What Happened to Sam Shelton? The Ashley Reeves Murderer

What happened to Sam Shelton

What Happened to Sam Shelton? Sam Shelton is the one responsible for the murder. He’s in the Illinois Department of Corrections for two counts of attempted first-degree murder and one of kidnapping Ashley Reeves, one of his students. 

This article covers the information about what happens. After attempting to kill Ashely, what happened to Sam Shelton? What state is Ashley Reeve in right now? If you know what transpired between the two, you will likely be curious to learn more. So keep reading!

Bio Details

Sam was born in Illinois in 1981 and has spent most of his childhood there. His full name is Samson Shelton. 

He shared a home with his mother and grandma; there is no information about his parents’ names.

He drove for Freeburg High and taught physical education in 2005 and 2006. In addition to this, he also wanted to become a professional wrestler, but he was just starting out and not all that well-known.

Sam Shelton listed his interests as “pornography and touching prostitutes” on his Myspace bio.

Sam Shelton’s Secret Relationship with Ashley Reeves

He was a quiet, self-absorbed teacher, and many of his female pupils considered him endearing and beautiful. Ashley was in class 7 when Sam first met her there in 2006.

Ashley was a very well-liked student due to her happiness, academic excellence, and participation in the basketball team.

Like many other typical teenage ladies at the time, Ashley had a devoted boyfriend who gave her a promise ring.

Sam grew fond of her and used his charm to win over Ashley. Despite having a faithful boyfriend, she began to fall into his trap and harbour affection for him.

A 17-year-old reported a private meeting with the 26-year-old in February 2006. Ashley’s closest friends knew she was dating an older man, but Freeburg High School’s rules forbade them from saying anything.

As a result, they dated for another two months and had one sexual encounter. Some rumours said both were preparing to wed, but many who know Ashley declined to corroborate this.

Sam Shelton attempt to murder Ashley Reeves

Sam Shelton was 26 when he met Ashley Reeves, one of his students. When he was her teacher in 2001, Shelton introduced them.

They reconnected in February 2006 and then started dating. On April 27, 2006, Reeves disappeared. Her parents were so worried that her mother called the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office. Officers at first questioned Reeves’ friendship with her companion.

After reviewing her phone records, they learned she had called Samson Shelton immediately before going missing.

When the detectives learnt about him, they immediately began investigating him. After 12 hours of research, calm Samson revealed he had met the woman before she disappeared.

Samson continued that Ashley was unprepared for their breakup. Ragingly, he removed her from his automobile and abandoned her beside the road.

Even the part-time professional wrestler dragged her from his car while he choked her.

When Samson saw that Reeves was still alive, he choked her with his belt. He again choked her and pulled on her belt till it snapped.

After some time, he choked her once more with his bare hands before leaving her to die on the brisk ground of Belleville Park.

Ashley Reeves was lucky to have survived the terrible murder and lived through it. She was rushed to the closest hospital and put into an induced coma when the cops spotted her hand moving.

Sam Shelton Injuries Received by Ashley Reeves

The assault left Reeves with catastrophic brain damage. She admitted that she could hardly recall the days before the incident. However, since Shelton was given a sentence in 2007, Ashley has attempted to put everything behind her.

Ashley Reeves remains paraplegic, right? Thankfully, she is not. She did, however, suffer numerous wounds as a result of the assault. 

She had to retrain herself to speak, eat, and move her limbs. The doctors had once informed her parents that she had a slim chance of surviving. 

Her journey to rehabilitation has so served as an example for many. It demonstrates self-assurance and mental toughness.

Police Interrogation

Ashley’s parents contacted 911 when she didn’t come home at night, and the cops immediately showed up. When they discovered Ashley’s abandoned car with all of her belongings inside, the police started to take the case seriously. Initially, they had assumed it to be a typical missing teen case.

Her mother called Ashley’s phone company to ask for her call log. She saw and learned that Ashley had called Sam several times.

The cops arrived at Freeburg High School the next day and began questioning her classmates and boyfriend, Jeremy.

Sam Shelton was also included in the police inquiry, shocking everyone at the school because he was regarded as a good teacher, and only Ashley’s friend knew of their relationship.

When the police questioned him, he admitted that he had never met Ashley before she vanished, but when they persisted, he changed his narrative, arousing suspicion.

Sam thus denied knowing anything about Ashley after several hours of questioning, and the police then briefly left him in the interrogation room.

A CCTV camera in this room captured the moment he began to cry after being left alone. A policeman arrived and introduced himself before respectfully asking Sam about his mother and grandparents.

Sam began to crack gradually, confessed to killing Ashley Reeves, and even revealed the location of the body’s hiding spot.

Sam Shelton Arrested

Ashley Reeves was still breathing when authorities discovered her body covered in mud and had several crawling creatures on her. She was immediately taken to the hospital and put into a coma.

Two counts of attempted first-degree murder and one of kidnapping were filed against Sam after his detention.

His attorney asked for bail following the arrest, and the judge granted it. After posting bail, he was given a home arrest order.

Sam tried to poison himself, but paramedics stopped him and took him to the hospital. The court and jury dismissed his effort to hit a hospital worker to prove he was mentally ill. 

Court Trial

Sam Shelton’s case went on in court, and his lawyer’s attempt to get his confession audio deleted from the trial evidence was unsuccessful. The police then made his confession tape available to the public.

The judge accused Samson of attempted battery for striking emergency responders during a possible suicide attempt because all the evidence was against him. Unfortunately, the judge dismissed the battery accusations in February 2010.

Sam declined to acknowledge the court or express regret to his victim when given the chance.

What happened to Sam Shelton?

Analysts revealed Sam was the last person to contact Ashley. Thus he was initially detained as a minor suspect. 

He escorted the cops to where he had left her following cross-examination. Unfortunately, he was unable to recall the location. Shelton confessed his guilt. A judge accepted the plea after finding the defendant to be mentally fit. 

Despite being convicted, he was granted bail and placed under house arrest. Her mother called the police to inform them that he had tried suicide before his court appearance. 

Additionally, when they were trying to revive him, he attacked EMTs. He was transferred to the neighbourhood hospital, where he once more accused a nurse of being racial.

Where is Sam Shelton Now?

After being found guilty, Sam received a release on bond and was put under home arrest. Samson’s mother called the police to inform them that he had tried suicide just before he appeared in court.

On his chest, the phrase “Do not resuscitate” was handwritten. While they were attempting to revive him, he attacked the EMTs. 

He was eventually escorted to the neighbourhood hospital, where he yelled insults at a nurse. 

His parents pleaded guilty, and he was sentenced to 20 years. The Illinois Department of Corrections is currently holding him, and his anticipated release date is April 22, 2024.

Where Is Ashley Reeves, The Victim Now?

Ashley is currently a Violence Prevention Center volunteer. She and Jeremy Smith are currently blessed with a beautiful marriage. Two children, whose names have not yet been revealed to the media, make her a proud mother.

Sam Shelton Nationality

Sam Shelton was born in the United States, so he is a citizen of the US. He is also of Caucasian descent. His parents, siblings, date of birth, and academic background are all secret.

Sam Shelton Height and Weight

Sam seems to have a healthy weight and usual size when observed in his photo. He looks physically fair, with blonde hair and hazel eyes, and he is.

Social Media Presence

Shelton is still incarcerated at the Hill Correctional Center in Illinois, serving a 20-year sentence. He will be released in April 2024. As a result, he doesn’t currently active on any social media platform.

Sam Shelton’s Net Worth

There is no information available regarding Sam Shelton’s actual net worth or salary; however, according to some sources or websites, it is assumed that his net worth is in the range of $80K to USD 85K.

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