A Tornado Could Hit Some Areas As A Massive Winter Storm Moves East Ahead Of Christmas

A Tornado Could Hit Some Areas As A Massive Winter Storm Moves East Ahead Of Christmas

More than 90 million Americans were trapped in a severe winter storm that began in the early hours of the winter with snowstorms and freezing east of Dakota and western Minnesota. He then began to move eastward, making some spectacular and ground-based observations on one of the day air travel days since the onset of coronavirus infection. Areas like Norfolk, Virginia, and Raleigh, North Carolina are more likely to be tornadoes on Thursday, CBS New York weatherman Lonnie Quinn told CBS Evening News on Wednesday. Quinn said, warning that there could be a power surge at Christmas in the Northeast. Blizzard warnings were issued to the area as the weather bureau ordered temperatures to drop to 35 F below zero, pushed by a force stronger than at 60 mph. Many travel advisers urged drivers not to go off the road and many major roads were completely closed. The hurricane hit southeastern Minnesota and was expected to continue toward Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and northern Michigan Wednesday night. The biggest snowstorm from Ironfield northeast of Minnesota expanded back to Watertown in southeastern South Dakota, Gust said.

The storm hit the Twin Cities area on Wednesday afternoon, where Gust said he was expecting at least 8 centimeters of snow. Interstate 94 eastbound was closed between Monticello and Rogers, west of Minneapolis, within three hours due to an accident and an accumulation of many vehicles. State transportation officials said the interstate was likely on a one-way street overnight and warned passengers about canal vehicles.The Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport has been charged with 300 plane crashes and 40 delays on Wednesday afternoon, said airport spokesman Patrick Hogan. It is hoped this will be the third day of the busy Christmas holidays, beyond the coming Sunday and Saturday. Earlier in the day, more people showed up at Hector International Airport in Fargo, North Dakota, and found that many planes were wrecked due to high winds and low visibility.

Our building was packed this morning when America, Delta, United decided to cancel some flights.” The strongest wind in the Fargo was 62 mph, Gust said. The situation began to improve as the storm moved east, and Dobberstein hoped that flights would start later in the afternoon.Authorities in southeastern South Dakota responded to a large number of multi-vehicle crashes, including one on I-29 north of Sioux Falls covering about ten dozen and ten dozen roads, respectively. according to Dell Rapids volunteer Rick Morris. He said there were few life-threatening injuries and some vehicles that responded to the crashes were recorded, Chief Argus said.

Other bus drivers in northeastern South Dakota decided to wait for the storm. The Coffee Cup Travel Plaza, one of the small number of stops on I-94 in northeastern South Dakota, was silent Wednesday morning, said Dani Zubke, an employee at a store near the town of Summit. According to her Snowstorm, poor visibility and travel are not recommended and that it was very slow. She don’t know that there were many people around. Sometimes we can only see to the end of their parking lot.

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