Who Is Shannon Harris? & Reason Behind Her Fame

Shannon Harris

Popular YouTuber sensation from New Zealand named Shannon Harris. Her sharing of vlogs on fashion and beauty has won her a lot of admirers. 

On January 18, 2009, she signed up for YouTube, which now has 3.16 million followers and more than 450 million views. Viewers may quickly discover detailed beauty tips and tricks from her tutorials.

She has also started a second YouTube channel called “Shaan xoVlogs.” The internet sensation became an entrepreneur and established its own business, Xo Beauty. 

The business offers cosmetics and makeup brushes for sale. Scroll down to learn more about her life, net worth, Controversies, Personal Life, boyfriend, and physical characteristics.

Early Life

On August 12, 1992, Shannon Harris was born in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Shaaanxo is a famous New Zealand YouTube beauty and fashion channel. She’s 31 years old, and her sun sign is Leo. 

She is also the only child in her family, and because her cousins are older, she has always been by herself.

As a young child, she was remarkably shy, often sneakily applying her mother’s makeup before venturing outside.

After accompanying her mother to Korea, Harris felt a profound sense of isolation. Eventually, she returned to New Zealand and, by the time she reached Form 3 (Year 9, Grade 8-9), she had already begun experimenting with cosmetics.

She is a well-known YouTube celebrity, according to Popular Bio.  She is included in the group of well-known individuals born on August 12, 1992. 

Being born in New Zealand, she is not only one of the wealthiest YouTube stars but also a prominent figure amongst the top YouTube celebrities.

Who Is Shannon Harris Reason Behind Her Fame

Career Rise In Fame

Harris launched the YouTube channel “Shaaanxo” on January 17, 2009. Since then, the New Zealander has consistently produced top-notch and stylish content for her YouTube channel. 

She transmits various excellence/style records, such as stunning ‘GRWM’ recordings, elegant cosmetics instructional activities, current designs, pulls, and invigorating first impressions.

Her channel has become a valuable resource for fashionistas wishing to learn more about these disciplines.

Shannon is renowned for her online beauty and excellence tip training exercises. Shannon’s channel emphasizes challenges, cuisine, “labels,” Q&A sessions, and life refreshers.

The premier website of New Zealand, Shannon epitomizes the beauty and design of the nation. When she wore the makeup she had learned, she received compliments. 

She went on YouTube to see if there were any tutorials for New Zealand cosmetics, but none were found. The most popular YouTuber for cosmetics in New Zealand right now is Shannon, the most famous person. 

You should view some videos, such as “Trying WISH Application Excellence Contraptions 5 UNDER $5,” Evening Schedule Smokey Clubbing Eyes, Spoiling Skin Health Management, and Top of the Line vs. Pharmacy Hoodwinks.

The first video displays five beauty tools, while the second and third separately show an evening routine and a smoky eye makeup tutorial.

Additionally, her side channel is succeeding on the online media scene. 

The channel ‘Shaaanxo Video Blogs’ was launched on July 19, 2011, to disseminate video blogs.

There are numerous recordings on the channel that cover every aspect of Harris’ own life. There are many diverse things, from cooking records to community recordings with her lover to labels, problems, and highlights. 

Shannon hangs out with a variety of YouTubers. She hangs around with people like Jamie Curry, Sally Jo, Kris Fox, and her boyfriend Hamish (MooshMooshVlogs).

She most recently collaborated on a series of tracks about “Normal labels” and challenges with Sally and Kris.

Shannon Harris’s Personal Life And Controversies

In terms of her personal life and reputation, she could not avoid them despite keeping her private affairs, including her romantic relationships, hidden from the public. 

She did, however, discuss her engagement in one of her videos. Currently, she and her fiancé Hamis Kennard are living together.

Hamish runs the YouTube channel MooshMooshVlogs and is also a New Zealand-based YouTuber. Beginning in March 2019, the couple became engaged, and she has been showing off her engagement ring on social media ever since. 

The pair is content and has a strong relationship. Shannon hasn’t participated in any controversies or rumors, either.

Shannon Harris: Is She In a Relationship?

She observes someone being abducted as it relates to her own life. As a result, she is currently living with her boyfriend, Hamish Kennard, the creator of the YouTube channel MooshMooshVlogs. 

Harris also keeps two dogs as pets, Zeus and Lewie. They are having a great time and are close. The couple continuously posts pictures of themselves on their individual Instagram sites to demonstrate their passion and love for one another.

Shannon Harris Height and Weight

She is a lovely woman. Shannon stands at 5′ 6″. She, too, carries a comparable load of about 52 kilograms. 

As measured by 34-24-34 inches, her physique is exquisite and captivating. As measured by 34-24-34 inches, her physique is stunning and captivating. Her enchanting hazel eyes and radiant light hair add to her charm.

Social Media Outlook

She must be earning a considerable sum from her work in social media. She still needs to provide specifics regarding her earnings or pay. Each YouTuber earns a sizable sum from sponsors and their fame.

In addition to YouTube, she has verified personal accounts on other social media sites. Furthmore, She has a @shaaanxo Instagram account with 1.4 million followers. 

She has 391.5k followers on her @xoShaaan Twittealso r account. She also has a presence book, where her @ShaaanxoYouTube account has more than 3.5 million fans.

Shannon Harris Net Worth

According to earnings estimates, the Shaaanxo make around $20,000 each month. Because of this, Shaaanxo makes about $240,000 every year.

Following YouTube’s cut, YouTubers receive payments ranging from $2 to $7 for every 1000 monetized views. 

YouTube users who pay a monthly fee to see premium material on YouTube without advertisements provide the YouTuber with more income.

Brand alliances and participation on other social media platforms boost their net worth.

Besides the money she makes from YouTube advertising, she also has a job in beauty and fashion.

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