Sarah Ziolkowska: Was She A Victim Of A Broken Marriage?

Sarah Ziolkowska

Sarah Ziolkowska is the wife of the Canadian comedian, actor, writer, director, and producer Nathan Fielder. She works as a librarian and reading expert. 

She tied the knot with him in 2007, but their marriage lasted only slightly over a decade before reaching its lowest point in 2015.

Sarah established a successful career in education. She works with children and schools about library resources. 

On the other hand, her ex-husband pursued a career in acting and rose to prominence as co-creator of the comic reality series Nathan For You.

He serves as the executive producer of the show How to Train with John Wilson. Let’s get to know about her personal and professional life;

Early Life & family

Sarah Ziolkowska is a citizen of Canada. She was born in Canada. She spent a portion of her formative years in Toronto. Then she moved to America.

It is believed that she is of Caucasian descent. Sarah Joy Ziolkowska’s actual date of birth has never been made public. 

Her birth name is also Sarah Joy Ziolkowska.

There needs to be more information regarding her family history, including her parents and siblings.


As a result of her exceptional education throughout her life, Sarah Ziolkowska decided to pursue a career in education. 

More specifically, she wants to promote digital literacy among younger generations while working in schools and libraries.

Her varied roles include those of a librarian, bookkeeper, essayist, custodian, reading specialist, and more. 

She is responsible for cleaning the building. She interned at the W.K. Kellogg Health Sciences Library as an undergraduate student. 

She assisted students and staff, developed webcasts, and provided reference and circulation services.

While attending Dalhousie University, Sarah was employed in the education field as a teaching assistant, advancing her career.

After completing her degree, she pursued a career as a librarian. She began her career at Park Century School in Culver City.

She has been employed as a reading specialist since October 2012.

Rise to fame

Sarah Ziolkowska worked in education. At the same time, she was studying for her master’s degree at Dalhousie University. 

She held a position as an intern at the W.K. Kellog Health Sciences Library. She was there from 2008 to 2009. 

In addition to assisting students with their research projects and other academic responsibilities, her primary concentration as an intern at the time was producing webcasts promoting information literacy.

She was hired at Dalhousie University as a teaching assistant after her degree completion. 

She remained employed and continued to teach and perform research for two years. 

After some time, she moved to the Park Century School in Culver, where she worked as a librarian and reading specialist.

She has maintained her study and progress toward achieving her goals.

2015 was the year that she completed the Wilson Reading Systems Certification. 

Sarah has acquired experience in several reading intervention strategies through her work in the Wilson Program, which serves students from low-income families. 

Additionally, she is a youth librarian at the Halifax North Memorial Public Library, where she works part-time.

Sarah Zilkowska wife

Sarah Ziolkowska met Nathan Fielder, her ex-husband, in 2007. 

They met, fell in love, and started dating before their 2011 wedding in an intimate ceremony with only a few family and friends. 

Despite some difficulties in the marriage, the partnership was successful and flourished.

They have differences of opinion prevailed. And in 2014, they decided to no longer be together as a couple. 

2015 was the year that saw the conclusion of the divorce procedures between Nathan Fielder and Sarah Ziolkowska. 

However, the couple had no children. The A.V. Club said that Sarah Ziolkowska and her children were traumatized by her divorce.

She could not believe how rapidly everything went from good to poor and plummeted.

Sarah Ziolkowska Ex-Husband, Nathan Fielder

There are many stories of when and where an actor and comedian married a librarian and reading specialist. 

Some say the couple met in the 2000s. They married in 2007 after dating.

Things were going well after the wedding, but Fielder’s demanding work schedule led to their 2014 divorce. 

The divorce was finalised at the Stanley Courthouse in Los Angeles on April 16, 2015.

However, several sources reported the former couple met in 2007 but did not specify when they married.

Two contradicting testimony say the couple was married for 7–8 years. In addition, the union did not result in children’s birth.

It is interesting to note that after almost a year, Ziolkowska’s ex-husband discussed the breakup of their marriage. His account suggests that the event as a whole was more upsetting than surprising. He continued by saying that divorce is even more devastating than illness.

Also, Charles Donald Seegert Fegert, Ex-husband of Barbara Eden, is known for Getting Married, Getting Divorced, and Other Facts.


Ziolkowska has been largely missing since her divorce, and there are no rumours about her. It is unclear if she is dating anyone else.

She cannot claim the same about her ex-husband, who has been linked to various women, including Maci. 

Rumours fly directly from the duo’s time together on Nathan For You, although many have hypothesised that the pair may have something going on. Aside from that, the Canadian actor and comedian has not spoken publicly about whether he is romantically involved with her.

Sarah Ziolkowska Height And Weight

Regarding Ziolkowska’s physical measurements, she has a respectable height of 5 feet 6 inches, equal to 1.70 meters. 

In addition, she weighs 51 kilograms, equivalent to 112 pounds. Sarah has golden brown hair and lighter brown eyes. She has no other body dimensions, dress size, or shoe size.

Sarah Ziolkowska Net Worth

Sarah’s only renown is marrying Nathan Fielder. It made her famous. She is self-sufficient and earns a lot. 

She makes $51,000 a year. We need to find out her net worth. 

However, she has not published her financial worth. Her hubby is worth about $3 million. Additionally, she is not currently endorsing any items or brands.

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