Tamra Cantore: Bio, Parents, Divorce Reason, Kids, Net Worth

tamra cantore

Tamra Cantore first got famous from being employed at The Weather Channel (TWC). She appeared on the air frequently as a host. She is also famous for establishing the group Team Cantore. 

Tamra Cantore is the creator of Team Cantore and a former journalist.  Shortly after finishing high school, Tamra Cantore launched a successful career in broadcasting. 

Her life has not been without its share of difficulties. She and her kids have received devastating diagnoses that have altered their lives forever. Let’s get to know the details about all this in details;

Who is Tamra Cantore?

The journalist was born in the USA on July 4, 1965. The background of her parents is shrouded in mystery. She grew up in a normal California family of average means. 

They have a BA in journalism and public communication. Bowling Green State University granted her a diploma in 1989. 

Personal Life When did Tamra Cantore Get Married?

Tamra Cantore and Jim Cantore tied the marriage on October 6, 1990. She was an employee of the management firm tasked with launching Jim’s career to stardom. 

Tamra and Jim became fast friends during work. After hanging out for a while, the two decided to take it to the next level and start dating. 

Quickly becoming an item, Tamra Cantore and Jim Cantore announced their relationship to the world.

Their relationship flourished with time. And they tied the knot eventually. Jim’s married life had been happy for a long time. But it wasn’t without small challenges. 

Long hours at work may contribute to the tension in their relationship; Tamra has Parkinson’s disease.

They haven’t said why they’re splitting up, but their busy schedules probably have something to do with it. The pair split up in 2009.

Are Tamra Cantore And Jim Cantore Together?

Tamra has kept a quiet profile after the divorce. She is avoiding the spotlight. Jim is a prominent meteorologist and got featured in the media. Tamra’s relationship status is a mystery after her split from Jim.

However, Jim Cantore’s private life has been the focus of numerous rumours. There were rumours that Stephanie Abrams was his girlfriend, but those never materialized. 

Jim and Stephanie halted their affair despite the rumours. There were rumours that Jim saw Alexandra Steele again. 

There were rumours of an affair between them, but neither has come forward to confirm the rumours. When Jim posted an Instagram photo of his new muse a few years later, the rumours finally got to rest. 

The lady’s name is Andrea Butera, and she shares Jim Cantore’s passion for the weather. He finally discovered the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Tamra Cantore Children with Jim

The couple had two children. A son named Ben and a daughter named Christine. His children have X chromosome damage. Ben’s illness went unrecognized at first because so many people mistaken its symptoms for those of autism. 

However, it got determined that this was not the case. His daughter is a victim of the illness as well. 

Although the X chromosome plays no active role in development in females, this did affect hers. Jim Cantore struggled after receiving the diagnosis of mental illness for his wife and two children. 

Cantore has proven that he is a wonderful person. He uses his free time to focus on his loved ones. Jim is such a wonderful family man.

Professional Life 

After finishing college with honours in 1989, she worked as a TV network intern and did a lot of field reporting. Tamra reported live from the scene, covering the political campaigns and the war between Jordan and Palestine. 

She stayed in her position for three years before The Weather Channel offered her a job as a news anchor. Tamra began her distinguished career at TWC, anchoring the evening newscast. 

After a year, she got entrusted with hosting the two-hour conversation shows each Saturday and Sunday.

“I was given the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease at the age of 40”. The degenerative nature of Parkinson’s means that it has no treatment options. 

The news devastated her, but she knew to keep moving forward with her life. So, she braced herself. Tamra Cantore kept working after receiving this news. 

She kept her work and personal lives separate but equal and cared for her family. Although she was now on medication, she maintained her healthy lifestyle and enjoyed sports, albeit to a lesser extent.

In 2000, she established Team Cantore after the devastating revelation of the disease. It’s a group for others who, like her, are dealing with health problems. 

She joins forces with Team Cantore to disseminate information about the condition since she knows that with the appropriate knowledge, individuals may avoid contracting it. 

Tamra got spotted at 2017’s 14th Annual Countrified Rock for Research on September 22. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, a sizable sum got raised to fund research into a treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

The Michael J. Fox Foundation and the Parkinson’s Unity Walk have funded the group. She amassed roughly $550,000 in a few years. Her ex-husband, Jim Cantore, supports the organization by donating a piece of his $3.5 million fortune even though they are no longer together.

Net Worth

Cantore, as a working professional, is entitled to a comfortable income. However, she has been cagey about the details of her wealth. Jim Cantore, however, is worth $4.5 million as of 2023 and is her husband of choice.

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