Vicente Fernández Brothers And Sisters

vicente fernández brothers and sisters

Many people are wondering about Vicente Fernández Brothers And Sisters. Who are they? Teresa Fernandez and Maria del Refugio Fernandez were siblings of Vicente Fernandez. Mexican musician Vicente Fernandez. His two sisters each have impressive musical abilities.

Fernandez is a musician and actor with a wide range of skills. He had a pseudonym or other name inside the entertainment industry. 

Several titles are known for him, including El Charro de Huentitán, Chente, El dolo de México, and El King of la Msica Ranchera.

Fernandez began his career in show business as a performer. He was able to support himself by busking in crowded areas. The singer kept at his craft and is now regarded as a cultural treasure. 

He’s recorded over 100 albums. Over thirty films featured the artist. Fernandez has won multiple Grammys, nine Latin Grammys, and a Lo Nuestro Award. 

The singer became a legend on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He might sell over 50 million copies in foreign media. The singer also sold more records than any other Mexican regional musician.

Who was Vicente Fernandez?

Fernandez worked in music, movies, and television. He changed his name in showbiz. El Charro de Huentitán, Chente, El Dolo de México, and El Rey de la Música Ranchera are all titles that he is known by.

When Fernandez first entered the entertainment industry, he was a performer. He used to perform as a busker in various locations. 

The musician kept at it, eventually becoming a cultural relic in his own right. The artist released more than a hundred albums. The musician has a hand in almost 30 films as well. 

Fernandez has won multiple awards, including a Grammy, nine Latin Grammys, and a Lo Nuestro. The musician now has a Hollywood Walk of Fame star to commemorate his accomplishments. 

He broke the 50 million mark in worldwide sales. The singer also holds the record for most regional Mexican albums sold during his period. 

Who is Vicente Fernandez sisters?

Vicente Fernandez’s parents’ first marriage produced two older siblings. The performer has two sisters: Teresa (Maria del Refugio) and Teresa.  The singer called his sister to watch him play with plasticine. 

Despite their tight relationship, Maria del Refugio used to envy his brother.  Vicente Fernandez was the younger of two siblings. 

The singer’s sisters are named Maria del Refugio and Teresa. On February 17, 1940, he entered this world in Huentitán El Alto, Jalisco, México. The singer’s parents brought him up in the village. 

The singer would invite his sister to come over and play plasticine ranch, cows, and roads. They were pretty close, but Mara del Refugio’s brother was the object of his jealousy. 

The guitarist was given his first guitar at age eight. Fernandez has been playing guitar since he was a kid. At that time, the vocalist is immersed in studying flok music. Before pursuing a music career, the singer tried his hand at several fields. 

Is Vicente Fernandez the only son of his parents?

Fernandez is the only child of his mom and dad. The singer’s parents are Ramón Fernández Barba and Maria Paula Gómez Ponce. Maria del Refugio, Vicente, and Teresa were their three children.

The author Olga Worman mentions Fernandez in his unpublished piece, The Last King. He grew up as the only boy; his parents and sister doted on him. The vocalist went on to pursue music as a profession. 

Who is Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseor wife of Vicente Fernandez?

Fernandez loved Maria del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor and they got married on December 27, 1963.

The singer’s wife is a media star in Mexico and a public personality after her husband’s death. They started dating in the 1960s.

Fernandez was married for over sixty years. The couple, themselves, was pleased with their four offspring. On July 23, 1946, Maria landed in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

The singer’s wife was 76. In the upcoming Mexican elections, she can cast a ballot. Maria was born and raised in Mexico City and identified as Latina. Her sibling count was two. 

In addition, the singer’s spouse is the sister of Gloria. Maria adopted Alejandra after she was given up. After Vicente’s birth, the couple struggled.

The musician could not pay the price, so he took Vicente home from the hospital soon after his premature delivery. The singer lost her fight with cancer and went on the same year. 

After that, the singer relocated to Mexico City to succeed in its music industry. On August 6, 2021, Guadalajara hospitalized Fernandez. The injured vocalist was put on a respirator. 

The singer began treatment on August 13 of that year after learning she had developed rapid-onset muscle weakness.

Vicente Fernandez Children

Formerly married, Fernandez had four children. Alejandra, Alejandro, Vicente, and Gerardo are the Fernández children.  Vicente has grandchildren Camila, Alex, Valentina, América, and Emiliano Fernández.

Guadalajara welcomed Gerardo on May 4, 1976. Guadalajara is his birthplace. It has been 46 years since the birth of the singer’s son. 

Alejandro became a lawyer like his father before him. The Mexican singer was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on April 24, 1971.

In 1976, thanks to a magnificent presentation, Alejandro made his first impression at one of his father’s presentations. 

Despite this, he released an album under his name, Alejandro Fernandez, on the Sony Music label. The artist’s early career included performing at the same Palacio de Los Deportes show.

Alejandro’s album Piel De Nina was out around the same time and became a huge hit. The singer has a degree in architecture but got his start in the music business. 

The singer’s father served as a role model for him. The musician has an older brother named Vicente, an older brother named Gerardo, and an older sister named Alejandra.

The younger Fernandez informed the public of his father’s condition when he was ill. He admitted that the incident had not caused his neck pain.

What did Vicente Fernandez do for a living?

When the guitarist was only eight, someone gave him a guitar. Fernandez originally started playing guitar when he was a kid. During that time, the singer is also immersed in the study of folk music. 

After the young musician finished primary school, he and his family moved to Tijuana. The vocalist dabbled in numerous fields before settling on music.

When Fernandez was just 14 years old, he began performing at weddings, restaurants, and pubs. The singer took it further and joined a Mariachi band performing a Mexican religious music style. 

Fernandez competed in the radio show Amanecer Tapatio. It resulted in the villagers being exposed to the vocalist. 

At age 21, the singer made his television debut on La Calandria Musical. It was the singer’s first paid performance.

Net worth

A Mexican musician, actor, and film producer, Vicente Fernandez lived in the 20th century. By his death from an at-home fall in December 2021, at 81, Fernandez was estimated to be worth $25 million.

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