‘We’re Heartbroken’: CNN Reporter Andrew Kaczynski Reveals 9-month-old Daughter Died On Christmas Eve

Andrew Kaczynski

Andrew Kaczynski, the CNN political reporter, exposed a piece of shocking personal news on Friday that his 9-month-old daughter, Francesca, died on Christmas Eve patient of cancer. 

This sorrowful news was shared by Kaczynski and his wife, Wall Street Journal banking reporter Rachel Louise Ensign, on Twitter Friday. They shared their gloomy feelings with the world and said that they are extremely feeling heart wrenched to announce that they lost their gorgeous daughter Francesca passed away last night in the arms of her mother and father. 

Her parents also shared the picture of their pretty daughter and commented that there will be always a Bean sized hole in their hearts for her pretty girl. Besides, they are so grateful to have known the love of their daughter. They do love her the most. The parents of Francesca were in an extremely gloomy situation and were heartbroken that they lost their pretty daughter on Christmas Eve. 

In Sep 2020, Kaczynski gave a statement that their baby girl was diagnosed with an awful rare and very hostile rhabdoid brain tumor. But on Friday, Dec, they broke the news that their real diamond passed away. Francesca was born on 11 March 2020 but shortly became the victim of Brain Cancer and ultimately died in Dec on Christmas eve fighting Cancer Battle. In her short life, she remained a very outgoing, bold, and curious baby. She was having a huge, deep brown eye that followed whatever her parents were doing. According to her parents, her many smiles sent an ecstasy throughout the world. She was so kind with them, even when the majority of the joys back were covered by masks and even when she faced risks that would jolt an adult, like a cancer diagnosis or being born with hearing loss.

In September, the CNN reporter had applauded her speedy recovery commenting that Francesca was the strongest and brave person and most pliant person. Few days before she had two brain surgeries and she was already at home and jolly. And also that he is confident that she will fight that.

But ultimately on Dec. 23, the CNN reporter discovered that his daughter, who had passed through chemotherapy, was on life hold after rising a dreadful fungal infection and being on a ventilator for over two weeks. The great couple was just praying for a Christmas miracle for their family on Thursday.

Although, stars and fellow journalists presented words of the console on social media following news of the infant’s death. The couple asked that instead of flowers, people should contribute in honor of Francesca to Team Beans in the PMC Winter Cycle, a donations event that donates straight to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

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