Vivienne Kove Biography: Martin Kove’s Ex-wife

Vivienne Kove

Actress Vivienne Kove hails from the United Kingdom and has a resume that includes roles in films like “To All a Goodnight,” “Demented,” and “Terrier on Tour.” 

She is best recognized as the wife of American actor Martin Kove, who is best remembered for his part as John Kreese in the movie Karate Kid. Rather than her career, she is best known for this relationship.

Vivienne Kove is a former member of Martin Kove’s (an American actor) marriage. Vivienne is, in her own right, an actress in the professional world. 

Her 1980s flicks To All A Goodnight, Demented, and Terror On Tour made her famous. The family migrated to the US after Vivienne was born in New Zealand. Her entire life was in America.

Vivienne Kove Biography Martin Kove Ex wife

Early Life

The stunning actress began in the kingdom of the long white cloud. Vivienne Lavinia Watson is her true name. After that, she moved to America. Her appearance suggests she is in her early 50s. Like the actress, she is American.

Similar to the actress, she is American. Only this much is known about her parents and personal life.

Her college or university of graduation is unknown. Despite this, she graduated high school with great scores. After that, she graduated from a US state university.

Career Outlook

Vivienne’s acting career will be discussed. The performer is frequently known for participating in films like To All a Demented, Goodnight, and Terror on Tour. She appeared in each of these three films in 1980.

She was an actor who failed in the mainstream. Her last job in the area was also long ago. She has kept much to herself. Thus, her current activity is unknown.

His ex-husband is a successful actor. In Gentle Ben or Terror on the Mountain (Animal Planet, 2002) and Gentle Ben 2: Danger on the Mountain or Black Gold (Animal Planet, 2003), Kove played the character of Cully.

1977 he appeared as George Baker in the short-lived CBS series Code R. In the California Channel Islands, it was all about emergency services, including fire, police, and ocean rescue.

He worked with Joan Freeman, Tom Simcox, and James Houghton. The brief science fiction series Hard Time on Planet Earth also included him.

As Detective Victor Isbecki, Kove appeared in the CBS television series Cagney & Lacey from 1982 until 1988. Additionally, Kove played Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese in the cult classic The Karate Kid from 1984.

After portraying an unfaithful helicopter pilot in Rambo: First Blood Part II in 1985, he returned as Kreese in The Karate Kid Part II in 1986 and The Karate Kid Part III in 1989.

Vivienne Kove’s Ex-Husband, Martin Kove

Martin is an American actor. He is famous for playing John Kreese in The Karate Kid. His Jewish heritage makes him American-Jewish. He is a US citizen because he was born in Brooklyn, New York. 

Vivienne married Martin in 1981. The couple has been blessed with identical twin children. 

They are parents to a boy and daughter who are also twins. Their daughter is named Rachel Olivia, while their son is Jesse Kove.

They divorced in 2005 after twenty years of marriage. The children of a performing couple wanted to work in the same field. 

Even though Vivienne and Martin are not together anymore, they have never stopped showing their children love and support. 

After his marriage ended, Martin started seeing Mary Scavo. In 2018, he tweeted a photo of himself and Mary, indicating their continued love. Martin’s ex-wife, Vivienne, may be single or in a relationship. 

Vivienne Kove Height & Weight

Actress Vivienne Kove is one. It is not surprising that she is attractive and healthy. She is incredibly thin and 5’4″ tall.

The actress makes up for her petite stature with amazing beauty thanks to her well-kept figure. She looks fantastic, even at 40. She has gorgeous blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Social Media Outlook

It should be noted that the actress is on the social media site, but she does not actively participate there. The actress is avoiding the camera’s gaze. She does not want any unimportant attention from other individuals. 

In order to stay out of trouble and rumors, the actress has maintained a low profile in recent years. Her ex-husband, though, is active on social media. He uploads every post there, and he does this rather frequently.

Vivienne Kove Net worth

Throughout her career, Vivienne Kove made the most of her money acting—the beautiful actress with an estimated $700,000 net worth. We are curious if she is working. Her ex-husband Martin Love reportedly has $2 million.

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