David Nehdar Story: Lacey Chabert’s Husband

David Nehdar

Lacey Chabert, an actress who has appeared in approximately thirty Hallmark films as of February 2023, gave her heart to David Nehdar, the lucky man who went on to win her over.

In addition to the other hats he wears, he is a highly successful businessman and a doting and responsible father.

Who Is David Nehdar?

Due to his birth in the US, Mr Nehdar is Caucasian. His upbringing in a successful business family inspired him to study business management, which led to a Bachelor of Business Administration. Mr Nehdar is very private and tries to stay out of the spotlight. 

The name David belongs to an experienced businessman who is also the husband of Lacey Chabert. Nehdar is 48 years old and works in the business sector of the economy. 

Lacey wasn’t popular or respected before she married a famous singer and actress. David is a prosperous American businessman who has lived and worked in Los Angeles his whole life.

In addition, he has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. This led him to help his family’s business. 

However, his marriage to the actress and singer Lacey Chabert catalyzed his prominence. Even though they were both famous, they kept their wedding a secret. 

Their wedding occurred during the holiday season’s festivities in December 2013.


He graduated high school in 1992 from his native high school. He graduated from a business management program. 

Because of his prior experience as a business owner, he decided to major in business management while in school and eventually earned a degree in business administration.  


Nehdar is an entrepreneur that enjoys a great deal of success. Even though he was still relatively young then, he quickly became interested in the family business. 

At this point, real estate and property investment constitute most of his commercial activities.

Since he was a little boy, David has had the ambition to launch his own business.

He started his career in his family’s industry and finally took control. He avoids the public to keep a low profile. However, his wife, actress and singer Lacey Chabert, is famous. 

She was crowned World’s Baby Petite after winning the ‘World’s Our Little Miss Scholarship Competition’ in 1985. On ‘Broadway,’ Lacey performed the part of Young Cosette. 

She debuted as a vital part of the television show ‘Party of Five.’In the late 1990s, she made her film debut in ‘Lost in Space.’ She also voiced ‘The Wild Thornberrys.’

Her other film and TV credits include “All My Children,” “The Brooke Ellison Story,” “Dirty Deeds,” and “The Spectacular Spider-Man.” She has appeared in 120+ films, TV shows, and videos.

David Nehdar & Lacey Chabert Dating

The relationship between David Nehdar and Lacey Chabert has progressed significantly over the years. The two doting lovers appear to have the ideal relationship in public, and their numerous admirers can be seen gazing wistfully in their direction.

Because they have produced such delightful offspring, Lacey and Nehdar are frequently spotlighted.

In 2013, Nehdar began a relationship with the American actress who has starred in films. When you consider that the two had known one other for a considerable amount of time before developing their romantic relationship, they first met significantly earlier.

It is fascinating to observe how David and Lacey have kept their hearts beating while pursuing utterly dissimilar professional paths. Despite their widespread recognition, The pair has maintained a low profile regarding their personal lives. 

Their online dating profile has limited information that may be found online. However, it is common knowledge that Lacey had previously been involved in a couple of romantic partnerships before meeting the woman who would become his life partner. 

David Nehdar & Lacey Chabert Marriage

The public was not allowed to witness the exchange of vows or any other part of the private ceremony that officially joined Lacey and David as husband and wife. 

After the exclusive event, many people were curious to learn more about the fortunate David Nehdar, who is married to Lacey Chabert. The wedding scheduled for December 22nd, 2013, went on despite the tragic events that resulted in Chabert’s grandfather passing away. 

Because Nehdar does not participate in social circles, their private wedding photographs were discovered some weeks after the ceremony. 

The weddings of Lacey Chabert and David Nehdar were photographed, but only a select fraction of the images were uploaded to the internet. 

The star believes that the most memorable part of her wedding was walking down the aisle with her father instead of her partner. 

David Nehdar & Lacey Chabert Childern

In September 2016, the star of Mean Girls and screen queen announced the exciting news that she was expecting a child. Her tweet quickly went viral and received much good feedback from people who could relate to her excitement about becoming a mother. 

Julia Mimi Bella Nehdarin was the couple’s firstborn child, and they decided to name her after Lacey’s grandmother, Julie Chabert. 

The couple and their lovely daughter, now six years old, share a warm and comfortable existence. Lacey does not publish new photos of her girl on Instagram as frequently as she did in the past. 

She avoids showing her face whenever possible to protect her identity and maintain her uniqueness until adulthood. Like many other children her age, Julia is a sweet child who has spent significant time in the hospital.

In 2018, the pair experienced an event in which they hurriedly went to the emergency room since one of them had an allergic reaction. It is impossible to ignore the fact that the pair has the ideal work and family life balance. 

The multi-talented actor, who has spoken publicly in the past about the challenges posed by additional duty, has revealed that working as a mother has not been simple for her. 

Even though he hasn’t said anything yet, Nehdar is putting in even more effort to ensure his wife’s and only daughter’s well-being. 

David Nehdar Age

David Nehdar was born in the city of Los Angeles, which is located in California, United States. 

Every year on August 16th, we get together to commemorate his birthday. As of May 2023, David Nehdar will be 48 years old. Leo is his astrological sign.

Height & Weight

David Nehdar is 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds (75 kilograms). His height is 177 cm. David possesses dark brown hair and blue eyes in this illustration. 

David Nehdar Net worth 

It estimates that David’s net worth is around $9 million. His success in the corporate world has allowed him to amass a fortune. 

Lacey Chabert, a well-known actress in the United States, has a husband named David Nehdar. Astonishingly, he can avoid the spotlight, although his wife has a successful career. 

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