Sarah Collins Missing Case: All The Latest Insights

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The internet has been buzzing with reports of Sarah Collins missing or her disappearance. If you want to learn more about the case, keep reading the article.

Sarah Collins is a strong mother who has overcome many obstacles. Her younger child, Kelsey Emily Collins, disappeared and has not been located.

She got divorced when Kelsey was three. She remarried to start anew, but her new husband abused her and their children.

She fled her abusive husband by moving her family to another state under fake names.  She later learned, however, that her daughters had been harmed by her violent spouse.

Kelsey and her siblings were renamed and relocated when she was seven years old when her mother fled her abusive husband.

Sarah Collins Missing And Emily Collins Being Victim

Emily Collins, Sarah’s youngest child, died in 2009. Emily’s home on 100th Street in Everett, Washington, was the last place anyone had seen her. She left on May 9, 2009, to visit her lover in Seattle, Washington.

She was to ride either the 510 (Sound Transit) or 101 (Metro) (358). Surprisingly, no one has heard from her or knows if she ever reached her destination. Emily didn’t show up, and her boyfriend confirmed it.

For the first few weeks after Kesley died, her phone was deliberately turned off, as calls went directly to voicemail. 

The authorities strongly suspect that her disappearance is related to the troubled double life she had been conducting.

Sarah’s fear and self-doubt persist. Her daughter will never know what happened to her, which is heartbreaking.  

Instead, Kesley was taken advantage of by the cruel players in the sex trafficking industry.

Who is Kelsey Emily? What happened to her?

Kelsey Emily is a 16-year-old mixed-race heritage woman last seen in 2009. She died in 2009.

Sarah Collins observed a big shift in her daughter’s demeanour as she entered her teen years. Her daughter, then just twelve, started sneaking out of the house frequently.

Kelsey’s troubles worsened. She skipped class and started smoking, drinking, taking drugs, and selling. Seeing her daughter go downward was difficult for her mother.

Her daughter fell victim to prostitution’s clutches in the end. She started dating an older pimp.

She worked for various pimps on Seattle and Portland streets. 

Despite Kelsey’s denials, Sarah suspected her daughter’s bruises were from her pimps because she had been beaten.

How was Sarah Collins’s Case explored?

In 2008, Sarah’s daughter Kelsey presented a difficult scenario for police in Portland, Oregon, as she had been involved in prostitution.

Instead of taking Kelsey into custody, it was decided to get in touch with Sarah and have her get her daughter.

Kelsey mentioned that her pimp, 36-year-old Donnico Johnson, was why she was in Portland for the interview. Johnson had met her a week prior.

She surprised me by earning $1,500 on her first day in the city, carrying travellers between Seattle and Portland.

Kelsey continued to risk her life after police involvement. She was arrested again in April 2009, days before her federal grand jury testimony against her pimp. She died weeks later and is still missing.

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