Tony Evans New Wife: Who Is She?

Tony Evans New Wife

This is an exclusive story on Tony Evans new wife, Who is she? and How was their relationship and the early life of Tony Evans.

Tony Evans wife Lois died in December 2019, leaving her devoted husband and their four children to continue the family tradition she helped start. This article covers everything about the Evans family.

Famous Dallas pastor Tony Evans was born on September 10, 1949. Since 2000, Evans has been the senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas. 

According to popular belief, the famous preacher was Dallas Theological Seminary’s first African-American Ph.D.

Always WatchfulHe founded the church in his home with ten members in 1976. Over four decades, he developed the church to 10,000 attendees and ministries nationwide.

Lois Irene Evans, Tony Evans’ longtime wife, helped achieve that success.

Tony Evans New Wife Who Is She

Who is Tony Evans New Wife?

Dr. Carla Crummie is the new wife of Pastor Tony Evans. After the passing of his late wife, Lois Irene Cannings, in 2019, Pastor Tony Evans found love again with Dr. Carla Crummie. They announced their engagement in 2023, four years after Lois’ death.

Dr. Carla Crummie was previously a pastor’s wife and widow before starting a relationship with Pastor Tony Evans. The couple met and got married in 1968, and they were together for 47 years.

As Pastor Tony Evans enters this new chapter of his life with Dr. Carla Crummie, they have asked for prayers and support from their congregation.

Their love story is a testament to finding joy and companionship after loss.

Tony Evans Marriage

Lois’ parents were hosting members of a fellowship from the United States who were in Guyana at the time to prepare for a crusade when the couple first crossed paths in 1968. 

Evans was part of the delegation and was immediately drawn to Lois, who was 18.

The best-selling novelist contacted Lois after returning to the US. On June 27, 1970, the couple that had been together for so long finally tied the knot after receiving her father’s blessing.

The couple built a profound connection in the following years that helped them spread God’s work through their 10,000-member ministry and “The Urban Alternative.”

They celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary in 2017 and their 50th if they were still together. 

However, the matriarch died after a brave battle with biliary cancer the year before.

Before Lois passed away, her husband and wife discussed her cancer diagnosis and treatment with their family and friends in great detail. 

On April 2, 2019, they disclosed her condition for the first time, and in the following months, they urged their members to continue lending their spiritual support to the family by praying for them. Dr Tony Evans announced his wife’s untimely death first.

After Dallas pastor Lois Evans died, some notable Christians and celebrities took to social media to pay tribute and share their memories.

While the Evans family mourned their matriarch, the famous preacher was overwhelmed with appreciation for the outpouring of love and urged those who asked how they could help to bring flowers because his late wife loved them. The matriarch of the Evans family had passed away.

In January, a memorial ceremony was conducted for Lois Evans, and during his address, Evans told how his wife had gotten a vision of paradise while she was in her final moments of life. In addition to this, he stated that his wife “went home well,” and that her relatives surrounded her.

Tony Evans Children

Chrystal, Priscilla, Anthony Jr., and Jonathan Evans are the four children that Pastor Tony Evans and his late wife, Lois, had together.

Chrystal Evans Hurst is the oldest child of well-known preacher Tony Evans. The Evans family’s oldest child, she was born in 1972. She is a loving wife and mother of five beautiful children.

Furthermore, Chrystal is a brilliant Christian speaker and worship leader, as her parents were. Chrystal followed them. The most noteworthy of her books is “Kingdom Woman,” co-written with her father.

Priscilla Shirer is the one who initially established “Going Beyond Ministries.” She actively disseminates the gospel through the transmission of her words and participation in various speaking engagements. In addition to being a prolific writer, Shirer is a devoted family man blessed with three kids.

Anthony Evans Jr., son of gospel musician Tony Evans, is a successful performer in his own right. He is well known for working with Grammy-winning performer Kirk Franklin.

Jonathan Evans had a good NFL career with the “Buffalo Bills,” “Washington Redskins,” and “Dallas Cowboys.” Chaplain with the “Dallas Cowboys.” He works with his father to expand their ministry and is loyal to his family.

Following Lois Evans’ death, the Evans family, led by their father, fulfilled her final wish and spread the gospel worldwide. It has been accomplished thanks to the inspired leadership of their father.

Tony Evans Height And Weight

Tony Evans is 5 feet 9 inches (180 cm) tall and 82 kilograms (180 lb). This page has all the information you need to learn about Tony Evans, so please read it.

Tony Evans’ Age

On September 10, 1949, Tony Evans entered the world. That makes Tony Evans 73 years old. Search American public speaker Tony Evans is a household name.

Tony Evans’s Net Worth

Our findings indicate that Tony Evans is worth around $12 million. His success as an American orator has contributed significantly to Tony Evans’ wealth.

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