Meet Theo Von Sister: Rolanda Capitani VonKurnatowski

theo von sister

Theo Von sister, Rolanda Capitani VonKurnatowski, is a highly accomplished nurse and devoted mother.

Despite not residing close to each other, they maintain a strong bond with their siblings.

Theo Von gained widespread recognition within the entertainment industry as a gifted comedian and broadcaster through his immensely popular podcast, “This Past Weekend.”

Moreover, he mesmerizes audiences with his Netflix special titled “Regular People.”

Meanwhile, Rolanda Capitani VonKurnatowski, Theo’s younger sister, chose to pursue a different professional path, one that involved saving lives and caring for the sick.

Although she may not bring laughter to people’s lives like her brother, her invaluable contribution in providing medical assistance is truly commendable.

Who is Theo Von sister?

Those closest to Theo Von sister call her “Ro.” She says that she is “crazy,” “funny,” and that she “wears her heart on her sleeve.”

The father of four children, the Louisiana native’s heritage includes the countries of Poland, Nicaragua, and England. However, her mother’s side of the family is both Italian and Irish.

Away from the spotlight, Rolanda pursued a profession in medicine, specifically as an emergency room nurse. Her public Instagram account is filled with candid images from her life, numbering close to 200.

Theo Von sister is a successful businesswoman and the doting mother of two adorable little daughters With David Thibodeaux.

Who is Theo Von?

Theo Von, an American stand-up comedian, podcaster, and actor, was born on March 19, 1980.

He gained recognition as a former co-host of The King and the Sting and currently hosts This Past Weekend.

Von started his acting career at the age of 19, appearing in MTV’s Road Rules: Maximum Velocity Tour in 2000.

He got the opportunity through his studies at Louisiana State University, but citation is needed to verify this information.

After Road Rules, Von made appearances on four seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, which is a spinoff of MTV’s The Real World and Road Rules.

He competed in Battle of the Seasons (2002), The Gauntlet, Battle of the Sexes II, and Fresh Meat (2006).

Von finished second in 2002 and won the next two seasons. In 2006, he emerged as the winner of the online competition on Last Comic Standing season 4.

Von made his mark in mid-2008 with an impressive win on the Comedy Central sketch/competition show Reality Bites Back.

He triumphed over talented comedians Amy Schumer, Bert Kreischer, and Tiffany Haddish.

In December 2016, Von embarked on a new venture, launching his captivating long-form video podcast titled “This Past Weekend.”

This podcast is his platform for sharing intriguing stories, responding to fan voicemails, and conducting engaging interviews with captivating guests.

The podcast reached its 200th episode in May 2019.

Together with Brendan Schaub, Von launched King and The Sting in December 2018.

The podcast gained popularity and achieved top positions on iTunes Podcast charts in the US, UK, Canada, Spain, and Australia upon its release.

In January 2022, the podcast was renamed King and The Sting and Wing after Chris D’Elia joined as a third host. Von occasionally takes breaks from the podcast, allowing guest hosts to take over.

On November 4, 2022, Von was replaced by Workaholics actor Erik Griffin in the podcast, which underwent another name change to The Golden Hour.

Theo Von family

Gina Capitani and Roland Theodor Achilles von Kurnatowski (1912-1996), a Polish immigrant and a native of Bluefields, Nicaragua, respectively, had Von. 

When Von was born, his father was 68 years old; in his jokes, Von always makes him 70. Von was only 16 when his father passed away from cancer. 

Von, his older brother, and two younger sisters grew up in Covington, Louisiana. At the age of 14, Von became a free adult.

His father, Roland, is of Polish and Nicaraguan descent, while his mother, Gina, is of Irish and Italian heritage.

He completed high school in Mandeville, Louisiana, and received his diploma there. His educational background includes time at Loyola University New Orleans and the University of Arizona. 

The College of Charleston, and Santa Monica College to Louisiana State University. 2011 Von graduated from the University of New Orleans with a bachelor’s degree.

Theo Von’s sister’s net worth

Despite his sister’s lack of financial assets, Theo Von, a renowned and accomplished comedian, stands as a testament to success and fame.

With a substantial net worth of $2.5 million, Theo Von’s wealth serves as undeniable proof of his achievements and widespread popularity.

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