Tieghan Gerard Net Worth: Famous American Food Blogger

tieghan gerard net worth

This article is about Tieghan Gerard, a well-known food blogger. Keep reading to discover Tieghan Gerard net worth.

Famous blogger Tieghan Gerard on September 15, 1993, joined the world in Ohio. Tieghan rose to recognition as a food blogger after the release of her cookbook Half Baked Harvest in 2017. Almost 5.3 MILLION people follow her mediocre Harvest Instagram account.

The origins of the name Tieghan can be traced back to the States. They share the food blogger and cook profession with fellow Ohioan Andrea Cox.

Tieghan Gerard, a culinary blogger from Ohio, now makes the Midwest her home. She is also a food photographer, stylist, and cook who develops her recipes. Half Baked Harvest, a cookbook by Tieghan Gerard, was released in 2017. 

She is a well-known influencer, thanks to the over 5.3 million people who follow her @halfbakedharvest Instagram account. Her posts gained a lot of attention, leading to her famous.

Early life

American food photographer, blogger, stylist, recipe developer, self-taught cook, and author Tieghan Gerard is a multi-talented force in the culinary world. She entered the world in Ohio, USA, on September 15, 1993. 

She’s Anglo-Norman and a citizen of the United States. She, too, was born into a warm and accepting home. 

Her mom and dad’s names are Jen Gerad and Conard Gerard. She, too, is one of six children; her three brothers and two nephews round out the family.

Her schooling is solid. After completing high school, she moved to Colorado to enrol at a community college.

Unfortunately, her educational background is a mystery. Neither her high school nor her university of attendance have been made public.

She’s a single thirty-year-old woman. Relationship and affair rumours have not been heard. She has found what she needs in her loved ones for the time being.

Tall and slim, she’s lovely. She is slim and 5.4 feet tall. The contrast enhances her natural beauty between her dark hazel eyes and dark brown hair.

From securing corporate sponsorships to maintaining the books, Tieghan’s mom does it all for Half Baked Harvest. She has her mother to thank for the completion of the makeover and the popularity of her blog.

Asher, the vlogger’s younger sister, is 11 years old and has three older brothers and two younger brothers.

Tieghan’s original plan involved her going to school for fashion design and eventually becoming a stylist. 

She moved to Los Angeles and started taking fashion design courses before she even started high school. 

However, she felt a pull to return to her familiar surroundings. She develops an enthusiasm for the kitchen and enjoys feeding her family.

Tieghan Gerard Career

She is a well-known food blogger, which is her primary occupation at this point in her life. She launched her business and her career as a food blogger in 2012.

After that, she worked with John Vietti of Vietti Construction on the remodelling in a short amount of time. 

She gained a lot of notoriety for her wholesome foods that were produced with natural ingredients and her wacky anecdotes of living in the mountains with a large family. 

She published cookbooks and recipe collections. Half Baked Harvest Straightforward: A Collection of More Than 125 Recipes for Quick, Easy, Overnight, and Meal-Prepped Comfort Foods: For example, a cookbook in the year 2017. 

Tieghan’s culinary blog, which she started while in Los Angeles fashion school, has expanded into a global business, and his brother, Brendan, is also a professional snowboarder.

Like Red, Tieghan was able to find love and encouragement from her family. Jen’s mother, Jen, proposed in 2012 that she establish her food blog after years of trying family recipes and cooking ideas she found online.

The blog’s popularity has surged as it approaches its tenth anniversary in 2022. Over 3.6 million followers on Instagram, a #1 cookbook on the New York Times bestseller list, and another due in February 2022.

Tieghan’s success with ‘Half Baked Harvest’ has led to interviews with major news programs and media sources nationwide.

As could be expected, everybody in the family takes part. Kai and his father, Conrad, work for Tieghan, and Kai plays a crucial role in taking photos of the delicious dishes.

In Summit County, Colorado, where her family’s chickens and goats roam freely, Tieghan spends her days in a converted log barn, preparing delicious meals for her loved ones and then sharing them with the world.

Tieghan’s answer to the local bright land.co blog’s question about what she likes to do when she’s not in the kitchen was straightforward.

What keeps me going is going on my morning hikes and hanging out with my loved ones. She said, “I’m a really laid-back person who enjoys taking things at my own pace.”

Tieghan Gerard Parents

Jen and Conard Gerrard are the proud parents of Tieghan Gerrard. They welcomed her with open arms. 

Tieghan’s mom does everything from securing corporate sponsorships to managing the books for the Half Baked Harvest company. 

She attributes her blog’s and renovation’s success to her mom. She is the youngest of six children; her brothers and sisters range in age from three to two years, and her junior. 

Red, her younger brother, competed in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and earned a gold medal in snowboard slopestyle. 

Brendan, his sibling, is a professional snowboarder, just as he is. Each sibling appears to have established a solid foundation in their chosen sector and is actively pursuing their interests. 

Tieghan Gerard Relationship status

It would appear that Tieghan Gerrard is now single and not married. She appears to have her sights set on the future and is actively pursuing it. 

So far, the blogger has been mum on the subject of her romantic life. 

How old is Tieghan Gerard?

Tieghan Gerard was born On September 15, 1993. She is 30.

Tieghan Gerard Net worth

Tieghan’s estimated net worth, as of June 1, 2023, is about 5 Million Dollars. Both She and Andrea Cox are Ohio-born chefs and bloggers, and both go by the names She. are bloggers and chefs who hail from Ohio.

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