Sue Bownds: Mother Of Rebel Wilson

sue bownds

Sue Bownds great-grandparents were dog judges who came to New Zealand from England. Sue has always had a soft spot for canines.

Since Sue comes from a long line of dog lovers, she has been called “Nangunyah” by her family.

Sue seems to be seeing an unidentified man. It’s unclear when they first started dating, but it’s safe to assume they’re married by now.

Dog trainer Sue Bownds is the renowned mother of actress and comedian Rebel Wilson. Sue has been presiding over dog shows for 40 years and is a qualified dog handler.

She has been active in the industry since 1980 and has won numerous awards. FCI’s International All Breeds judge is Bownds, an Australian judge.

Death abruptly ended Sue Bownds’ honeymoon marriage. She met and fell in love with Jack Bounds in 1961, and their time together was unforgettable.

They started dating, married in 1976, and have been together, producing a large family. But in 2010, when her husband passed away, tragedy struck.

Sue Bownds Career 

Sue Bownds and her late husband ran a dog-handling business in Australia, focusing on breeding beagles. Their names for their children were Rebel, Liberty, and Annaleise. Their son was named Ryot. Delora Vincent is Vin Diesel’s famous mom.

Sue’s personal life is shrouded in anonymity. However, in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Rebel said she and her siblings enjoyed a happy upbringing. While filming Super Fun Night, she also lost her father, as revealed in an interview.

Wilson has picked up multiple accolades, such as those from MTV, Tropfest, and the Critics’ Choice. She has also guest-starred on several critically acclaimed shows and theatre productions.

In the program Australian Theatre for Young People, Wilson took part. Wilson was a fixture on Australian TV before making the move to Hollywood. She became well-known in Australia for her role as Toula in the sitcom Pizza.

Sue has always had a soft spot in her heart for canines. Her great-grandparents started the family business with dogs, and today she and her siblings all work in the canine industry for various breeds.

When it comes to Bownds, she represents the fourth generation of her family to work in the canine industry. 

She has been judging canine competitions since 1980 and is also an experienced dog handler. 

She has visited several different countries in her role as a judge, including New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, and Denmark.

Sue spent several years as a professional educator. She officially left her job in December 2021 and celebrated with a party. 

Her daughter, the actress Rebel Wilson, posted a photo of herself with a Tiffany bracelet on Instagram to celebrate her mother’s retirement.

Who is Sue Bownds’ Ex-husband, Jack Bownd?

Sue and her now ex-husband Jack Bownd wed in 1976. The ceremony, which included musical performances, was a huge success. They appeared to be having a happy married life at first, but things soon began to go downhill.

The information we have suggests that Sue and Jack divorced more than a decade before Jack died in 2013, despite the claims of various websites that Sue remained with her husband until his death. In 1997, Bownds divorced her late husband. 

Sue Bownd Current relationship status

Sue’s current boyfriend is Peter Lock. The couple frequently updates each other on their social media profiles with pictures and videos of their time together. 

Peter, her partner, is a manager at Wine Mosaic Lounge and a Senior Sales Consultant at the building firm All Castle Homes. 

His Facebook page also states that he was born in Sydney on October 22. He went to school at Chevalier. Peter Mitchell Lock, his son from a previous marriage, is his only child. 


Sue and her late husband Jack had a daughter named Rebel in 1980, another named Liberty in 1982, and a third named Annachi in 1992. She also gave birth to her son Ryot Wilson in 1988, making her a parent.

Her firstborn child is a girl named Rebel. Aside from being a famous comedian, she also acts, sings, writes, and produces movies. 

Her role as FAT AMY in the highest-grossing musical comedy series Pitch Perfect has made her a household name throughout the world. Recently, Rebel became a mother to a baby girl via surrogate. 

Her daughter’s name is Royce Lillian Elizabeth Wilson. Liberty, her second daughter, will be 40 years old in 2023. She and her brother Ryot were contestants on the first season of Amazing Race Australia

Ryot, her son, also pursued a career in poker. Annachi is the youngest of her four children, and she uses social media frequently. 

Sue Bownds’s special bond with Rebel Wilson

On March 2, 1980, Sue gave birth to her daughter Rebel Wilson. She has several talents, including actress, writer, and producer.

She is known for performing in Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, and The Hustle.

Sue has a strong bond with her children, but because her daughter Rebel is an actress, we see more of them together thanks to social media. 

The star of “The Bachelorette” always made sure to honour her mother on holidays and other special events. 

She appears proud of her daughter and her success, though. In reality, she is pleased with her daughter’s success. 

On Ellen, Rebel revealed that she refers to her mother by the nickname “Mamarazzi” during their exclusive interview. She went on to explain why, saying

We were in the Big Apple promoting the show, and I gave her the nickname “Mamarazzi” since she is even more intrusive than the paparazzi when it comes to getting the finest possible photos of me.

Surely, in her elation over Rebel’s success, she did everything the Paparazzi do.

Sue was actively involved in the judicial system in May 2016 to help her daughter Rebel throughout her slander trial.

The Bridesmaids star sued Bauer Media Group for defamation, claiming that Rebel exaggerated her name, age, and middle-class origins. 

Sue testified before the Supreme Court to present Rebel’s side of the case, and she argued that”I know I’m a bogan; I’m from Sydney’s western suburbs, where I also teach.”

She also denied the article’s allegation in court that its subjects came from a wealthy background. She vigorously defended her daughter and ultimately prevailed in court. 

Net worth

Sue Bownds’ net worth is an unknown quantity. The median annual income for a dog handler is $28,000. Bownds can boost her compensation now that she serves as a judge at dog competitions.

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