Who Is Steve Sarkisian Ex-Wife? Where Is She Now?

Who Is Steve Sarkisian Ex Wife

Stephanie Sarkisian previously got married to him in 1997 and had three children together before divorcing in 2015. Get to know everything about Steve Sarkisian ex-wife in this story.

Although the reason for the divorce was not revealed, it was speculated that Steve Sarkisian’s alcoholism played a role.

Stephanie Sarkisian has remained focused on her teaching career and has been a devoted mother to her three children. 

Steve Sarkisian went on to get married to Loreal Sarkisian, a wardrobe stylist, and the couple has a son together.

Loreal Sarkisian is known for her sophisticated sense of style and her love for fashion. Let’s look into more information on Stephanie Sarkisian, her personal life, and her divorce from Steve Sarkisian.

Personal life

Stephanie Sarkisian is a 40-year-old substitute teacher who was born Stephanie Yamamoto. 

She has kept a low profile after her divorce from Steve Sarkisian. She has stayed away from the media and prefers to maintain her privacy. 

It is unknown what she is doing or if she has moved on from the divorce.

Stephanie and Steve reportedly sold their Yarrow Point property for $3.5 million after their divorce, which points to the possibility that Stephanie has been financially secure after the divorce.

Steve Sarkisian divorce

Stephanie Sarkisian and Steve Sarkisian released a joint statement about their divorce, expressing their desire to protect the privacy of their children and each other.

They stated that they aimed to raise their children in a joint, cooperative style as caring and loving parents. 

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The couple had been married for more than 18 years when they announced the divorce, sending shockwaves through the sports community.

The divorce reason remains undisclosed, but speculations suggest that Steve Sarkisian’s alcoholism played a role.

Stephanie Sarkisian had filed for divorce just five months after Steve Sarkisian was fired from his job as head football coach at USC. 

Steve Sarkisian has a history of alcoholism, and he has sought help for it in the past.

Stephanie Sarkisian has maintained her privacy since the divorce, and little information about her current personal life is available. 

She has remained focused on her teaching career and has been a devoted mother to her three children.

Loreal Sarkisian, Steve Sarkisian current wife

Following his divorce from Stephanie Sarkisian, Steve Sarkisian entered a new chapter of his life by marrying Loreal Sarkisian, a talented wardrobe stylist. 

Steve Sarkisian is known for her sense of fashion and style and works as a wardrobe stylist, which makes it clear why she loves fashion so much. 

She has her personalized jewelry line for women with Korman, which ranges from about $900 to $36,000.

Loreal has been a supportive wife to Steve throughout his career. The couple tied the knot in 2019 and welcomed a son.

Loreal Sarkisian has consistently supported her husband, appearing at various Texas gamedays. 

During these events, she often showcases her sophisticated style, adorned with luxurious accessories.

She dazzles fans with her fashion at various events and Texas Longhorns gamedays. She is also quite active on social media, sharing her fashion sense and latest outfits with her followers. 

Recently, Loreal Sarkisian took to Instagram to share a post where she showed off her fashion sense again, dressed in a leopard-printed dress, long black boots, and sunglasses. 

She was also seen flaunting a black Hermes bag, which retails for around $1500!

Sarkisian Boosts Texas Roster with Transfer Portal Success

Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian capitalized on the transfer portal following Nick Saban’s retirement, recruiting several key players to fill gaps in the roster.

 Influencing this move was Alabama’s head coach Saban announcing his retirement after 17 years and six national titles.

Sarkisian targeted the transfer portal, signing notable additions like Alabama’s Isaiah Bond, Kendrick Blackshire, and Amari Niblack. 

These transfers and Silas Bolden from Oregon State add depth and talent to Texas’ roster. Sarkisian’s strategic portal use has elevated Texas to the No. 8 spot in the 2024 transfer portal class.

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