Wesley Miller Story: Murderer Of Retha Stratton

Wesley Miller

As a teenager, Wesley Miller was dating Roxy Mcdowell, a high school football player. Wesley Wayne Miller was convicted of murder in spite of the fact that Wikipedia has not yet covered his case. 

Who is Wesley Miller?

The notoriously convicted murderer and rapist is named Wesley Miller. He gained notoriety after being charged with murdering and raping Retha Stratton. 

The awful occurrence took place in 1982.

Wesley led the football team at Castleberry High School. He was detained and accused of killing Retha Stratton, a teenage girl. 

He put her in the closet after stabbing her to death. He was given a 25-year prison term after entering a guilty plea to the murder.

Murder Case

A high school football player in his teen years named Wesley Miller dated Roxy Mcdowell. Because a car that moved away from the scene of the 1982 murder of Retha Stratton matched what he drove, he thought to be responsible.


The murder of Retha Stratton took place on January 21st, 1982. She was only 18 when she passed away. Her hands were severed, and she got stabbed 36 times.

Her lips were stiff from Retha’s lingerie. Still buried in her chest was the murderous object. 

After Stratton’s neighbor claimed to have seen Miller’s truck near the crime scene, Wesley got identified as the suspect.

Later, Miller’s girlfriend admitted in court that he had shown up at her nearby home wearing blood-stained pants. 

He was acting strangely as well. Later on, Wesley said that he went to Retha’s residence specifically to have sex with her.

He said that she first accepted his approach. She then halted him. He put her in the closet after stabbing her to death in a fit of rage.

Investigations & Arrest

About 48 hours after Stratton’s murder, Wesley Miller of River Oaks, Texas, was taken into custody. His residence at his parents’ was picked up. 

When questioned, he eventually admitted to the murder after initially denying it.

Additionally, four rapes and one attempted rape got alleged to have been committed by Wesley Miller. Stratton’s murderer was sentenced to 25 years in jail.

He accepted a plea agreement in the Saginaw rape case and got given a concurrent 20-year period.

Where Is Wesley Miller Now?

Wesley Wayne Miller is indeed still incarcerated in 2023. He got 25 years for murder. 

He received a five-year concession after pleading guilty to rape. His sentence got lowered by the agreement to 20 years. 

In addition, he qualified in 1991 for a program that offered a chance to avoid jail time in exchange for good behavior. He was nonetheless detained once more for sexual misconduct.

Is Wesley Miller Still Alive?

Miller still needs close supervision. In Littlefield, Texas, he receives treatment at a secure facility for dangerous sexual offenders. He was released on parole in 1991 but returned to custody due to several parole violations.

He got freed from prison three times between 1992 and 2018. Nevertheless, he was detained once more for going against the conditions of his release.

Wesley is still alive. Therefore, the obituary for Wesley Miller that you find online doesn’t identify Retha’s killer.

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