Melina Gallo Story: John Rzeznik’s wife

Melina Gallo

Melina Gallo is married to John Rzeznik, a famous musician. She’s incredibly sympathetic; she got a drug addict’s story and bailed him out of a tough spot.

His fans loved and respected her since she helped John Rzeznik become famous.

Rock vocalist John Rzeznik was born in Buffalo, New York, on December 5, 1965—one of the richest and most famous rock singers. As of June 1, 2023, John’s projected net worth is $5 million.

He is a member of the band together with. In the band Goo Goo Dolls, he plays alongside Mike Malinin as a bandmate.

Guitarist, main vocalist, and producer for the Goo Goo Dolls, Patrick Carney is also the composer of the band’s multi-Platinum selling hit “Iris.”

The Rolling Stones and The Kinks were two musical groups that served as sources of motivation for him.

In 1993, he wed Laurie Farinacci, and the couple divorced three years later in 1997. After that, he eventually married Melina Gallo in the year 2013.

Melina Gallo Story

Who is John Rzeznik?

John Joseph Theodore Rzeznik is an American singer-songwriter. He was born in New York. His Birthdate is December 5, 1965. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. 

He is famous for fronting the rock and roll band Goo Goo Dolls, which has 14 albums.

John Rzeznik was raised in Buffalo by his parents, postal worker and bar owner Joe Rzeznik and housewife Edith (née Pomeroy). He had four older sisters, Kate, Gladys, Fran, and Phyllis. Edith and Joe Rzeznik performed flute and clarinet. These two people shaped John’s childhood and schooling.

John’s family name, “butcher,” comes from Poland, the country of origin of all four of John’s grandparents. 


Catholic upbringing and Corpus Christi Grammar School education. John’s father died abruptly at 53 in 1981. He was suffering from a diabetic coma. 

John’s sisters helped him after their mother died of a heart attack on October 26, 1982. His father died when John was 15.

McKinley Vocational High School taught him guitar talents after that.  After graduating from high school in 1984, John enrolled in Buffalo State College; however, he left the school after only one year to pursue a music career.

John Rzeznik Career Goo Goo Dolls (band)

John was in The Beaumonts when he met bassist and vocalist Robby Takac and drummer George Tutuska. From a toy ad in “True Detective,” they formed Goo Goo Dolls in 1986.

After covering just cover songs, they released their self-titled first album on Mercenary Records on June 9, 1987. The following year, they opened for prominent punk bands, including Uniform Choice, Big Drill Car, and Motorhead, who signed them to Celluloid Records. The larger company was Celluloid Records.

After requesting paternity leave and quitting the band in December 2013, drummer Mike sued the band a year later, claiming he was fired.

The Goo Goo Dolls released “Chaos in Bloom” on August 12, 2022, their 14th album. On October 30, 2020, the Goo Goo Dolls released “It’s Christmas All Over”, their first Christmas album.

John Rzeznik Marriage and a loving life

John and former model Laurie Farinacci met in 1990 through a mutual friend. They married three years after meeting but divorced in 2003.

John began dating non-celebrity American Melina Gallo in 2005. And he married her at a small wedding in Malibu. They got married on July 26, 2013.

 On December 22, 2016, Melina gave birth to their daughter Liliana. Although they attempt to shield her from the public’s attention, they have featured Liliana in some of their Instagram photographs and videos. Melina gave birth to Liliana.

John has not acknowledged any other ladies that he has been with. As of January 2023, he is married to Melina Gallo. She is his second wife. And they have a daughter together. The family of three living in Westfield. 

Melina Gallo And John Rzeznik Life

Melina Gallo’s husband is John Rzeznik. In addition to that, he works as a producer and also writes songs. And he joined his life together with his current spouse, Melina Andrea Gallo.

The ceremony, described as “chic and rustic,” took place in July 2013, and approximately 120 people attended, including the couple’s immediate family members and close friends.

Melina Gallo is likely participating in some charitable activity. 2005 the pair first met in New York City during one of Gallo’s charity auctions on eBay.

After exchanging phone numbers, the pair continued talking to one another after they had fallen in love.

She married her famous crush, with whom she had taken autographs in the past, and they have a child together.

Liliana Carella Rzeznik, a lovely daughter, is the result of God’s blessings on John and Melina in the form of a child. Los Angeles was where the little angel touched down on earth on December 22, 2016.

Her mother and father adore their daughter Liliana like no other. ‘I’ve been an uncle my whole life, but I’ve never been a dad,’ he remarked once during a Facebook Live interview with SiriusXM Radio. His father revealed his intense wish to become a parent. 

After three years of marriage, the couple announced their pregnancy in November 2015.

The musician needs to be more active on Instagram, but he has posted cute photographs of his angel. He posted a snapshot of her daughter with, “I love that kid.”

She gave birth to her daughter in her 40s. Melina is ten years older than him. Despite this, she has a strong emotional connection to her partner and has never confused their ages.

Gallo is not on social media because she is very discreet about herself.

Melina Gallo Height And Weight

Melina Gallo appears nice and modest. She is 168 centimetres (5 feet 6 inches) tall and weighs 58 kilos.

Her long, dark brown hair and eyes stand out. It’s her smile that makes her beautiful..

Melina Gallo’s Net Worth

Melina Gallo’s net worth is $1 million. Her primary means of financial support are mysterious.

As of January 2023, it has been determined that John’s net worth exceeds $12 million.

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