Schumer: New York receives $ 54B in corona virus-assisted funding

New York receives $ 54B in corona virus-assisted funding, while there will be special allowances for state and local governments, the New York Governor’s help is not there. Andrew Cuomo said only the budget gap, estimated at $ 15 billion, needed to be closed, as well as billions more for local governments and various operating authorities. That said, the U.S. said. Sen. New York state Charles Schumer is fighting for another day when Donald Trump is no longer president.

“Is that enough? No, this was said by Schumer, he told a news conference on Monday afternoon. His biggest repentance was that McConnell has choked state and local aid, said about Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, New York State, said New York must receive $ 54 billion in a COVID-19 bill that Congress will confirm on Monday. The New York Democrat said the over $ 900 billion aid package would give his state $ 54 billion, including $ 9 billion in direct payments to those in the state eligible for $ 600 checks.

The federal $ 900 billion Corona Virus bill, which is ratified by Congress, will pass on more than $ 54 billion to New Yorkers and, a senior U.S citizen. And People up to $ 75,000 each year are entitled to a direct salary of $ 600. Couples with a minimum wage of less than $ 150,000 are eligible, and families with children have an additional $ 600 per child. Direct payments are said to help people get into economic problems caused by illness while driving the economy.

Still there is a lot of requirements yet to be completed said by Schumer in an interview. New York’s funding will also include an additional $ 20 billion for the Payroll Protection Program (PPP), which allows small businesses to apply for new loans. State governments will receive $ 13 billion, including $ 5.8 billion in Education Sustainability Fund for K-12 schools and the state university system. The aid bill will provide $ 4.2 billion in travel facilitation, $ 1.3 billion in emergency rentals, $ 1 billion for hospitals and healthcare facilities, and $ 15 billion in funding for the Save Our Scenes initiative for Broadway theaters and other entertainment venues, Newsday reports.

A total of $ 1.6 billion will go to support local government efforts to roll out the vaccine and provide and link coronavirus samples. Congress commends $ 2.3T of government-funded coronavirus sustenance. Fighting for movie theaters, venues cost $ 15B. The package also includes an increase in benefits to $ 300, about $ 6.5 billion in new unemployment benefits in New York state, reports the Albany Times-Union. After months of controversy, Congress reached an agreement on a COVID-19 package on Sunday. The House of Commons is due to vote on the bill on Monday night, followed by the Senate. The package will give Americans direct payments for the second time this year following the CARES Act in March, which was distributed up to $ 1,200 for seniors and $ 500 per child.

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