Zuleika Bronson: Early Life, Career, Parents, & Net Worth

zuleika bronson

Zuleika Bronson is a famous young American. Jill Ireland and Charles Bronson were her parents. Her mother was a British actress, and her father was American. Her parents’ 20-year marriage made them a power couple.

Her father had a reputation for playing villains. On the other hand, Jill, her mother, became well-known thanks to appearances in movies like Breakheart Pass and Death Wish II. 

Since her parents’ deaths, Zuleika has likewise avoided attention.  So keep reading about Zuleika Bronson’s early life, family, career, Height, weight, net worth, and more!

Zuleika Bronson Early Life

She was Charles and Jill’s only naturally born child born on August 4, 1971, in Los Angeles, California. She has several biological and adopted siblings. Zuleika, born in Los Angeles, spent most of her formative years in Bel-Air.

The star child was created in Paris, carried in Spain, sent through London, and finally arrived in America.

Brian D’Ambrosio, the author of Menacing Face Worth Millions: A Life of Charles Bronson, wrote that Zuleika was a round-faced, plump infant when she was born.

Zuleika has an English and Lithuanian background. She is dual-national (American and British).

Zuleika Bronson Career

She has always been a private person and hasn’t disclosed any information about her personal or professional life, as was previously indicated.

She has always had a passion for horses, so who knows if she will pursue this as a profession.

In Vermont, Zuleika has a ranch and a horse farm, gifts from her parents.

Zuleika Bronson Family

Charles Bronson, an actor who passed away in 2003, was her father. Jill Ireland, her mother, was an actress and singer who passed away in 1990 following a protracted illness.

Two of her six siblings, Tony and Suzanne Bronson, were born due to her father’s previous relationships. There are three children—Val McCallum, Paul McCallum, and Jason McCallum—from her mother’s previous relationship. Her parents adopted Katrina Holden Bronson. Charles and Jill are her parents. She is the last of her siblings.

She is a private person. And she did not disclose any information about her personal life. She may be married or dating. Her kids are unknown.

Parent’s Relationship

In 1962, her parents, Charles and Jill, met for the first time. Jill was married to Scottish actor David McCallum. Charles and David were filming “The Great Escape.”

Reports state that Bronson informed David that he would soon wed his bride. Although David will surely laugh off his co-stars’ remark, fate would have it that he eventually married his bride.

David MacCallum and Jill repeated their wedding vows a year after the divorce was finalized. After being married, the couple moved into a luxurious Bel Air mansion.

On May 18, 1990, her mother, Jill, died suddenly. She wasn’t even 54. Breast cancer was the cause of Jill’s death. She initially received a cancer diagnosis in 1984.

In his senior years, Charles, Zuleika’s father, suffered from declining health. In August 1998, he underwent hip surgery. At 81, the renowned actor passed away on August 30, 2003.

Zuleika Bronson Age

She arrived on the scene in the USA in 1972. Her actual birthday is still being determined. In 2023, Zuleika Bronson will be 51 years old.

Zuleika Bronson Height and Weight

She weighs 55 kg and is 5’5″ tall. And has the following physical measurements: 34-28-38. Zulkeika has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She wears US-size five shoes.

Where Is Zuleika Bronson Now?

In contrast to her sister Katrina, a celebrated film director, Zuleika has never even made an outward appearance.

We have discovered that she is living in Los Angeles. In addition to all of that, only a little is known about Zuleika.

Net worth

Zuleika’s parents were among Hollywood’s biggest stars. She and her siblings led opulent lifestyles. Her father once earned about $1 million per movie. Her father was the highest-paid actor.

Though her whereabouts are unknown. We may assume she is living a decent life.

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