Riaan Swiegelaar: A Satanic Leader Convert To Christianity

riaan swiegelaar

Riaan Swiegelaar is the former co-founder of the Satanist Church in Cape Town, South Africa. He has renounced Satanism, stating that he has had a personal meeting with Jesus Christ and that this has caused him to reconsider his former beliefs.

Riaan Swiegelaar, who registered the church in February of 2020, stated that he had hoped to “slip out the back door quietly” after receiving hundreds of questions over his choice to leave Satanism. He claimed this after registering the church. 

Swiegelaar claimed in a video posted to Facebook that he had spent most of his life as an atheist and had only become a Satanist in the past four to five years, despite having been involved in Christian ministry 20 years ago. 

“I didn’t realize it then but was depressed and damaged.” Many people find a connection to Satanism. It is when they have come from a shattered point in their lives. 

“I’ve had thousands of conversations with Satanists over the past year. And a personal thing we all have in common is that we are brokenhearted and hurt.”

According to Swiegelaar, one of the reasons for his conversion of heart was when four Christians showed him unconditional love. 

“Only four Christians in my life have taught me unconditional love. Never throughout my life have I understood. It is a challenging situation. You have demonstrated everything to me.”

Through your actions, you have shown me the love of Christ. Swiegelaar said tearfully, “I have seen it in you.”

Swiegelaar told Cape Talk two months ago, “I don’t believe in Jesus, and I don’t believe Jesus Christ exists.”

He believes she loved me in ways I’ve never known love before as she gripped and held me. That’s all.

She said it was a pleasure to put a face to my name finally. A week later, I found out about her religious affiliation over WhatsApp. She is a Christian.  

Never before has a Christian shown me such unqualified love and acceptance as they have done in this instance. That has remained in my mind,” he remarked.

After his interview, Swiegelaar met with the Satanic Church council members to discuss the possibility of him performing an occult ritual that would assist him in “ascending” and acquiring more power and influence. 

According to him, Jesus “appeared” to him amid the ceremony.  “I took a superior stance and said, “Whatever,” showing my arrogance. You’ve got some explaining to do if you call yourself Jesus.

And then he showered me with the most breathtaking love and energy, and I recognized it right away because the woman at the radio station had demonstrated it to me. 

He said I could remember Christ’s love for his followers through the actions of those four Christians. 

In addition to this, he asserted that throughout the previous month, he had engaged in “real conversations with God.”

“Since I spent a lot of my life without a strong religious conviction, I can understand and empathize with Satanists. Once you’re there, it’s different. I’m here to vent, not fight. I’ve always thought God’s grace is undeserved because I’m gay and have certain traits. I was misled for a long time. The kingdom of God is not a gated community. God’s reign welcomes all. Grace, people.

Despite Swiegelaar’s departure, the South African Satanic Church, a recognized non-profit organization not connected to The Satanic Temple in the United States, will reportedly continue its business as usual. 

“Probably, and that’s good. People decide. “I’ve made up my mind to take the easy route.,” he said. He refuses to name prominent church Satanists. 

According to a statement published on the South African Satanic Church website, Swiegelaar tendered his resignation as the presiding reverend of the church on May 30, 2022. 

He also stood down from his position on the church council and “as well as dissolved his membership with the organization.”

“On the part of the SASC Council, I’d like to thank him for serving as Reverend and Co-Founder of the Satanic Church.  The church remarked that they hoped he would succeed in all his future activities.

Swiegelaar also said he would not join any church because “I’ve never experienced Christ’s love in a church, in any of the churches.” Swiegelaar was referring to the fact that he had never experienced Christ’s love in a church. I’m not even going to address that.

“I’ve suffered a lot because of that. I’ve seen thousands of applications for membership to the South African Satanic Church, and most say, ‘Christians have harmed me; I despise God.’ It is because that’s been their experience. That is how people end up getting disoriented.

He will focus on “healing scars from other faiths or people; offering a secure environment for the needy.”

Everyone can accept God’s grace, but it’s up to them. However, possibilities arise frequently. I recognized this as a chance for me, and I grabbed it. 

The decision was mine to make. I’m optimistic. God’s generosity allows me to live for light.

“If you’re a believer, pray for this favor.”

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