Who Is Pastor Chris Hodges? Church of the Highlands Scandal

Who is pastor chris hodges

Who Is Pastor Chris Hodges? Chris Hodges, also known as Pastor Chris Hodges, is a well-known figure in the field of ministry. People from all walks of life respect him highly for his outstanding leadership skills, his ability to teach effectively, and his talent for inspiring others.

Pastor Chris Hodges founded and led the Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama. He has dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel and inspiring people to live their faith.

This article will investigate Pastor Chris Hodges’s life, kids, wife, scandal, net worth, and more!

Early Life

On 22 December 1961, Pastor Chris Hodges was born in Louisiana’s Baton Rouge. At a young age, he realized that pursuing a career in ministry was his calling, growing up in a Christian household.

Following graduation, Pastor Chris Hodges started his ministry career, developing the leadership abilities that would later help him become a pastor and influential person.

Chris Hodges Family

Because he is a private individual, he has not disclosed any information regarding his family’s history. If any information becomes available, we will make the necessary adjustments quickly.

Chris Hodges Career

He had begun his professional experience at Bethany World Prayer Center as a youth pastor there to start with. 

Chris became a youth pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs after marrying in 1986. He became senior associate pastor.

1994 he rejoined Bethany World Prayer Center after eight years at New Life Church. 

After returning, he became an assistant pastor. He also hosted a daily television show called “Lifeline” while at Bethany.

In 2000, he travelled to Birmingham to start his church after six years at Bethany World Prayer Center.

In the first stage of his plan, he established the Association of Related Churches as a charitable organization that focuses on the growth of churches. After that, he recruited influential members for the newly established Church of the Highlands.

The auditorium at Mountain Brook High School was the location of Chris’s first service, which took place in February 2001.

The church experienced tremendous expansion and is now regarded as one of the most dynamically developing churches in the nation. 

In 2007, six years after its founding, they built their campus. By 2020, the church had 60,000 members and 20 satellite campuses.

However, his membership in the Evangelicals for Trump Coalition and social media interactions with Charlie led to accusations of cultural insensitivity toward African-Americans.

During the protests in 2020 against George Floyd, the culture received more attention than before. On the other hand, on June 2nd, he issued an apology for the harmful actions he had taken.

Wife and Kids

He tied the knot with his gorgeous sweetheart, who goes by the name Tammy Lodges. The couple has been given the gift of parenthood to the tune of five children: Sarah, David, Michael, Joseph, and Jonathan. David and Michael, respectively.

In 1986, he wed Tammy Hornsby, who would adopt the surname Hodges after their marriage. 

After some time, the pair relocated to Colorado Springs. Hodges began his ministry at the New Life Church, first as a youth pastor and eventually as a senior associate pastor. Hodge and his family call Birmingham in the state of Alabama home.

Chris Hodges’s Son, Michael Hodges

Michael Hodges, the man’s son, previously served as a pastor at the Greystone campus. In 2017, he was removed from his position due to the allegations of his moral failings.

Nevertheless, his return to public ministry appeared during the talking engagement at Freedom House Church in Charlotte.

Michael had been serving on the church staff since 201 S. before becoming the campus pastor at Greystone. In addition to being a member of the Highlands College Team, he oversaw ministry partnerships and placements as the director of those areas.

The church’s training curriculum for those interested in ministry is taught at the college. Rev. Larry Stockstill broke the news to the general public on September 24, 2017, that Michael had been expelled from the Greystone campus.

Chris Hodges’s Son, David Hodges

Before becoming the youth minister at Hillsong Church in Los Angeles in 2017, his son David Hodges served as a college pastor at the Church of the Highlands. Before that, he worked at the Church of the Highlands.

On the 30th, David and his brother Michael formerly worked for their father at the main campus of the Church of the Highlands in Irondale. 

They were both under their father’s supervision. “Hodges Takeover” was the name given to the event at Freedom House Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. This church in which their father, Chris Hodges, delivered a sermon at the primary campus of a large church in North Carolina.

During the tongue-in-cheek “Hodges Takeover” promotion on February 16, 2017, David and Michael gave speeches at the respective branch campuses. Michael spoke at the Lake Norman location, while David spoke at the South End school.

Scandal And Apologies

Hodges has issued multiple apologies ever since he was pointed out for the inappropriate behaviour he engaged in online. Meanwhile, a local school board and a public housing authority have severed their links with the megachurch.

Previous statements by Pastor Hodges, who is also an author and a member of Evangelicals for Trump, indicated that he was interested in leaving social media due to the ‘distractions’ that it presented. 

However, according to the sources, he was active not too long ago because he liked at least three of Kirk’s postings.

One of the posts compares images from the 1980s showing President Trump standing with Rosa Parks and Muhammed Ali and photos from the 2000s showing Virginia’s Democratic governor, Ralph Northam, appearing with men dressed in blackface and a KKK outfit.

A second one shows President Obama playing golf and includes a quotation from Michelle Obama, his wife, about how one should only leave the house for essential activities. Hodges liked a third post that showed a photo of Captain Kirk giving blood alongside a statement that said they had defeated the “Chinese Virus.”

He expressed his anguish and remarked that the crowd was slandering him for stating mainstream bits of data and public information that were widely cited. 

He refers to Pastor as a talented evangelist for Christ, saying that he liked the posts on his initiative and that he shouldn’t be required to repent when facts are involved.

According to Fox News, Kirk skipped a Church of the Highlands youth group talk. 

An English teacher at a Birmingham secondary school pointed up Hodges’ social media likes and remarks, saying she doesn’t judge but considers some of them culturally offensive.

Church of the Highlands

Hodges spoke on the May 25 death of George Fiyod at the hands of Minneapolis police officers, which spurred protests worldwide and in the United States, during a prayer service on Saturday. Any supremacy other than that of Christ, including white supremacy, is demonic.

The following day, Hodges expressed regret for how his social media behaviour had affected individuals and emphasized that it didn’t represent him or the church.

He continued by saying that because of the way God created us, it will be evident that we value everyone who has been marginalized, rejected, belittled, abused, or even scared.

In a letter to his congregation on Tuesday, Hodges addressed the subject once more, claiming that the social media posts he had liked never represented his actual sentiments. 

He continued by acknowledging that they were cruel and polarizing. Following this occurrence, he expressed his regret and pledged to keep learning.

The Pastor continues by saying that he has learned about implicit bias and privilege and that the church is organizing forums to participate in the solution, listen, and learn. 

Birmingham’s education board decided to end leases with the Church of the Highlands, which held worship services at two nearby high schools, in response to the controversy. The church rents space in the buildings for around $288,000 a year.

The housing authority decided this week to forbid the church’s volunteers from working in public housing complexes. In March, the Woodlawn church’s Christ Health Center made headlines for providing widespread COVID-19 drive-thru testing.

Additionally, the church provided free mentoring and support groups to public housing residents. Despite not being paid for its services, the Church of the Highlands was allowed to have volunteers there.

Chris Hodges Height

Chris is about 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall at this time. Furthermore, he serves as the senior pastor at the Church of the Highland. 

Net Worth

He is estimated to have a net worth of more than $5 million. Famous US preacher Chris Hodges founded the Church of the Highland. He is also a senior pastor at his former church.

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