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Nancy Rinna Career Siblings Net Worth

Many know Nancy Rinna as the sister of Emmy-winning actress Lisa Rinna, but she is also known as Nancy Rinna Deland. 

Lisa Rinna’s half-sister Nancy is related to her father, Frank Rinna. Lisa’s mom, Lois Rinna, was Frank’s second wife. However, her mother’s background is a mystery. Her given name, Nancy Diane, is a middle name. 

According to her sister Lisa’s Twitter, Nancy has overcome breast cancer and a double mastectomy. At barely 21, her sister Lauren Rinna passed suddenly from an overdose. In 1972, Lisa wed Donald Richard Deland in Nevada.

Who Is Nancy Rinna?

Lisa Rinna, an Emmy-winning actress, has a sister named Nancy Rinna, also known as Nancy Rinna Deland.

Nancy Rinna is connected to Lisa Rinna through their shared father, Frank Rinna. Lois Rinna, Lisa’s mom, was Frank’s second wife. However, her mother’s identity remains unknown.

Nancy Diane Rinna is her birth name. Lisa, Nancy’s sister, tweeted that her sister Nancy had two mastectomy procedures and beat breast cancer.

While Lisa, her half-sister, had the chance to live with her parents in Oregon as an only child receiving all the attention, she had to grow up in various homes.

Lois’s son was the only kid she had with Frank Rinna; her daughters were the products of other relationships. 

Lisa praised Nancy for acting as a good daughter and caring for their ageing parents while working on her programs abroad. She added that she regretted only seeing them once every year.


Actress Nancy Rinna has made several notable television appearances. She has also made several cinematic appearances. She is well known for playing Lisa Rinna on Days of Our Lives.

In 1984, Nancy Rinna began her career. She has worked on several projects subsequently. The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives featured her as a model and actor.

She debuted on RHOBH in Season 5. 

When she joined the Season 4 cast as a guest, she did, however, disclose some turmoil. She was voted in as a full cast member at the start of the show’s fifth season.

A philanthropist with experience working with many groups, Rinna. She currently hosts Soap Chat with Lisa Rinna, a soap opera chat show on SoapNet. On TV Land, she has also hosted her reality program; Harry Loves Lisa.

Nancy Rinna Sister Lisa Rinna

Lisa Rinna was born in Newport Beach, California, to Lois and Frank Rinna on July 11, 1963. Lisa is Nancy Rinna’s sister. American actress, writer, and television personality Lisa is from.

She began modelling at 22. Later, she became famous for playing Taylor McBride on Fox’s “Melrose Place” and Billie Reed on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives.”She appeared in the 2014 Bravo debut of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. 

A young actress with acting dreams, Lisa worked part-time in an optical store in 1992 to make ends meet. Later, they married. Famous actor Harry has two marriages and divorces. He had a son. 

Even so, they were much in love and got hitched on March 29, 1997. Delilah Hamlin and Amelia Hamlin were their daughters.

Television Credits

US novelist, actor, and TV host Lisa Rinna. Days of Our Lives and Dancing with the Stars we featured her. In addition to acting, she owns Rinna Beauty.

The actress was raised in Medford, Oregon, after her family moved there aged seven from Newport Beach, California. Mother Lois Rinna is a nurse, and father, Frank Rinna, is a pharmacist.

She was cast as Billie Reed on NBC’s Days of our Lives at 22, bringing national attention. Rinna was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for her work on the program. 

She has since gotten four additional nominations. In 1997, Rinna wed actor Harry Hamlin, with whom she has two daughters. 

They shared ownership of the Sherman Oaks clothing store Belle Gray. Also, when they were married, they performed in the Broadway production of Chicago.

Nancy Rinna Net Worth

Nancy Rinna became well-known in 2010 because of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, she still needs to expand her activities on TV.

She has a history of employment, contributing to her estimated net worth of roughly USD 100,000. She still needs to provide significant media with information about her income.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, American actress and TV host, Lisa Rinna has a $10 million net worth like her.

Despite a lengthy and successful career on television, Rinna is best known for her appearances on daytime favourites Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place.

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