Francis Ellis Wife Sierra DeRose Wedding Story

The Story Of Francis Ellis Wife, Sierra DeRose

Francis Ellis got married to his wife Sierra DeRose on August 27, 2022. He frequently shares pictures of them on Instagram and discusses their engagement on his YouTube channel, “OOPS The Podcast.” Interestingly, DeRose appeared as a guest on the show, making her the first significant other of any co-host to do so. However, her face was not shown, and fans could only hear her voice.

Aside from his personal life, Francis Ellis works for Barstool Sports, a digital media company. There, he creates content for various blogs and appears in videos. Francis is also an actor and YouTuber who appeared in the comedy special Gilly and Keeves: The Special with John McKeever and Shane Gillis.

Sierra DeRose wedding

Sierra is a regional manager at Salesforce in New York and has previously worked for various corporate companies like WYNG, Deutsch, and Splash. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University.

Sierra DeRose wedding

Francis proposed to Sierra on her 30th birthday, which was on September 27, 2021. Initially, he promised her a bike helmet but surprised her by proposing a big diamond ring instead. Francis proposed to her during a walk in the East River with their dog, Kojai. Sierra was so surprised that she momentarily blacked out and didn’t respond to Francis’s proposal.

Sierra and her friends had planned a big birthday party with many guests on the day Francis proposed to her. Francis showed up just before the party and took Sierra for a walk. The surprise proposal was a memorable moment for the couple.

The wedding day was on August 27, 2022, a beautiful event. Francis and Sierra exchanged their vows and looked stunning in their wedding attire. It was a joyous day for the couple and their loved ones.

After sharing the news of their engagement with their loved ones, Francis and Sierra married at Francis’s childhood home in Maine. Unfortunately, bad weather disrupted their boat ride and rehearsal dinner plans. The hotel they were staying in even got flooded. 

During the wedding, Francis and Sierra’s friends teased him so much that he felt embarrassed. He talked about this experience in one of his podcast episodes. 

In another episode, Francis expressed his love for Sierra’s humor and how it played a role in their relationship. He dedicated an entire episode of his YouTube channel to her.

Giulio and Ellis recently got married, and their co-host had some beautiful things to say about their wedding. He was delighted with the quality of the food and service offered at the wedding. The happy couple went on a three-week honeymoon trip to Africa, where they visited incredible locations such as the Masai Mara, Benguerra, and Mozambique. 

The Masai Mara is a beautiful national reserve in Kenya that is home to many wild animals. At the same time, Benguerra is an island off the coast of Mozambique known for its amazing beaches and luxurious resorts. 

Mozambique is a lovely country on the eastern coast of Africa that offers stunning views and great food. Overall, the couple enjoyed exploring Africa and experiencing its wonders.

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