Hank Lockwood: Biography, Career, Girlfriend & Net Worth

hank lockwood

Henry Lockwood, sometimes known as Hank Lockwood, is a producer most known for his work on the sports shows Barstool Sports, Pardon My Take, and Stool Streams.

He may also be known to some as “Handsome Hank,” particularly among those in the sports business. You’re in luck if you come here looking for more details about this sports content creator.

Hank Lockwood was born and reared in Scituate, Massachusetts, and is from there. As a child, he had a strong affinity for all sports and showed a keen interest in films.

In 2010, Hank graduated from the nearby Scituate High School with a high school diploma. 

His efforts to shield his personal and family life from the media have resulted in little information about his family.

We’ve gathered everything you could be interested in learning about Hank Lockwood, including his biography, personal information, net worth, and professional background.

Early Life

He is a Massachusetts native whose hometown is Scituate. As a child, Lockwood was interested in sports and filmmaking. In 2010, Lockwood graduated from Scituate High School.

Career Timeline

Hank worked for the Scituate, Massachusetts, Public Works department for a while after graduating from Scituate High School. He continued doing this until 2013, when he started looking for work at Barstool.

Hank’s failure to continue working at the Public Works department because he should have reapplied by the statutory period led to this transition to Barstool.

He completed a year-long film program at the Waltham-based Centre for Digital Imaging Arts, and he used the college’s audio and video resources to assist Barstool with video editing and production.

Henry worked on this project as an unpaid intern for almost four months. After Hank accepted a full-time position at Barstool in October 2013, he was also offered a position at the company. 

He produces Pardon My Take for the podcast and has held several positions there.

This sports media website has witnessed a significant gain in followers on social media and other platforms since its launch in 2003 by inventor Dave Portnoy. 

Barstool Sports now has five times as many employees as it did when Hank was employed, which has led to the company’s growth. Hank Lockwood helped it become a sports media giant.

Hank Lockwood Girlfriend

Here is what we learned about Hank Lockwood’s private life, even though little information is available. Though it’s unknown if Hank and Maria Ciuffo, better known by her stage name Ria, will get married anytime soon, they are currently romantically involved.

They have been dating since the beginning of 2018, although they have primarily avoided discussing their romance in private on social media. 

Ria began dating Hank aged 19. They dated for over four years. Since they were the first Barstool Sports couple, people supported them. As time went on, Ria craved the independence of being single.

She added that she had begun dating Hank at a young age and that she couldn’t completely enjoy her early 20s and the freedom of being single. 

This realization led to an increasing separation in each route going forward. The public became aware of the couple’s breakup in June 2021, despite their having already been living apart for approximately one month prior to the announcement.

Ria relocated back to her childhood home on Long Island with her parents, while Hank started looking for a new flat so that he could live on his own. 

Throughout their time together, Ria and Hank never stopped loving and respecting one another. 

Both admitted that choosing separate ways was necessary because they had different wants and objectives in life. 

Ria’s hints about the prospect of a future reconciliation left the door open for the possibility of the couple getting back together, even though the breakup signified the end of their romantic connection.

Ria and Hank have been working on self-improvement and goal-setting. Their relationship, which began while Ria was in her late teens and lasted into her early 20s, ended, allowing them to fulfil their lives fully.

Why Did Hank Lockwood and Maria Ciuffo Break Up?

The main reason Ria and Hank chose to split up was that their paths in life were diverging. On the “Chicks in the Office” podcast, Ria noted that Hank and she were four years apart in age, with Ria being 24 and Hank being 28. Due to their various ages, they may have had distinct goals and ideas for the future.

Ria wanted to be single and explore her own life. Since she and Hank had been together since Ria was 19, she hadn’t had time to enjoy her early to mid-20s or being single.

Hank, though, handled the breakup with maturity and understanding. He said he was unmarried when he started working at Barstool and on their trips. 

He wanted to settle down and relax. They realised their priorities and desires were different at this moment. To pursue their jobs, they painfully ended their relationship.

When Did Hank Lockwood and Maria Ciuffo Break Up?

Hank Lockwood and Maria Ciuffo, a couple who works for Barstool Sports, made their separation from one another public on June 21, 2021. Since Hank and Ria were Barstool’s founding couple, many were shocked.

Ria announced the breakup on Twitter, claiming there was no easy way to say goodbye to Hank. She said they loved and respected each other after breaking up. Ria indicated she will discuss the topic on the podcast “Chicks in the Office.”

News of Hank and Ria’s split made headlines within the Barstool Sports community and among their admirers who followed their romance. The couple had been regarded as one of the notable couples linked with the organization. Therefore the news shocked many people.

Following the revelation, many admirers and allies voiced their sorrow and encouraged Hank and Ria. The news served as a reminder that relationships, especially those involving famous people, may be difficult and that treating such circumstances with empathy and respect is crucial.

Hank Lockwood Age

Barstool Sports was founded by Hank Lockwood, also known by his birth name, Henry Lockwood. Lockwood is the producer of the show Pardon My Take, as well as the producer of the show Stool Streams.

The age range of Hank Lockwood, who creates webcasts, is between 30 and 40 years old. Despite this, he likes to highlight that his birthday is on July fourteenth. In any event, the year of his actual birth is unknown at this time.

The genuine Wikipedia entry for Hank Lockwood has not been highlighted up until this point. Despite this, he has a brief profile on Everpedia.

Net worth

The majority of Lockwood’s fortune came from his salary at Barstool Sports. Hank has social media following could lead to brand collaborations and other income opportunities.

He also contributes to well-known podcasts and other Barstool Sports-related media, which undoubtedly brings him a lot of money. Hank Lockwood is a sports producer, and his estimated net worth is $700,000.

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