Diao Aiqing: A Victim Of Worst Murder In Chinese History

diao aiqing

Diao Aiqing was a bright and ambitious university student who at the age of merely nineteen, stands at a crucial crossroads in her life.

Any disciplinary sentence imposed upon her has the potential to irrevocably impact her future, hindering the aspirations and dreams that she has diligently pursued so far.

The consequences of this decision, once made, cannot be undone, emphasizing the gravity of the situation she currently faces.

Never before in the entire history of China has there been an occurrence of such unfathomable severity as what transpired with her?

The nation stood witness to the discovery of 2,000 fragmented pieces of a solitary body, yet not a single soul possessed knowledge of its identity.

This perplexing revelation heralded the commencement of a profound enigma that beckoned us to unearth the intricate details.

Who was Diao Aiqing?

Diao Aiqing was born in March 1976 in the Asian neighborhood of Shengao. Exactly twenty years later, on January 19, 1996, she passed away in the same neighborhood under circumstances that are still not fully understood.

Due to her parents’ relationship, 19-year-old Diao has one older and one younger sibling.

The young Chinese woman had to work hard to succeed academically and enroll in university because her family was poor.

She enrolled at the University of Nanjing in 1995 without knowing it would be his scattered bones’ last resting place.

Aiqing decided to pursue higher education at the School of Adult Education. 

However, she would not even be able to complete one-quarter of her degree program before becoming the victim of a violent assault on a wintry night in January.

Aiqing’s older sister, Diao Aihua, told the media in their home country that she was a quiet young woman with few acquaintances complicated to her career. 

She had to cut off contact with her parents to avoid outside interference with her university studies.

A young Chinese woman with what seemed to be a regular life, not highly social, and with various ambitions behind her that inspired her to give her best effort in the academic sector.

A riddle of 2,000 pieces  

During the research, one of the officials of the prestigious University of Nanjing returned home, and he saw three human fingers horrifyingly sprouting from the now suspicious bundle. 

He was startled when he returned home after discovering a bag filled with meat near the field.

The things that his eyes were showing him were inexplicable to him. Her curious gaze was drawn to what appeared to be a terrifying movie. 

He had to report the terrible event he had supported to the police.

The unexpected discovery alerted police nine days after a Jiangsu University student of the same age disappeared. 

She was 19 when she was kidnapped. When they thought nothing could shock them, they found themselves in the cruelest scenario: eight locations, eight suitcases, and one person. 

They all had body pieces from the same unidentified person. The authorities’ discovery of the packages would turn out to be nothing more than a rudimentary indicator of the findings that would emerge at a later time.

Not only were almost 2,000 human remains found but the majority of the organs had been cooked and handled with extreme care for several days before their discovery.

The absence of several vital organs presented a mystery to the forensic scientists investigating the crime scene.

It appeared the dirt had digested the victim’s organs, particularly the heart, liver, and spleen. 

They were just as mysterious as the other body parts discovered, and the physicians could only determine that it belonged to a lady by looking at the body hair.

There are numerous mysteries surrounding the case. The information was like a bath of ice water for the relatives. 

How did Diao Aiqing get into it?

The victim, a young introverted woman named Daio, had recently appeared as an ordinary teenager navigating the halls of Nanjing University.

However, her fate took a dark turn when she vanished on January 10, 1996, after a heated dispute with the administration of the campus building. It was the only date that aligned with the timeline.

Diao Aiqing, along with some coworkers, faced penalties for unauthorized use of technological gadgets, which left her angry and frustrated.

The perpetrator went to great lengths to ensure no trace that could lead to their arrest, resulting in an investigation fraught with theories, rumors, and false speculation.

Diao’s pursuit of justice proved fruitless due to the absence of plausible suspects, murder weapons, or clear motives.

The case remained shrouded in mystery, leaving authorities puzzled and the truth elusive.

The 25-year journey of injustice and escaped justice

Due to the victim’s highly publicized identity, the educational institution that Diao attended decided to refund all enrolled students.

The family chose to visit their hometown for some quality time together.

Although the investigation made little progress, it was still possible to develop a profile of the perpetrator.

Two potential suspects emerged; one was a meat cutter, the other an experienced surgeon.

Identifying the culprit was challenging, given the prevalence of these professions. On the 20th anniversary of the case, the Criminal Investigation Office assured the victim’s family that justice would persist.

This tragic event occurred 20 years ago, back in 2020, when this announcement was made.

Aiqing Zhou Zhaocheng’s attorney argued that the institution bore responsibility for multiple errors that either caused or exacerbated the issue.

The case remained unsolved for 25 long years, primarily due to insufficient evidence.

Nanjing University failed to fulfill its obligations in managing the dormitories, allowing the murderer to escape and perpetrate the crime.

The ongoing corruption investigation has spanned a quarter of a century. It has been plagued by a distinct lack of concrete proof, as Zhou informed the press.

Was she killed at the university?

The older sister of the young woman, whose body was found dismembered, appeals for a conclusion to the case. This will bring calm to her, and her parents and address their concerns.

She wants this peace for herself and her parents. My parents are elderly. Diao Aihua remarked, “Seeking justice will make them live in peace in the future.”

One of the worst incidents in Chinese history continues. This case will remain clouded by confusion, rage, and doubts due to missing pieces.

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