Sam Shelton Ashley Reeves Wedding Never Happened

sam shelton ashley reeves wedding

Ashley Reeves and Sam Shelton planned a wedding, but a tragic accident prevented it from happening. She (Ashley Reeves) ended their relationship when Sam Shelton tried to kill her in 2006.

Ashley Reeves escaped without harm from Belleville, Illinois’s park, after the deceased was found strangled.

After the terrible event, Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves were bottomless with preparations for their wedding.

In the end, Sam Shelton was found guilty of attempting to kill the woman engaged to him. 

In April of 2006, Shelton, then 26 years old, attacked Ashley Reeves, then 17 years old. This event, which was depicted as a real-life incident in the current Lifetime film “Left For Dead,”

According to a report from CBS News at the time, Reeves was found in a park with many trees in it more than 30 hours after Shelton tried to suffocate the belt around her waist and cracked his arm on her neck. 

When the investigators discovered her, she was unable to move and covered with insect bites.

Who is Ashley Reeves?

Ashley Reeves entered the world on the first of the year 1983 in the city of Belleville, Illinois. Capricorn is the astrological sign that she was born under and reached 33. 

Her mother, Michelle Reeves, is an actress, and her father, Tracy Green Koenig, is a musician. 

Ashley’s sister is Madison, and her brother is Daniel Koenig. Her formal education, beginning with kindergarten and concluding with a degree from a university, was completed in the United States of America.

Ashley Reeves will have reached the ripe old age of 34 by the year 2023. Her mother and father took excellent care of her from the moment she was born till she became an infant.

Ashley Reeves affection towards Sam Shelton

A student named Ashley Reeves named Samson Shelton, who was a male instructor, became the object of her attention. 

Because the teacher did not have a good rapport with the kids, some fights broke out in the classroom. 

After what appears to have been a successful attempt at her life, Ashley Reeves is exceptionally fortunate to be still alive.

NameAgeOccupationCurrent LocationKnown For
Ashley Reeves32CaregiverIllinoisSurvivor of attempted murder by Sam Shelton
Sam SheltonIllinois Department of CorrectionsConvicted for the attempted murder of Ashley Reeves
Biodata Of Ashley Reeves and Sam Shelton

The senseless killing of Ashley Reeves has captivated the attention of every citizen in the United States. 

After barely escaping an attempt on her life in 2006, Reeves was found dead in a park in Belleville, having been strangled. Her former instructor, Sam Shelton, had been the target of the attempted murder.

Ashley Reeves gave up and left Belleville Park after waiting a considerable time. When they were both still in high school. Ashley Reeves and Sam Shelton had their first encounter with one another. 

He didn’t know when he met her she would only adore him. Students and teachers become increasingly aggressive. Officers found Ashley Reeves unresponsive and hardly breathing. Her head and neck were broken.

What happened to Ashley Reeves before marriage?

Everyone was shocked to hear that Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves were planning to marry, despite their large age difference. 

It has been reported that in 2006, Shelton made an attempt on the life of Ashley Reeves.

She survived the attempt at her life despite being subjected to frigid conditions for thirty hours.

The woman was being led into a sexual commitment by Shelton, a lecturer at the female centre college. 

Shelton had successfully enticed the woman. When she tracked him down during the assault, she broke the news that she had to end their toxic relationship.

Shelton, on the other hand, was adamantly opposed to letting go. During this particular disagreement, they were having, considering that they were all arguing in the car. He grabbed Reeves, put her in a chokehold, and then took her outside. 

She fought against it for a while before eventually giving up on it. Before it finally snapped, he choked the woman again. 

Presuming she had already given up trying to break free. After that, he left the woman to die in the insane asylum. She was covered in horrendous wounds and had been by herself in the woods for thirty hours

Even though the woman had moved when the police found her, they still took her to the hospital because they believed she had fled. The police believed the woman had run away.

Why did Sam Shelton try to kill Ashley Reeves?

Shelton, a college lecturer at a female centre, charmed the woman and convinced her to engage in sexual activity with him. Following the assault, she tracked him down and told him. she needed to quit their dysfunctional relationship.

On the other hand, Shelton was adamant about not letting go because they were all squabbling inside the vehicle. 

Sam Shelton grabbed Reeves and choked her before dragging her outside. After a period spent struggling, she ultimately decided to give up.

He broke the woman’s neck after choking her again, assuming she had already given up. After that, he deserted the woman in the asylum, where she perished. 

She suffered a terrible injury and had been left to fend for herself in the woods for thirty hours. The police took the woman to the hospital even though they believed she had fled from them and even though she had moved.

Sam Shelton sentenced to 20 years

Sam Shelton was given a sentence of life in prison with a mandatory minimum term of 20 years. Initially, he had been locked up as a juvenile suspect, but the detectives decided. 

That he was the most trustworthy source to speak with Reeves, they let him go. Sam Shelton had been in jail at the time.

After altering their tale several times, he finally gave up after being requested to wait twelve hours. In retrospect, he freely admitted to bringing up Ashley and verbally abusing the woman.

He led the police officers to where he had left the woman, even though he had forgotten the specifics of the location. 

Thankfully, law enforcement officers could locate the woman and take her to a nearby hospital. After their apprehension. Reeves was found and brought to light.

To facilitate the procedures necessary for the examination, he was granted permission to post bail and placed under home arrest for one year. 

Only once during the year did Sam attempt to take his own life. In 2007, he entered into a plea bargain agreement.

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