Vernell Varnado: All You Need To Know About Snoop Dogg Father

vernell varnado

An accomplished musician and performer named Vernell Varnado participated in the Vietnam War. Make It Rain and All Eyez on Me are his best-known films. 

Vernell became a military mail carrier in 1969.  American rapper, songwriter, media personality, actor, and businessman Snoop Dogg is also his child.

Keep reading about Vernell Varnado’s early life, including his professional life, employment history, marriage, children, and wealth.

Early Life

Vernell Varnado was born December 13, 1949, in Magnolia, Mississippi.  His 72 years have been a success. 

William Varnado and Minnie Felder had a son named Vernell. Vernell feels pleased with both his American citizenship and African-American ancestry.

His Sagittarius birth sign indicates optimism, philosophy, and adventure; he was born on this day. 

Unfortunately, little is known about this person’s early years, especially in specifics. 

Vernell’s most intriguing components of his unusual encounter, which ultimately bore the story’s meaning, are still unknown.


Vernell Varnado’s career path has been somewhat varied, beginning with him working as a postal master before moving on to an entertainment career. 

In 1969, he was a military member and a postal specialist in the United States Army. His name at the time was Fausto Xavier Aguilera. 

Vernell was a heavy weapons specialist with the First Cavalry Division in Vietnam, where he earned three purple hearts for his bravery and dedication while serving in the United States Armed Forces. 

These awards were given to him in recognition of his service.

In terms of his career in the entertainment industry, one of Vernell’s most prominent playing roles was that of Pops in the drama film “Make it Rain,” released in 2008. 

This movie included several well-known actors and actresses, including Acura, Bradley Bell, and Alfamega.

In the 2017 film Tupac: The True Story, Vernell also played Uncle June Bug. Tupac Shakur is a rapper, actor, poet, and activist; his book is titled Tupac: The True Story. 

He used this talent to add to Tupac Shakur’s fascinating life and legacy.

Varnado’s experiences in the military and the entertainment industry demonstrate his versatility and contributions to many areas of his work; however, details are few.

Vernell Varnado Relationship Journey

The romantic past of Vernell Varnado is one of separation and divorce. Although it is uncertain when or how their marriage to Beverly Tate terminated, he was formerly married to her. 

Snoop, a son, was born to them on October 20, 1971.

The relationship between Vernell and Beverly was rocky, and when their son Snoop was three months old, Vernell tragically abandoned Beverly and the child. 

Even though they are no longer together, Vernell’s parenting journey and his impact on Snoop Dogg’s life and career demonstrate the strength and depth of their bond.

Vernell Varnado’s Relationship With Only Son Snoop

Because Snoop Dogg’s biological father, Vernell Broadus, was not present in his son’s life, the rapper was named Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. after his stepfather. 

His only child and biological father is Snoop. 

His mother gave him the famous cartoon character Snoopy from the Peanuts.

Even though he was absent for most of the child’s childhood, Vernell and his child have a close bond. He has a strong bond and spends much time with his grandchildren.

They interact frequently in class. Vernell remained close to and in contact with his kid even after she got divorced. He attributes his motivation to become a musician to Vernell.

Vernell Varnado Height & Weight

He is 1 m 6 in tall and 80 kg.  However, the media cannot access his other physical data. She has sweet-peppery brown eyes and brown hair.

Are You Active On Social Media With Varnado?

Vernell Varnado hardly ever appeared in the media or spoke about his personal life. 

He also has active accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. He doesn’t, however, use social media. 

However, his social media presence still needs to be confirmed. 

Additionally, Snoop, his son, has a considerable following on social media. His Instagram and Twitter handles are @snoopdogg and @SnoopDogg, respectively. 

It’s the same account with both usernames. Varnado also runs a business YouTube channel and Facebook page. 

Vernell Varnado’s Net Worth

In 2023, Vernell Varnado was worth $2 million. His son is a famous rapper who has made much money as a singer, actor, and producer—one of the wealthiest rappers

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