Steve Sarkisian’s Ex-Wife Today: Life After the Limelight

Who Is Steve Sarkisian Ex Wife

Stephanie Sarkisian, who used to be Stephanie Yamamoto, is a 40-year-old substitute teacher. After splitting up with Steve Sarkisian, she chose to stay out of the spotlight and keep her life private. Nobody really knows what she’s up to now or if she’s moved on from her divorce.

After they ended their marriage, Stephanie and Steve sold their house in Yarrow Point for $3.5 million, which suggests Stephanie might be doing okay with money since then.

Steve Sarkisian divorce

Stephanie Sarkisian and Steve Sarkisian, after splitting up, shared a statement saying they want to keep their kids and each other’s lives private.

They plan to work together to take care of their children lovingly. The news of their divorce after being together for over 18 years surprised many sports fans.

While they didn’t say why they’re divorcing, some think Steve’s problems with drinking might have been a factor. Stephanie asked for the divorce a few months after Steve lost his coaching job at USC because of his drinking issues, which he has tried to get help for before.

Since the divorce, Stephanie has kept a low profile, focusing on her teaching job and being there for her three kids.

Loreal Sarkisian, Steve Sarkisian current wife

After his divorce, Steve Sarkisian started a new life by marrying Loreal Sarkisian, who is really good at picking out clothes. Loreal loves fashion, which is why she works as a wardrobe stylist. She even has her own jewelry line that sells for between $900 and $36,000.

Loreal has always been there for Steve, helping him in his career. They got married in 2019 and had a son. She’s always at Texas football games, cheering for Steve and looking great with her fancy clothes and accessories.

Loreal Sarkisian Steve Sarkisian current wife

She’s known for her stylish looks at events and on social media, where she shares her outfits with her followers. Recently, she posted a picture on Instagram wearing a leopard-print dress, black boots, sunglasses, and a fancy black bag that costs about $1500!

Sarkisian Boosts Texas Roster with Transfer Portal Success

Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian capitalized on the transfer portal following Nick Saban’s retirement, recruiting several key players to fill gaps in the roster.

 Influencing this move was Alabama’s head coach Saban announcing his retirement after 17 years and six national titles.

Sarkisian targeted the transfer portal, signing notable additions like Alabama’s Isaiah Bond, Kendrick Blackshire, and Amari Niblack. 

These transfers and Silas Bolden from Oregon State add depth and talent to Texas’ roster. Sarkisian’s strategic portal use has elevated Texas to the No. 8 spot in the 2024 transfer portal class.

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