, he moved in with his grandfather in Montana. He worked as a hunting guide while spending the spring and summer studying marketing at the University of Nevada, Reno. He did not attend classes throughout the Spring and Summer terms either.

Danielle Warren is Remi Warren’s wife. Because of her famous husband, she is now a public figure herself. However, Danielle has done a respectable job of avoiding her.

Warren’s wife has taken things further by deleting or deactivating her social media profiles to maintain complete anonymity.

Even yet, the wildlife hunter has provided the press with scant details of his buddy on several occasions. Remi claims that the day he saved his lost wife was the happiest and worst of his life. However, they were not a couple at the time.

They had been dating before the incident but eventually broke up because of conflicting professional commitments.

However, they quickly realized their love was sincere and decided to be back together. After that, on April 4, 2018, Warren and his lover exchanged vows at the symbolic stone church in New Zealand.

Remi and Danielle both enjoy going on excursions and hunting trips to this day.

The hunter looks up to his wife and finds great joy in sharing their adventures with her. The newlyweds appear to be happy right now in their marriage. Moreover, a daughter was born to them only recently.

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