Meet Dayna Douros, Wife Of Ryan O’Reilly

Meet Dayna Douros Wife Of Ryan O'Reilly

Dayna Douros is best known as the spouse of Canadian professional ice hockey player Ryan O’Reilly.

She is not only a famous yoga instructor in Canada but also a bold and fearless traveler.

On February 7, 1991, Dayna entered the world in the city of Toronto, Canada. Her fame is sky-high because her husband is an NHL star.

Early life

Dayna Douros has always been a dedicated worker despite her attractive appearance. She had always been focused on her work, even as a young girl. Her formative years were spent primarily in Toronto, Canada.

However, she did spend a portion of her youth on the Hawaiian island of Maui. She moved to Denver, Colorado, afterward. She embarked on her professional life in the Mile High City.

Meet Dayna Douros


Dayna Douros has always been a responsible and diligent young lady. In terms of her career, she is a well-regarded Denver-based Yoga instructor. 

She lived in Los Angeles for about eight years and earned a diploma in Yoga practice. Dayna’s main claim to fame is her husband’s notoriety. Therefore, little is known about her professional background.

Dayna Dore’s spouse, O’Reilly, led Team Ontario to a gold medal at the 2008 World U-17 Hockey Challenge. His first international competition. 

He recorded six points in the six games. O’Reilly was selected to represent Canada in the 2008 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament in Slovakia. 

Even at 17. This player helped Canada win its fourth gold medal in five years. He played all four games and was named MVP in the championship match against Russia.

O’Reilly led Canada to gold at the 2009 IIHF World U18 Championships after being named team captain the year prior. 

Played in six games and contributed five points. He ultimately placed fourth as his team lost the bronze medal game to Finland by a score of 5-4.

After the Avalanche missed the playoffs in 2014-15, O’Reilly was invited to the 2015 IIHF World Championship. He was in the Czech Republic for the third time in his career. 

He scored ten points in ten games for a dominating Canadian team. That helped them beat Russia in the tournament final and win gold for the first time since 2007.

O’Reilly and the Canadian team won the World Cup again in 2016. O’Reilly placed second at the 2017 IIHF World Championship the following year. 

At the 2018 IIHF World Championship. He will serve as an alternative captain for Team Canada.

Dayna Douros Family

Yoga teacher Dayna Douros spent her childhood on the island of Maui in the Hawaiian archipelago before migrating to Denver with her family when she was a young adult. 

She had a lifetime of love and attention. Dayna’s parents were very watchful when she was young. 


Dayna Dourosis is living the good life with her husband, Ryan O’Reilly, and their two children. Dourosis married her long-time beau, Ryan.

The beautiful couple dated for years before getting married. However, they haven’t been particularly forthcoming about their dating histories.

After dating for some time, they decided to tie the knot. On June 30, 2018, they tied the knot officially. The ceremony was held in their hometown, and only close relatives and friends were invited.

Who is Dayna Douros the husband Ryan O’Reilly?

Dayna Douros’ husband, Ryan O’Reilly, is a famous Canadian ice hockey player. He was born on February 7, 1991, making Aquarius his zodiac sign. Ryan, Jameson’s dad, hails from the Canadian city of Clinton.

Bonnie and Brian O’Reilly, both ice hockey players, are Ryan’s parents. He was raised in his hometown by his parents and older brother Cal. Cal, his younger sibling, plays professional ice hockey.

Ryan is smart, hardworking, and professional. Her smart young husband has always loved ice hockey.

Where he went to elementary and secondary school is a mystery. In contrast, Ryan went to high school in his Canadian hometown of Clinton.After finishing high school in his home country. 

Her husband uprooted and headed for the United States of America. Ryan graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a state university.

It seems that Dayna Dourosis has abandoned her social media accounts. No verified accounts bearing her name have been found.  Dayna is a reclusive individual. Who does not talk about her private life. 

Dayna Douros Children

Dayna Douros is a mother of three children: two boys and a girl. Her firstborn child, Jameson Keane O’Reilly, entered the world before her December 23, 2017 wedding. 

Another one of her children was born. However, the parents have kept silent about their second child.

Her husband and she care deeply for their two sons. 

Jameson has never registered in a school in any official capacity. He plans to resume his studies as soon as possible.

A kind, educated parent pair raised them. Therefore, it seems safe to assume that both kids will be able to get a great education.

Social media Outlook

Dayna does not participate in online communities. Despite her widespread acclaim, she doesn’t appear to be active on any of the most popular social media sites. 

This famous couple’s wife would rather not discuss her family life in the media. Rather than wasting time on social media, she prefers to be with her loved ones.

Her attractive spouse, on the other hand, keeps a rather busy social media schedule. His accounts on both Twitter and Instagram are legit.

More than 4,800 people are following Ryan’s Instagram account (@ryanoreilly_21), where he has posted 33 times. Six hundred ninety-four people are following him.

Lastly, Dayna Douros Net worth

Dayna Douros teaches Yoga in the Denver area. This is where she has been able to build up her savings. But she has been cagey about details like that. 

However, O’Rilley, her spouse, has a staggering net worth of almost $15.4 million. He earned this fortune through years of diligent effort and investment in his business. Their wealth and luxurious way of life suggest that they are quite well off.

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