Micol Merriman Story: Ex Wife Of Ryan Merriman

micol merriman

Micol Merriman is the former spouse of the famous actor Ryan Merriman. 

Her ex-husband Ryan is a famous actor who has appeared in “The Ring 2,” “Final Destination 3,” “Smart House,” “The Luck of the Irish,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and others. 

Micol’s former spouse helped her gain fame, but people mostly know her for her roles in Disney movies.

So keep reading about Micol Merriman’s Early life, Ex-Husband and marriage, height, weight, net worth, and more!

Micol Merriman Early Life

Micol Merriman strongly desires privacy. She has kept her family, childhood, and schooling a secret from the media. 

Micol grew up in the US and we have information about her early life. She must give the media her birth month and year. Similar to her age, it’s unknown. 

She never shares her information with the public or the media. No one sees her data.


Merriman has not shared any details regarding her parents, family, upbringing, or childhood, including her siblings or the days she spent growing up. 


Although she discusses her background in a well-educated manner, she has chosen not to share any details about her educational history.

Micol Marriman Career 

There is no information available on Micol’s professional career at this time. Despite this, she became famous after she married the American performer Ryan Merriman.

At first, Ryan’s part in the TV comedy series “The Moms” gained him recognition. Between the years 1993 and 1995, the contract was in force. 

In multiple episodes of the 1990 adaptation of The Faker, he appeared as a younger version of the main character.

In 1999, the movie “The Deep End of the Ocean” featured him as Michelle Pfeiffer’s distant offspring.

Ryan received the Youthful Craftsman Grant in 2002 for his project “Taken”. The grant was awarded in the category of “Best Exhibition” for TV films, small arrangements, or unique productions.

In 2002, he was honoured with a similar award for his performance in the film “Perilous Kid.” In 2000, he received the YoungStar Grant. He has won six acting awards and has been nominated for eight.

Over fifty films and television shows Ryan has acted in are among his past credits.

ABC Family recognizes Ian Harding’s portrayal of Ian Thomas in “Pretty Little Liars” as one of his most significant and impactful television roles.

Micol Merriman Marriage And Ex-Husband

Previously, she had been married to Ryan Merriman. After a couple’s time together, they decided to move their relationship forward. 

They went through with the wedding in 2004. The pair split up after failing to reconcile. 

The two ended their seven-year relationship in 2011.  Now, there needs to be more information available regarding Micol’s current romantic situation.

She became obscure after her divorce, and few know where she lives. 

Her ex-boyfriend married Kristen McMullen, his girlfriend, as she did. In 2011, they started dating; in 2013, they became engaged. 

Only close family and friends attended the couple’s wedding. Merriman doesn’t have an Instagram account but a modest but expanding Twitter fan page. 

Merriman doesn’t have an Instagram account but a modest but expanding Twitter fan page.  She last appeared in public in 2013.  

She lives privately and is no longer social.  Some episodes of “Smallville,” “Taken,” and “Dangerous Child” have featured Micol Merriman. 

The ABC drama “Pretty Little Liars” featured him from 2010 to 2014. He appears in 2011’s The 5th Quarter and Hawaii Five-0’s 16th episode.

Her life has been spent away from the news and discussions.  Micol’s ex-husband starred in “The Congressman,” a political drama that earned mixed reviews.

Relationship Status

Her current relationship status is that she does not have a partner. In 2004, Micol Merriman and Ryan Merriman exchanged vows and became husband and wife. 

Despite this, things did not work out with them, so they went their separate ways. Around 2011, they decided to end their seven-year romance officially. 

Micol’s husband, Ryan, impresses audiences with his performances in movies, events, and television shows.

His most famous and appreciated parts include “Taken,” “Smallville,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and “Final Destination,” among others.  

The 1983-born Ryan has appeared in various Disney programmes, helping him gain fame in television.

Micol Merriman Boyfriend

Micol Merriman maintained a respectful distance from the press and avoided the spotlight. She is a private person who does not share her personal information with others. 

Despite this, no rumours or links suggest that Micol is dating any particular guy now. Aside from that, she is currently leading a contented life with her family.   

Height and Weight

Micol has an attractive body shape, and others would agree with her. 

However, her circumstances did not affect her height, weight, or child size. She has light hair, hazel eyes, and a white complexion.

Social Media

No social media networks are accessible to Micol because she does not utilise them. She has no profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We will provide her social media handle when she creates one.

Micol Merriman Net Worth

The celebrity wife, Micol Merriman, has made a lot of money. Her ex-husband Ryan is thought to have a net worth of about $2 million as of March 2023.

Micol Merriman has amassed a sizable income via her labour to have a net worth of roughly $500,000. 

Her ex-husband Ryan, who has a spectacular $20 million net worth, is not visible, on the other hand. His acting career’s success can be credited to his entire wealth.

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