Tony Evans Ties the Knot with Carla Crummie

Tony Evans marriage Carla Crummie

Tony Evans, the beloved pastor at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, recently shared some exciting news with his church family – he got married to Carla Crummie! The church happily spread the word online, sharing a delightful picture of the newlyweds.

A Christmas Celebration of Pastor’s Union

During this merry Christmas season, the church expressed their happiness for Pastor Tony Evans, believing that getting married is a wonderful thing in the eyes of God.

The announcement, complete with a heartwarming photo, conveyed the community’s excitement to witness Tony Evans and Crummie Carla starting this new journey together, surrounded by the love and support of their church family.

Tony Evans and Carla Crummie Say “I Do”

The special day unfolded in a small, private ceremony, where only close family and friends were present. The church’s message explained that, following this intimate celebration, Tony Evans and Carla Crummie are eagerly anticipating serving the Lord together, surrounded by the love and prayers of their church family.

Tony Evans ties the knot Carla Crummie

Pastor Evans’ Engagement Revelation

Before the marriage, during a birthday celebration for Pastor Evans, he shared a surprising announcement with the church – he was engaged to Carla! Pastor Evans opened up about the journey of finding love again after some tough times being single.

Carla had a similar experience, losing her husband on the way to the funeral of Tony’s first wife, Lois Evans.

A Sensitive Time for the Church Family

In his talk to the church, Pastor Evans asked for prayers, recognizing that this was a sensitive time for some people.

He expressed his gratitude for Carla’s respect for Lois Evans’ memory, and understanding the complexity of the situation.

Remembering Lois Evans: A 49-Year Marriage Legacy

Lois Evans, Tony’s first wife, shared 49 years of marriage with him until she passed away from cancer in 2019.

Lois evans
Lois Evans, Tony’s former spouse, spent 49 years of married life with him until she passed away from cancer in 2019.

In a talk in 2020, Pastor Evans fondly remembered Lois’s strong commitment to God and her support in various aspects of their life and work, from starting their church to launching a media ministry called The Urban Alternative.

Church Community Supports Tony and Carla

As Tony Evans and Carla Crummie embark on this new chapter, the church community is thrilled to offer support with love, faith, and prayers. Everyone in the church understands the importance of this marriage for their pastor and eagerly anticipates the unfolding journey of the newlyweds.

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