Who Is Steve Perry Wife? Is He Married Or Single?

steve perry wife

There is considerable curiosity surrounding Steve Perry wife. However, according to a reliable source, he is currently unmarried.

Steve Perry, a renowned music icon from the United States, continues to captivate audiences with his talent.

His 1980s Journey performances made him a famous singer-songwriter. He has made headlines over his sexual relationships as well as his career.

Steve Perry made his full-time comeback to music in 2018 following a lengthy break of almost ten years. 

He has achieved great success in the music business, but a woman inspired him to write and sing again by a woman. So, who was this woman who brought a legend back to life? Was she Steve Perry wife? 

The well-known singer-songwriter has never married and does not have a wife. He consistently opposes the idea of having one.

Over the years, Steve Perry has been in several partnerships, but not all were controlling.

Who is Steve Perry?

Steve Perry is famous for his singing talent and work as Journey’s lead singer. Perry was born in Hanford, California, on January 22, 1949, and loved music early on. 

His unusual voice and wide vocal range soon brought him recognition, and in 1977 he joined Journey.

As one of the most important in rock music, Steve Perry contributed to multiple chart-topping successes during his tenure with Journey, which was crucial to the band’s success. 

His strong voice and emotionally charged performances gave Journey’s music a distinct vibrancy and richness.

Perry’s influence as a vocalist went beyond his collaborations with Journey. He started a lucrative solo career and released critically acclaimed records like “For the Love of Strange Medicine” and “Street Talk.” 

His solo projects demonstrated his artistic diversity and cemented his position as a significant force in music.

Perry’s musical journey has won him multiple accolades and a devoted following throughout his career.

His distinctive voice and legendary performances have left an enduring impression on audiences worldwide.

steve perry wife

Even though Steve Perry has been less visible to the public in recent years, his legacy as a talented musician endures, leaving a lasting impression on the annals of rock music.

Steve Perry’s ex-girlfriend Sherrie Swafford

Esthetician and yoga instructor Sherrie never married the singer. Her relationship with Perry was so famous that many called them the 1980s “Romeo and Juliet.” 

Sherrie appeared on the singer’s 1984 first album, Street Talk. The artist even mentioned his then-girlfriend in the song. 

They had been together for ten years before their breakup when marriage appeared to be in their future. 

Steve claims that the success of their music band Journey was accompanied by numerous tour commitments, which put pressure on his relationship with Sherrie.

Steve Perry’s relationship with Kellie Nash 

In 2018, the American singer returned to the spotlight with the publication of an album, following a hiatus from the music industry that lasted for a significant amount of time.

His revitalized return to music was the result of a romantic experience. While he was viewing a snippet from Patty Jenkins’s documentary Wonder Woman about cancer survivors, his attention was drawn to a beautiful woman. 

He wanted to get in touch with a person living with cancer by the name of Kellie Nash and asked for her information.

They went on a dinner date together, and subsequently, when their relationship began, Perry was aware that she was suffering from an incurable illness.

Perry expressed his belief that their being together would cure cancer. They never actually married one another, even though their love for one another was so strong.

Just before her passing, she asked Steve to guarantee that he would never have to spend time alone again. 

However, after Nash’s death, sadness overwhelmed Steve Perry for two years, and he described his anguish as comparable to a completely shattered heart.

The redeeming quality of the situation is that the singer and composer overcame the challenge and resumed his songwriting efforts afterward. 

One and a half years after Graham Nash’s passing, Steve Perry rejoined live performances with the band Eels, marking his comeback to the stage.

Steve Perry’s battle against cancer

On June 6, 2013, Steve Perry revealed his cancer diagnosis on his Fan Asylum personal blog.

He wrote, “A normal mole on my face was excised three weeks ago, and the lab analysis showed melanoma skin cancer.”

“Melanomas are the deadliest skin cancer because they spread,” says Weill Cornell Medicine medical oncologist Dr. Anna Pavlick.

Although we don’t know the exact stage of Perry’s melanoma, dermatologists often treat stage 1 melanoma by performing a straightforward in-office surgical excision.

Patients need a more complicated operation when the malignancy has advanced beyond a thickness of 08 mm.

According to Perry, “I’ve had two surgeries in the last two weeks to remove all the cancer cells, and they think they got it all, and no more treatments are required.”

Why did Steve not get married?

The famous musician has never been married and does not have a wife. Throughout his life, he has rejected the idea. Perry’s dislike of marriage stems from his life experiences, not instinct. 

In interview with The Guardian, Perry expressed his fear of getting married after witnessing the breakups of his parents and bandmates.

His hesitation to settle down with a wife is, therefore, natural. Perry has had committed relationships with stunning women despite his lack of a wedding ring. 

Steve Perry children

Perry has maintained several discreet connections throughout his lengthy career in the music business. 

Despite this, he doesn’t have a large family as many might have predicted. But when he disclosed that he had a daughter, he shocked everyone and everyone become more curious about Steve Perry wife.

A lady Perry briefly dated in the early 2000s had a child with him, although she largely avoided the spotlight. 

Despite his refusal to divulge information about her daughter, Shemela is the name some sources gave to Steve Perry’s daughter. 

None of the women ended up being Steve Perry’s wives, even though they had two beautiful relationships over the years. 

The singer’s personal experiences have led him to oppose marriage strongly. Since his last public connection with Nash, it is believed that he is single.

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