Richard Brandon Coleman Update: Molest His Own Step Daughter

richard brandon coleman update

Any update on Richard Brandon Coleman has become a topic of discussion at the moment. Keep reading to find out more.

Cora is the daughter of T. Potter, founder of the non-denominational church known as The Potter’s House in the United States, and she is a pastor, author, social media influencer, and motivational speaker. Jakes, D. Richard Brandon Coleman is a well-known American rapper. 

He was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. His stage name, Skii Ventura, best knows him. Cora is married to him. In 2011, he and his wife Cora exchanged wedding vows. Amauri Noelle Coleman and Jason Coleman are the couple’s two children.

What happened to Richard Brandon Coleman?

On May 4, 2022, police found and arrested Richard Brandon Coleman on suspicion of child abuse. The couple’s marital life has suffered as a result. Cola, novelist and mother of two, filed for divorce from her husband in January of this year. 

Cora Jakes announced on social media. Many in the internet community believe Amauri’s sexual abuse led to his father’s detention. 

T. D. Jakes, the pastor of The Potter’s House, a multiethnic congregation, and his wife Serita have raised five children and continue to be active in their community.

Pastor Jamar Jake’s eldest son, Jamar, is 43 years old. Now he oversees operations at The Potter’s House. 

Why did the police arrest Richard?

Richard was taken into custody on suspicion of having sexual contact with a minor. Cora announced that she and Richard would be getting a divorce earlier this year on social media.

A source close to the family has reportedly informed the press that Richard Coleman sexually handled their adoptive daughter Amauri, who is 13 years old. 

There is also the chance that anything more intimate than touching took place. Richard Coleman was taken into custody at the beginning of May on charges of sexual assault.

In addition to these charges, the biological mother of their adopted son Jason, who is seven years old, has taken the matter into public by using social media to air her grievances.

The woman makes her accusations against the Colemans in a video that may be found online. She claims the Colemans “manipulated” her into letting them adopt the boy. She also mentioned concerns that Jason would be in danger due to Richard Coleman’s arrest.

Richard Brandon Coleman was married to Cora Jakes?

In June 2020, Cora Jakes Coleman wed Richard Brandon Coleman. Richard, better known by his stage name, “Skii Ventura,” is a famous Dallas-based rapper. 

Don’t Run From Me, Money & Power, and Corpus are some of his most well-known tracks, and you can find them on all your favourite streaming platforms.

When Cora met Richard, she had already been through several unsuccessful relationships. Richard beat renal failure in 2018. 

On Saturday, June 4, Bishop T.D. Jake and Serita organized a private ceremony at their home for 150 close friends and family to witness their daughter Cora’s marriage to Coleman. 

In addition to performing the ceremony, Bishop Jakes also led his daughter down the aisle. The event’s colour scheme was peaches and cream, in keeping with the day’s theme of a “Southern Affair.”

Cora used those hues to pay tribute to her parent’s wedding, which took place 32 years ago. However, in May 2022, Richard was accused of child misapplying, and rumours of a divorce began circulating.

Richard Coleman’s detention for the prolonged mistreatment of one of his and Cora’s adopted minor children led to the couple’s separation and eventual divorce earlier this year. 

A representative for Cora dismissed as “slanderous” online charges that she misled a vulnerable Texas mother into giving up her child for adoption on Thursday.

Divorcee adoptions, the spokeswoman said, were all finalized when she was 34. Cora Jakes went through a lengthy process of multiple reviews and checks to legally adopt her children.

While married, they adopted two children, Amauri, now 13, and Jason, now 7. Texas hairstylist Michelle Loud came forward as Jason’s biological mother in a heartbreaking internet video shortly after news of her ex-husband’s arrest became public.

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