Tyler King – Giving A Voice To The Voiceless

Tyler King - Giving A Voice To The Voiceless

An entrepreneur with an excellent portfolio under his belt, Tyler King, is a professional who achieves what he sets out to do. He has formed a non-profit organization that tells the stories of prisoners through criminal justice reforms and advocating constitutional rights. 

Tyler King continuously overlooks every aspect of his organization. His education credentials include universities like Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan School of Management. With such prestigious institutions under his belt, Tyler King is ideally placed to tell stories of emerging ventures and drive them to success.

He is the chief executive of Assuras, a global consultancy firm that has managed to scale itself worldwide. He has been said to have driven sustainable growth to the organization by capitalizing on his experience, which has, in turn, led him to develop efficient methodologies, proving him to be the candidate poised for a consulting position. 

Tyler King Had His Share Of Setbacks In Life 

Such a position typically has a person who has seen it all. And Tyler King has had his fair share of setbacks in his life. 

His most controversial and sensitive setback came when the FBI probed him. It was a few years since people had noticed Tyler, and an FBI investigation never showcased a positive image of the person involved. As he would later say, this whole ordeal was a blow to his professional and personal life. 

Tyler taught one of his friends computer skills, as he would typically do to help out any aspiring entrepreneurs. But that particular friend gained illegal access to her boss’s emails, and the chain was traced back to Tyler King. Taken unaware, he was taken to trial because Tyler was the teacher of the said friend, although he wasn’t the hacker himself. 

It is said in times of duress, and only the strong come out mightier. Tyler King faced all odds when his friend testified against him, and he had to bear the consequences. If it were anyone else, he might have been broken by the mere sentencing which was carried out, but Tyler King braced his share and came out to the world stronger than ever and ready to conquer the world.

A Voice From Prison – Giving Voice To The Underprivileged 

Being self-aware that he could help other individuals set out on their goals and paths, Tyler decided to learn from his experience and decided to form another non-profit organization, A Voice from Prison. Witnessing firsthand the injustices carried out outside and inside the prison, Tyler chose to work for someone other than himself and give voice to the underprivileged. 

This venture tells another side of Tyler’s story and aims to narrate what is going on in the world: if the justice system can mishandle a man like him with his credentials, what would happen to an ordinary person? With his NPO, Tyler wishes to bring change to the existing system by providing a place where anyone can seek help in tackling the flawed judicial structure. 

Failures are important. Tyler King believes something truly magical happens when a person undergoes failures. It is a vital step to learn from it and build succeeding successes on top of it. For those who do it right, he calls this “failing right.” This means capitalizing on the failure by not experiencing too big of a loss and using it as a foundation for the subsequent success. 

Making A Significant Difference

Tyler King believes anyone can make a difference. Some skills constantly will be perfected by someone else. A homeless man taught him the best sales skills, and a prisoner taught him chess moves. Every person is better at something the other isn’t, and the best ideas always come from unexpected places. 

From his heartbreaking story of going through the impaired justice system to coming back out strong by learning valuable learning lessons and creating his consultancy firm Assuras which has been making impressive growth projections, Tyler is dedicated to his work. He believes in the Emerson quote, “Every man is my superior in some way, in this I learn from him.”

By creating unique value and using his failures as a springboard, Tyler King is on his way to helping other entrepreneurs learn from his experience and offer what they have to the world. He believes his company is ideal for assisting in his visions and goals, and indeed it may be. With a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative in play, Tyler tackles the best of both professional and personal worlds and strives to be a good human being. 

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