Meet Heather Armstrong Kids, Leta Elise And Marlo

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The American blogger Heather Armstrong is the mother of two teenage children from a previous marriage. Their names are Leta Elise, and Marlo.

She has written at length on the joys of being a mother.

Dooce was the pen name used by her. She was originally from Salt Lake City. And she became famous for her blog writing while using that name.

The word “dude” was initially misspelt in online exchanges with her old coworkers.

Armstrong began her blog in 2001, and during the first five years of its existence, she garnered a vast readership consisting of 8.5 million viewers monthly.

Banner adverts on her blog brought in more than one hundred thousand dollars for her each year.

Her blogging success earned her a guest slot on The Oprah Winfrey Show and a 2009 Forbes magazine recognition as one of “The Most Influential Women in Media”.

The blogger committed suicide on May 9, 2023, after relapsing with alcohol.

Who is  Leta Elise And Mario?

Introduce Yourself to the Heather Armstrong Kids Leta Elise And Mario Armstrong was an early pioneer in mommy blogging.

She was known for candidly discussing her challenges as a mother and her difficulties with depression and alcoholism on various social media platforms. 

Leta Elise was born in 2004, and Marlo Iris was born in 2009; Heather’s daughters were born when she married her ex-husband, Jon. 

Leta is 19, and Mario is 13. Over time, Heather’s site Dooce, where she wrote about motherhood, gained many subscribers.

Armstrong’s children may value privacy.

Therefore, little is known about them. She always kept her children’s privacy in mind and posted little about them online.

Her children may decide to keep their lives secret or share more information about themselves in the future.

Heather Armstrong Husband: Are They Still Together?

Heather, who frequently referred to her husband Jon Armstrong as “The Ex” on her blog, had been married to him.

In 2012, the couple decided to divorce publicly and announced their separation.

This announcement surprised many readers because Heather had never written about marital problems and had often praised her husband for his support during her struggles with their children and her depression.

In a blog post, a blogger named Dooce claimed that she and her partner had undergone years of counseling due to Jon’s “controlling and punishing” behavior.

He had unrealistic expectations that she would quickly overcome critical comments on her blog, which significantly strained their relationship.

Jon discussed his thoughts on the divorce on Blurbomat and later moved to New York City with his new girlfriend. During this time, Mr. Armstrong had the Armstrong children stay with him over the summer.

The breakup coincided with a decline in the popularity of blogs, as readers shifted their attention to social media platforms.

Despite the decreased viewership, Heather continued to write on her blog and found success in other areas after her divorce.

Almost six years ago, the blogger began romanticising with Jon Ashdown, who had previously run for a seat in the United States Senate.

 They shared a house with Heather’s children, Leta and Mario, who also lived there.

Additionally, living in the house were Jon’s three children from a previous marriage, all of whom frequently visited. 

On her blog, Heather could have disclosed a better deal of detail about her relationship with Jon Ashdown or about the way they raised their family.

Heather Armstrong Career

Heather Armstrong was born in Tennessee on July 19, 1975. 

Her family was engaged in the LDS Church in Memphis, Tennessee, where she grew up.

Armstrong studied English at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She had depression and doubts about the church there.

Armstrong left the church after she graduated in 1997 and travelled to Los Angeles, where she found work as a web developer amid the height of the dot-com boom. 

Around this time, she began a relationship with web designer Jon Armstrong, ultimately leading to their marriage.

After some time, they relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah, where Heather established herself professionally as a consultant and designer.

When Armstrong was let go from her work at a dot-com startup because she wrote satirical stories of her experiences on her blog. 

She sparked a discussion about the importance of protecting personal information. She utilised Twitter, text, and graphical advertisements to get her washing machine repaired.

Mr Armstrong developed a reader-driven interactive part of the website to encourage two-way communication between readers and authors.

The Armstrongs, an assistant, and two full-time babysitters were all paid salaries thanks to the cash that Dooce generated.

Leta Elise obituary: How did Leta Elise Die?

Her companion Pete Ashdown told the Associated Press on Tuesday night that she committed suicide, but the cause remains unknown. He said she relapsed after 18 months sober.

Her Instagram post confirmed her death on May 9. “Heather Brooke Hamilton, also known as Heather B. Armstrong, also known as Dooce, also known as the love of my life. 

The date range given in the caption was “July 19, 1975 – May 9, 2023.” It takes an ocean not to break, so the saying goes. Keep your loved ones near you and show love to others.

Her highly-read blog made Salt Lake City resident Armstrong famous online in the early 2000s.

Remembering the Queen of Mommy bloggers

The mother of two became regarded as the “queen of mommy bloggers” for her honesty about her parenting struggles, including her drinking and melancholy.

After being dismissed from her job as a web designer and graphic artist in 2001 for writing about her employer and co-workers, she started her blog and published her thoughts online. 

Armstrong brought up in the faith of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, quickly garnered a cult following due to her funny and frank description of sadness and why she left the Mormon faith.

By 2009, had 8.5 million monthly unique visitors.

In 2011, The New York Times published “Queen of Mommy Bloggers,” a piece about Armstrong, who made $30,000–$50,000 monthly through web ads.

The same year, she was the only blogger to rank 26 on Forbes’ Most Influential Women in Media list.

Her subsequent novels include Dear Daughter, It Sucked, and Then I Cried: How I Had a Baby, a Breakdown, and a Much Needed Margarita.

Armstrong never concealed her relationship or mental health challenges despite her increased notoriety. It was stated that she and her husband, Jon Armstrong, would be getting a divorce in the year 2012.

Leta Elise, born in 2004, and Marlo Iris, born in 2009, are the couple’s two children.

She was crying and screaming so hard that her body would split in two; no one could understand how big a victory it was for her.

My heart broke and washed over me like a tsunami of agony. It was difficult for me to breathe for a couple of hours.”

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