How Determination Helped Yusuf Berkan Altun Turn His Dreams and Passion into Reality


While many of us dream, only a few of us have the determination to achieve those dreams. It takes motivation, willpower, and even a little aggression to make sure you do everything you can to reach your objectives. That is precisely what we can learn from Yusuf Berkan Altum, the founder of Inqube GmbH.

Here we talk about an entrepreneur, an IT tech person, a student, and most importantly, an enthusiast. Yusuf Berkan Altun, the founder of Inqube GmbH, on his journey and how it all happened. How he made it happen, and how is he making it now? By doing what he loved, he managed to get through many challenges, and by taking one step at a time, he developed his career and businesses. And today, he has an important position in the World; being a Young Swiss-Turkish Entrepreneur, in May 2020, he was invited by the Forbes technology council. Here we talk about an artist and his art, a skilled IT person and Entrepreneur, with His High Tech IT Company at par with state-of-the-art technological developments.   

An upbringing with Passion

Passion is an honest friend, grows with you, never actually leaves you, and most importantly, always keeps improving you. So how it all started for Yusuf, well from a very young age, he knew he wanted to pursue his interest in the IT Tech industry, do something, join an IT company as an intern, and as a consultant in Zurich, his hometown. He was also studying at that time and was managing both work and study. He was not tired nor exhausted, as he was doing what he loved, and Passion made him going—gaining technical expertise and management exposure. After his graduation, Yusuf joined a financial advisory company, dealt with clients from Dubai, Zurich, and London. He was gaining operational insights this time.

As he gained more knowledge and experience, He established a company in 2015, which he sold after eight months. Now he was developing his entrepreneurial skills; step by step, he was improving and setting himself.

The Tech expedition

Being an Indiana Jones-like character of the Tech industry, where adventures don’t stop for Yusuf. Never running out of expeditions.

It all started at the age of twenty. When he flew across the border to India, having 200 Euros in his pocket, it was for an investor meeting, which turned out to be successful as he got the investment, so after one year, he sold his company. Then he took a different step. This time, he went to the Draper University in San Francisco, where he was taught by Tim Draper, an American venture capitalist and founder of the university, whom he admired a lot. This is where he used all his capital, which he gained from businesses. He was very interested in the teamwork there, wanting to get his hands-on experience; he learned angel marketing and invested in three companies during his three-month stay. It was extraordinarily successful and experience-worthy, one of the companies having the value of 350 million dollars.

After moving to Zurich from San Francisco, he developed Inqube GmbH. His Forward consulting company, a tech company with highly specialized and experienced individuals, offered competitive Tech solutions for businesses and individuals, guided start-up business needs and marketing, provided consultation for investments.

While being a financial advisor to various companies, he joined EL Group International as a partner. He then moved to Dubai and became an EMEA Head. After five years of his stay in Dubai, he was very excited now. He channeled his entrepreneurial skills combined with tech knowledge with his partners and developed in Zurich. And for further expansion, he moved to Turkey. And He took the bold step after five years and did an exit from the company by selling the shares to his partner.

Inqube GmbH not your usual Tech Company

Inqube GmbH, located in Switzerland, is a forward guiding consultancy and a Tech company under the surface. The company provides marketing strategies, investment consulting, infrastructure development, coaching for start-ups, and various technological solutions. 

It comprises highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals at Inqube GmbH. Everyone is also a student and will always be, as the world never stops growing nor evolving. Why should one hinder self-growth? This attitude keeps the company at par with the latest advancements in the tech-driven world, and the company is never too late to offer what is competitive and in demand.

In 2020, Inqube marketing was also established, where Big Data is analyzed, and marketing strategies are created from scratch for individuals and companies.

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