Who Is Kirk Franklin Wife, Tammy Collins?

Who Is Kirk Franklin Wife Tammy Collins

This is an exclusive article discussing the life of Tammy Collins, Kirk Franklin wife and their relationship.

Kirk Franklin, a Grammy-winning gospel singer and choir director, may be most known for starting “The Family,” a 17-voice choir, but what about his real family?

The vocalist for “Stomp’s” large domestic fan base may not be well known to fans. Is there a Kirk Franklin wife?

The number of kids he has, if any, is unknown reading to find out everything there is to know about Kirk Franklin’s family, including his wife, kids, and more.

Kirk Franklin Early Life

Kirk Dewayne Franklin, a musician who is 52 years old, was born this rathe,r Dwight, on January 26, 1970, in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.

He was born to adolescent parents, and after his mother abandoned him at the age of three, he was raised by his aunt Gertrude.

His aunt Gertrude worked recycling aluminum cans to help pay for his education. Kirk’s aunt offered him money to take piano lessons when he was four.

When Kirk was seven, his aunt rejected his first contract offer. To further his musical career, he joined the church choir. By age 11, he had been appointed music director of the adult chorus at Mount Rose Baptist Church. 

Kirk was raised in Fort Worth and attended Oscar Dean Wyatt High School, where he studied music and performed with Jewell Kelly and the Singing Chaparrals. After losing a buddy in a shooting, he returned to the church and, at 15, started leading the choir.

Franklin co-founded The Humble Hearts, a gospel group, during the same period. Milton Biggham, a legendary figure in gospel music, was immediately drawn to him and picked him to direct the choir at the Gospel Music Workshop of America Convention in 1990.

Latest Kirk Franklin Wife Tammy Collins

Kirk Franklin Career

Kirk founded “The Family,” a seventeen-voice choir, in 1992.

Franklin’s debut gospel CD, Kirk Franklin & Family, was made available in 1993. Gold certification was given on January 22, 1999.

Kirk & The Family’s subsequent album, “Whatcha Lookin’ 4,” was released by GospoCentric Records in 1996. Franklin received his first Grammy for the album, which peaked at #3 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart.

He created the music for the 2001 comedy “Kingdom Come.” Franklin voiced Reverend Haygood in a 2003 episode of the television show “The Proud Family.”

Also, He issued the “Hero” solo album in October 2005. The record was named the best contemporary soul gospel album at the Grammy Awards.

GospoCentric Records issued his CD, The Fight of My Life 2007. In the first week, more than 74,000 copies were sold.

Kirk’s “Long Live Love” album was available via RCA Inspiration on May 31, 2019. On the US Billboard 200, the album peaked at #20 and #1 on the US Top Gospel Albums chart. It won two Grammy awards. Da T.R.U.T.H., Melvin Williams, Isaac Carree, Doug Williams, and Rance Allen appeared on the album. 

Franklin released the music video for his “Strong God” song in June 2020. Joey Papa was the director of the video.

Kirk Franklin’s Wife, Tammy Collins

Tammy Collins, the wife of Kirk Franklin, was allegedly born in Fort Worth, Texas, in the United States. Every December, she has a birthday party. 

On December 2, 2022, she announced that it was her 53rd birthday in a post on Instagram. It indicates that she was born in 1969 and will turn 54 in December 2023.

According to an Instagram post, Tammy Collins’s mother is Esther. According to an Instagram post, William “Bill” Collins is her father. 

She recently wished her parents a Happy Anniversary in a post on her Instagram account. She shared a beautiful snapshot of her parents and wrote:

Since I was a young child, I have watched my parents cuddle like this, and even now, decades later, it still makes me happy. BIRTHDAY WISHES TO MOMMY AND DAD. What a lovely gift you are to me from God’s love! #thankful #heritage #grateful

Although specifics about Tammy Collins’ siblings are unknown, she has them. She has stated that she is the oldest of her parents’ seven children. She’s rarely talked about her childhood. 

About her educational history and credentials, more is needed. She was a makeup artist in the past.

When this article was written, Tammy Collins had 1,435 posts and 269K followers on Instagram, where she was quite active.

She frequently blesses her followers with posts of pictures and videos of her family and daily activities.

How old is the wife of Kirk Franklin?

According to famous birthdays, Tammy Collins was born on December 3rd, 1970, and is 52 years old. On January 20, 1996, she and Kirk Franklin were united in marriage. 

The couple had dated for a long time and had kids from prior relationships before they got married.

Kerrion, Kennedy, Carrington, and Caziah are the four children that Tammy Collins and Kirk Franklin have.

Kirk and Tammy Collins had children from prior relationships before their marriage; Kirk had a son named Kerrion, and Tammy Collins had a daughter named Carrington.

Kennedy and Caziah are the couple’s only kids.

Tammy Collins and Kirk Franklin’s Marriage

Kirk Franklin allegedly married Tammy Collins, a makeup artist, in 1996, even though they had been dating for longer. 

Tammy allegedly gave up her job after the two married to spend more time with their family. She is very active on social media, especially Instagram, where she encourages her musically-minded husband and kids!

In a heartfelt letter to Tammy posted on Instagram in October 2021, Kirk admitted to regretting working too much but praised her for being a constant reminder that home is the best place to be. 

He said I’ve always felt bad for leaving you and the kids, which makes every trip feel dishonest as I left my first ministry to do ministry. I have to stay with you. I usually hate that demands are better than an empty house.

No award, he said, can compare to the pleasure of my hand encircling the lower arch of your waist as I draw you in close to hear the revelations that heaven has given you to download into my spirit. 

It does make it easier for me to focus on you when everything is calm. I’m writing this in the open to let everyone know—including demons—that I’ll never revert to the man I was when work was my mistress.

Kirk Franklin Children

Before their marriage, Kirk and Tammy each had children from previous marriages. Kirk formally adopted Carrington, a girl Tammy had given birth to, and Kerrion, his son, was born to Kirk. 

Their first child, Kennedy, was born in 1997, and their second, Caziah, was born in 2000.

By recording a phone fight with his father, Kirk’s son Kerrion, he shocked the world in March 2021. There is a claim that Kirk threatens Kerrion in part of the audio recording.

In response, Kirk apologized to his fans and described his relationship with his estranged son as “toxic,” but he also stated that everyone was seeking therapy to prevent further harm. Kerrion replied that he had not seen the family for 14 years.

The most recent EP that Caziah, Kirk’s son, released was titled “Cedars EP.” Caziah is extremely passionate about music. 

Carrington Franklin-Nakwaash hosts the In Real Life podcast on Kirk Franklin’s Praise Sirius XM channel. Shiloh, her adorable kid, recently attended his first show on the “Kingdom” tour with Kirk Franklin!

Kirk will participate in the 2022 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 24 at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Kirk Franklin: Is He Sick?

The event occurred in Memphis, where Kirk performed. He claimed the singer was unconscious after falling into a 10-foot pit and returning backstage. He posted a statement on Facebook to commemorate the occasion.

“I nearly died in Memphis 26 years ago… I can’t recall it, but as I entered a shadowy area backstage, I stepped 10 feet into an orchestra pit. Doctors warned her that I might never speak, compose, or perform music again because of my coma, swollen brain, pregnancy as a newlywed, and lack of a will and a plan. They said I suddenly woke up just before my wife signed the documents allowing them to drill into my brain. After 26 years, last night. Back in Memphis again. Yeah, He is.

Kirk Franklin’s Physical Appearance

Kirk Franklin exudes charm with his charismatic demeanor and striking looks. Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighing around 75 kg, he possesses not only a handsome face but also a well-toned physique that complements his attractive appearance.

He possesses the physique of an adonis, with captivating dark brown eyes and lustrous black hair.

Kirk Franklin’s Net Worth

Kirk Franklin’s net worth is anticipated to be around $9 million as of 2022. Throughout his early 1990s career, the singer has accumulated a sizable sum of money. 

Kirk, a gospel musician, made millions of dollars from his music record during that time.

The music industry provides most of his revenue, including record sales, live performances, hit singles, collaborations, and other commercial endeavors. 

Franklin is a well-known gospel performer in the country. Kirk Franklin receives a yearly salary of $800,000. On his YouTube channel, the musician has more than 1.5 million subscribers.

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